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When Coups Come Home

Unmentioned in the article are in most of the cases cited, the documented harnessing of mass media - the most powerful in the hands of family/ corporations - in Brazil: the Globo network among others. In my opinion, it has been the mafia model implemented in between cracks in legislation. Sort of the definition of sclerotic when the present is the past and all its failings rolling downhill. The word ‘insensate’ comes to mind with disturbing frequency.

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makes me wonder about unspoken abuse to trigger ‘compliance’ - today something akin to weaponization of PTSD agasinst oneś own family members. The continent has been a 600 year petri dish of societal ills imposed on original residents … to drive everyone of us into the rut of the domination scheme.
I too keep the Tao te Ching and I Ching handy. Really helps blow out the cobwebs.

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Excellent links.

The article the other day imploring Biden to appoint a Woman as Secretary of defense so as to esnure a peaceful foreign policy was naive to the extreme.

Here more on Ms Flournoy from the article you linked to.

As Iraq was plunged into chaos and bloodshed, Flournoy was among the authors of a paper titled “Progressive Internationalism” that called for a “smarter and better” style of permanent war. The paper chastised the anti-war left and stated that “Democrats will maintain the world’s most capable and technologically advanced military, and we will not flinch from using it to defend our interests anywhere in the world.”

Thats right folks. If you are on the left and voted Biden . his most likely choice for Secretary of defense is a long running warmonger, who mocks and ridicules the “anti-war” left.

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First, they came for Assange… we’ll never even know what happened after that? We’re watching a conversation about Alexander Nanau’s documtary, Colectiv “Collective,” And we’d MARVELLED at the access he’d had to those involved. This movie about corruption could NEVER be made in the US, now. The original investigative journalism would NEVER have happened. Media coverage would NEVER occur. The Creative Class will LOVE this on Amazon, HBO, Netflix; but we’ll NEVER see a documentary covering how 35K excess deaths occured in NYC’s Private Equity parted-out medical system? With Cuomo, Trump & de Blasio managing to feed scores-of-thousands of mostly Black, Hispanic & immigrant “essentials” to a frigging virus that might’ve killed a few thousand, elsewhere? The media us by, for & ONLY about rich folks, who just cannot be bothered by their system’s repurcussions, since we’re their victims, who’s deaths o’ disparity only harsh their buzz? Post MORE links, folks!

PS: I just KNEW it’d be Harris as VP & Rice as… nevermind! These articles aren’t naive, they’re simply being written by folks from the other side. Intern or seasoned propagandist; they’re unaware it’s all agitprop? They’ve bought-into the lie.

~https://www.indiewire.com/2020/11/collective-review-alexander-nanau-1234599567/ (don’t TRY posting a comment, they’re NOT interested!)

to quote Pogo–we have met the enemy and they are us