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When 'God Wills It!': An American Reckoning


When 'God Wills It!': An American Reckoning

James Carroll

America may be sinking ever deeper into the moral morass of the Trump era, but if you think the malevolence of this period began with him, think again. The moment I still dwell on, the moment I believe ignited the vast public disorder that is now our all-American world, has been almost completely forgotten here. And little wonder. It was no more than a casually tossed-off cliché, a passing historical reference whose implications and consequences meant nothing to the speaker. “This crusade,” said President George W. Bush just days after the 9/11 attacks, “this war on terrorism…”


The narrative that the country “fell into” the war on terror is patently false. It was engineered as well documented by Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard (1997) and the Project for a New American Century’s mission statement (1998). Bush’s job was to sell the war and that he did–remarkably well for such an incompetent sot. The criminal enterprise known as the war on terror was completely premeditated and the evidence proving this has been an open secret for over twenty years (closer to forty if you consider Oded Yinon’s plan for a Greater Israel). It is past time to shout this from the rooftops.


To what you say, correctly so, one must factor in the other key ingredient in the Public’s largely
complete approval and enthusiastic support for the Global War on Terror. That being the rise of a very politicized Religious Right, especially the Evangelicals. This is the extra ingredient that Bush had which enabled him to put the nation on this disastrous course. To these, it is a crusade, a never-ending religious war. Meanwhile, millions suffer on all sides from it, with no end in sight.

Our only hope seems to be a return to a strict separation of Church and State, along with an
acceptance of the fact that we cannot and should not insist on imposing our will on others. We will either learn to co-exist, or we will perish.


A good synopsis of the panacea of religion and how so many fall for it’s righteousness. ie good planning of the PR Propaganda People.

The sequel to THE DEVIL’S CHESSBOARD is the Rise and Fall of the Tower Crusade


Unless you never go to conservative websites, The Dominionist Movement is on every site. Even the fairly sane ones like The American Conservative have tons of articles on it. People like Ted Cruz really believe that the USA should be governed by biblical law and, in my view, are much more dangerous to the country than any skin headed Nazi stomping around the street.


Excellent analysis by James Carroll.

The deception of 911 served an important function for war profiteers and the Military Industrial Complex


Busy this morning, and can’t stick around, but I had to read Carroll’s piece.

And just this week Italy embarked on a new chapter in her tortured modern political history, all thanks to this American Crusade.

I am in doubt about the public approval statistics cited in the piece for this GWOT. I spoke out against it at the time and found that there was much sympathetic agreement against this never-ending war. Oh well, the only thing that really mattered was the endorsement of the corrupt and corrupted Congress.


PDF of The Grand Chessboard. Scroll to p.202 for Brezinski’s take on conclusions regarding taking over the world. Probably provides some of the most succinct ‘alternative’ orientation/insight into rationalizations for current events not talked about in terms of military predominance and where the insanity becomes whats for breakfast…


Carroll skips right over what I would call the prime mover of the GWOT: the implosion of the USSR and the resulting desperate need for a plausible enemy to replace it. Et voila, we discover “Islamofascism,” a kind of immortal superbeing with vast dark powers and no fixed address.


The public approval statistics cited were for getting bin Laden in Afghanistan.


Wow! This extremely long and dense religiously themed analysis/argument of how we followed an old historically religious (West vs. East) format into the 21st century, catalyzed by 9/11, is impressive. I am inclined to go along with Carroll’s argument as outlined, except I cannot discount the great egos and greed of those in power, especially the military industrial actors who depend so much on the Pentagon, and enemies, to thrive. . To justify our killing, maiming, and despoiling those who never did harm to us, these past 17 years and on, still.
I think secular factors and actors play just as large a part in this awful history. And I also think that Carroll’s citation of 80% of the public after 9/11 going along with the war on the Middle East has less to do with our public’s bloodthirsty turn to revenge than it does the lies–and the missing media analysis that should have informed said public, and did not.


The next monstrous act hoped for by the neoconservatives behind this “war on terror” is a war against Iran. The propaganda is well underway.

On a press conference at the White House the other day, maladroit Trump sat there with no response to, thereby implicitly agreeing with, Netanyahu’'s maneuvering for the U.S. to take down Iran…

When will we learn?


Spot on WiseOwl. Truly a War “of” Terror.

Do you think any of those responsible (and there are many) will ever be brought to justice for what they have wrought? I sincerely doubt it.


I don’t go so far as to think that the only good Indians are the dead Indians, but I believe nine out of every ten are.

Donald Trump? Nope, that’s Teddy Roosevelt.

At the very inception of how the US came to be, eventually, the last global empire, our hands - particularly as privileged beneficiaries of empire - are stained up to the elbows with the blood of indigenous Americans and chattel slaves.

Truth is the seat of virtue. But the momentum of malevolence seems unstoppable here, where the most vital truths - those which could turn us away from the path of nihilistic savagery - are too horrifying to admit.


Anyone laying odds on that?


“… I am in doubt about the public approval statistics cited in the piece for this GWOT…”

… Two weeks after September 11th, Gallop but out a survey for G W’s approval rating. It showed 90% approval rating (lots of democrats and liberals in that figure), 6% disapproval and 4% undecided. I remember it well, because I made a silk screen and printed out tee shirts which said; “I am the 6%”…


Don’t assume that the 90% approval wasn’t fabricated as well.


When it’s too late, most likely.


Your cynicism is well over the top. There was a tremendous sense of nationalism and flag waving following 9-11.


“… Don’t assume that the 90% approval wasn’t fabricated as well…”

… Don’t assume that behind every shadow lies a conspiracy. When push comes to shove -societies have rarely found it difficult to muster enough sheeple to easily form a quorum. Someone once referred to it as; “the banality of evil (or ‘sheeple.’ Pick your poison).”