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When I Lost My Hands Making Flatscreens I Can't Afford, Nobody Would Help Me


When I Lost My Hands Making Flatscreens I Can't Afford, Nobody Would Help Me

Rosa Moreno

On February 11, 2011, I lost both my hands.

I was working an overnight shift at my job in Reynosa, Mexico, where I was cutting metal for parts used in assembling flatscreen televisions. I was working in my usual area, and the boss was pressuring us.

“I want you to work faster, because we need the material urgently,” he said.

I was moved to Machine 19, which can rip and cut metal and takes two hands to operate. It is heavy, weighing at least one ton, maybe two, and no one liked to work on it because it was too difficult. They always seemed to assign it to me.


Believe it or not, that’s much more generous than how my partner was treated when he was injured on the job at the big ‘w’ store. He was made to go to doctors’ appointments, therapy that didn’t help, was let go from his job, had the company paid for doctor outright lie despite MRI and CAT scans showing differently.

And then, we were stuck with the bill while evil W was paid by workmen’s comp. The company forced ‘health care’ bill was sent to us. For a clearly, and even company admittedly, on-the-job injury. So now we have bill collectors hounding us. The store that starts with a W found a way to make money off of their employees getting permanently injured.

And we can’t get an attorney to fight because they’re too busy with other workmen’s comp claims against the same company.

No disability for us (despite the US government admitting that we both have severe disabilities that restrict our ability to work) and WE get the BILLS NOT PAYOUT for getting injured on the job and being disabled.

So yeah, it could be worse for her. She could live in the US.


Is there an open fund–to send a contribution?

The judge who ruled the matter out on a technicality will at some point in life be FORCED through a personal trial (or that of a loved one) to learn true compassion.



What we can do now before the 2016 elections - IS TO CREATE A LABOR PARTY as many nations did decades ago. We need a party that represents us.The Australian Labour Party legislated a Minimum Wage that increases each year. They are now receiving over $ 16 per hour! The Republicans oppose any kind of Minimum Wage. The Democrats pretend they care, by talking about a $12 MW, but they have never voted on it, AND IN THE SMALL PRINT, it states that the $12 will not be real until the year 2020.That is 5 years from now! We have no party that cares for us. Obama is pushing the Trans Pacific traitor deal that will cause the loss of 20 million more jobs! It willl be interesting how many Democrats will vote for it tomorrow with the Republicans. Read how we, the citizens, can create a party that cares and we can vote out the parties that don’t care for us. Howard M Greenebaum, author


You should also check to see if "W’ Store has taken out A “Dead Peasants” insurance policy on him-
It is A common place scheme and it doesn’t matter if he still works there or not, they will collect up to A million in insurance upon his death… It would be good to know anyhow-


As someone who works in the field of occupational safety, I find few things more contemptible than a death of a worker from the reckless disregard of a capitalist boss. The punch-press accident that Sra. Moreno seems to be describing is 100% preventable with physical safeguards and completely inexcusable.

When we say that capitalism grinds workers into hamburger for profit, sometimes it is not a metaphor.


Where was OSHA???


Did you call OSHA after it happened?


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He was replying to Onebody who is in the US, not the lady in the article.


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Thank you. Sometimes who the post is to does not show up on this browser for some reason.


Actually, we just followed the procedures for the state worker’s comp and got that ‘wonderful’ result of being hounded by bill collectors for mandatory doctor visits. It seems as if W (the corporation) found a way to make money off of the worker’s comp system.

All the attorneys we contacted said we had a case, but didn’t feel like taking it on. We didn’t think about OSHA. There were actually 2-3 other people injured doing the same job within a week of my partner getting injured. Good idea. We’ll look into that in the next few days.


Oh geez. I hope not. Those types of policies should never have been invented in the first place.


They have been around for some time and are essentially just another morbid and blood sucking character of Capitalism- Most GREEDY Corporations never have enough and are sadly lacking in humanity and know no shame what-so-ever…


My experience with OSHA in recent years was one of small concern for me as A whistleblower and the Corporation all but dictated their terms- Since the Government has been deprived of funding from tax dollars from the rich, OSHA has been understaffed, underfinanced and consequently unconcerned about the working mans plight- They are essentially in cahoots with the moneyed interests…


I wouldn’t even bother with OSHA or the Labor Department- They will give nothing but lip service, do no investigation what-so-ever, suggest you settle for the low dollar amount offered buy the “Company” and essentially buy off time for that company-
Take it to the State if possible, get in front of A Jury, which is much, much better than A red neck ex military republican Judge which will do you absolutely no good what so ever- The Labor Department didn’t even bother notifying me if my appeal was approved or not- They SUCK!


Already done 20 yrs ago: http://www.thelaborparty.org/

But once Tom Mazzocchi, the original organiser, died, it went moribund because too few people were putting any energy in. The stolen 2000 election, the events of 9/11, the aggression against Iraq, then Afghanistan, and now ISIS, and the decimation of union strength in the US all took their toll, and it was huge. The system won again.

The LP still exists, but it was mothballed in '07 with no further memberships being accepted. The current discussion is whether it’s yet time to revive the party.


Sra. Moreno has been such a good Catholic (8 kids!!) I’m amazed, though perhaps I shouldn’t be, that the RCC hasn’t funded prosthetics for her.

Perhaps they feel that she’s now expendable and should consider her pain and disability a gift from God.[ yes, they really did, and perhaps still do, say shite like that]