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When Is a Genocide a Genocide?

When Is a Genocide a Genocide?

Amal De Chickera

My heart has broken. Many times, in many ways over the past twenty days. It has been splintered, hammered, shattered, parched, starved and numbed beyond recognition.

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I realize its just a petition - but its all I can find

Save the Rohingyas

It is pretty predictable that there would be only one lone comment to this article. The US-left is not interested in genocidal atrocities unless the USA is doing them…

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Yup, and a whopping 64 signatures so far!

That this atrocity is being supported by people who, like Suu-Kyi, were themselves targets of oppression - and led by Buddhists - is making it harder and harder to find any redeemable qualities in humans at all…

How did we get to this point where even former Nobel prize winning humanitarian heroes are sounding like Donald Trump with their talk of "fake news.

Does this sordid state of global callousness represent some kind of final triumph of the capitalists and their brainwashing media?

I think this is because for the last year besides monthly admonishments from the UN and condemnation from a few other Muslin majority places like Indonesia there isn’t much.

Thank you for this cry to the world - the answer is “always!”, but the response is usually the same!..The “expendable people” of the Earth will always be ignored or victimized by the world of wealth and “the economy” - for for-profit war, corporate exploitation and pollution, and greed-driven self-interest above all else, including the lives of millions of innocents.

The most important driver of the actions of “the world” are the actions and words of its so-called leaders - what they say and do - their example of moral compass. At this very shameful point in time we have a person of the lowest possible moral compass, a poster child for self-interest and contempt for the lives of all living things that cross his plate, and that contempt is evil in the most stark definition and example.

World governments take their cue from powerful leaders either for good or evil - for racism and discrimination, “greed is good”, or to be the leader of conscience and integrity that inspires - tragically we have either ignorant corrupt ciphers or silent collaborators, and the population either misinformed or lied to by the now deceased Fourth Estate, or too involved in their own shallow or just-surviving desperate lives, to give a shit about whether some others live or die…there are millions in the cross-hairs of indifference who will be fortunate to just survive the indifference of political “leaders” who set the stage for their deaths, pain and obscene suffering.

All policy rolls downhill, like feces as they say, and we are struggling thru the most extreme example of such moral turpitude by a contemptible mental case, with the associated ripples radiating outward…

Where are the words and actions of the world?

“My heart has broken. Many times, in many ways over the past twenty days. It has been splintered, hammered, shattered, parched, starved and numbed beyond recognition.” – Amal De Chickera

The UN is meeting today but will talk and talk and listen to the depraved who are in some evil charade allowed to speak, but the UN will do nothing of substance or immediacy - the mechanisms just are not there, only the careers or “diplomats”, pathological liars and the depraved it seems…

What comments dropped on this obscure forum do you think would make a difference in what’s happening there? As many have pointed out the whole world is treating this pogrom with indifference. One nation has spoken up and acted - Iran - and I finally found near the end of a very lengthy and informative entry on Wikipedia (Rohingya) that the Muslims there are Sunni and many identify with suffism. Where is Saudi Arabia’s (Sunni, Wahhabist, Suffist) condemnation or aid? The nation that the US continually vilifies is one of the few supplying aid, and they are Shia.

That Wiki entry indicated that those termed today Rohingya can trace their presence in Burma back to the 8thC.

Genocide has had a long, sad history in the last 100 plus years. The german genocide against the inhabitants of SW Africa, the Ottoman genocide against the Armenians, Assyrians, and Pontiac Greeks, The Nazi Germany one against the Jews and Romany, The Soviets against the Tartars, The Rwanda genocide of the Tutsi, ect. ect…and now these unfortunates in Burma. They were all State sponsored and all took place against a backdrop of general indifference from the rest of the world.

Burma has basically been a closed state since the 1962 takeover by the military. I would think the only real pressure that could be put on its government to stop these attacks on helpless civilians would be economic. The U.N should declare a boycott on the purchase of things Burma produces for export and foreign currencies … emeralds, oil, ect.

The comments don’t make a difference of course, but the lack of them is a barometer of the concern that I would at least have hoped to see here even if nowhere else.


I agree. The degree of outrage should not be predicated on the identity of the oppressors. Like you, I sadly predicted this article would draw little comment even before I read it.

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