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When It Comes to Bernie Sanders, US Voters Really, Really Like Him

When It Comes to Bernie Sanders, US Voters Really, Really Like Him

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

As he tours the country hoping to give the Democratic Party an energy boost, yet another poll has shown Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to be extremely popular among the U.S. electorate.

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Just as fake news about the GOP being “fractured” during the 2016 election cycle helped Trump win, progressives fall for fake news about the GOP being “fractured” at their own peril.

With 3 Dim Senators voting to confirm Gorsuch when the GOP didn’t even need their votes, please tell me again Mark Penn which party is “fractured” and give me ONE example of “Democrats consolidating to the left” ?

Just because Trump and the GOP are the top fake news sources and fake news works so well for them, fake news from center and center-left sources works against progressives.


He’s a pretty old guy to be a 2020 Presidential candidate, but it’s a sorry cometary on the political state of things that he’s the only politician with a progressive point of view who’s out there. Hope he keeps his health.

It would be good if there were some others articulating those points of view, it might make trying to change things for the better easier if there were other political figures like him.


No active US politician is more popular than Bernie Sanders? How about US Congresswoman Barbara Lee, representing California’s 13th Congressional District. Congresswoman Lee, her resume speaks for its self.


Sanders might be similar to President Obama, that is a bit more of a Trojan Horse than one would like.

Nice smearing of Sanders, here. Trump lovers in 2016, perhaps? Please find out who’s pissing in your cereal. That wouldn’t hurt the cause, would it?

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" Bernie tours the country hoping to give the Democratic Party an energy boost."

I love you Bernie, but may I ask: WHY BERNIE; WHY?


You should have replied this post to bushrodl, whom I suspect it was directed at

Correct me if I am wrong;

There are probably more Independents in this country than Democrats and Republicans combined.

If this is true, one can’t help but note the disparity between that, and (sorry to point out the obvious) the fact that he did not receive the Democratic nomination, let alone become president.
Could it be that in the land of the free, the system is rigged?
Free to rig the system, at least.


Sanders had the country behind him in the Democratic Primaries - as he said “I can’t do it alone” - and he caved to corrupt manipulation and his defeat (along with ours) in the Democratic race.
He could have taken the undercard, preferably, of the Green Party (he was offered the top by Jill Stein) and remained in contention. He chose for his own reasons, to decline.
He was NOT alone, and he caved. That’s what’s called a Trojan Horse in my book.


Your book is missing some chapters. Sen. Sanders honored his word to support the candidate. Keeping your word makes you get 57% favorables. That’s what moves progressive policies, not what your ascribing. Learn how pluralism and vote counting works, for starters, please.

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Not quite - but there’s certainly more people who call themselves independent than either Republican or Democrat:

I call B.S. He campaigned on an $ 80 Billion dollar cut. He didn’t call out more for Syria, etc.


Was Liz Warren on the list? Smarter than Bernie. Far, far more honest than Bernie. Shares the same goals. Has actually gotten major stuff done.

That’s entirely correct. Just because he’s not a blathering boaster like the trmp, doesn’t mean he couldn’t bowl us all over with his executive prowess.
I for one am ready for a modest civil servant whose primary characteristics are integrity, competence, and compassion. Who will say “Here! Here!”?

Why not ask him “What next, Bernie?” He’s a man you can trust to always try to do the right thing. How many others of that kind of politician have you read about lately?

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I’d consider voting for Warren. On the other hand, I don’t see any need to criticize Sanders’s political c.v…

Sanders is exposing Perez to the masses of disenchanted people who so empower his demand for progressive change.
It is obvious to me (observing the rallies so far) that Perez is struggling to find any rapport - the people are giving him the message loud and clear - take corporate money out of the Democratic party, bring it back to the common people.

Perez’s natural delivery ‘style’ is severely cramped - to the point he presents as a political ‘also ran’ striving for authenticity. One delivery slip revealing his desire for corporatist DNC ‘business as usual’ and he may as well stop home for the rest of the tour.

Perez has no latitude for error with these restive ‘change seeking’ crowds - they are already lukewarm to him, and will be merciless in shouting him down and rejecting him.
There is a lot of un-vented anger at DNC corporatism lingering in those crowds -a stumble from Perez and the DNC will be further damaged - confirmed as the irrelevant corrupt body it is.

In short it’s an education - Mr DNC chairman; Meet the people!


Are you saying that a conscientious capitalist is always the same as a corporate imperialist? Could you explicate your comment for me?