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When It Comes to Climate Crisis and Kavanaugh's First Day on the Supreme Court, "It's Not Very Promising"


When It Comes to Climate Crisis and Kavanaugh's First Day on the Supreme Court, "It's Not Very Promising"

Julia Conley, staff writer

A day into Brett Kavanaugh's new role as an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, the court ruled in favor of a decision the judge had made while serving on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals—allowing a challenge to a greenhouse gas regulation to stand one day after the United Nations warned that "unprecedented" political will is needed to fight the climate crisis.


Monstrous. This is a serial liar, sexual predator, misogynist who opposes not only abortion but contraception to boot and yet who is clearly not concerned in leaving a livable planet for the kids he wants to see born in the hell he wants to create for them.


We’re tearing our hair out - notable in an era where bald is increasingly beautiful - over the scurrilous consequences of Citizens United, smack up against climate crisis, and like ping-pong, back at SCOTUS.

I begin to wonder if there is a conspiracy to prevent consolidation of diverse alliances at local, regional and state level to dig into infrastructure planning and envision the spectrum of changes that can be made on those levels. Can you imaging the standing that would assert in confronting the dead-beat corps[ses] ?? Talk about a re-evolution!

Start attending town planning meetings - experience the expansion of breadth of horizon and think 7 generations hence. We are not powerless, we just need to take a deep breath and dig into the learning curve to rebuild democracy from hometown advantage.


I admire your spirit, old goat. As Einstein said: “Imagination encircles the world”.

We have come together before and we can do it again:


Good news is he’s obviously moderating his views given his views on voting rights:


Well, if this decision by the Justices had been made earlier, and without the participation of boofing Bret (as the story says), then the question for me is, which of the “liberal” Justices decided not to take up the case. The article doesn’t investigate the question. I’ve tried to research it, but i’ve been able to find few stories (so far) about this.

(Oops, this was supposed to be a stand-alone post and not a response.)


I will pass this on to my network of friends.


Thank you for the article. Per what it says, Kavanaugh did not participate in the decision. My comment implied he did so I was wrong.

What’s clear is it’s time for all of us to recognize we aren’t dealing with the Warren Court anymore. Every progressive needs to think long and hard before voting whether or not they want to help further empower retrograde, hard right justices.


Here’s to hoping that Kavanaugh’s children fondlingly remember their father’s CONfirmation hearing as they stew in their own juices thanks in part to dear old dad, a.k.a. “Grippy”.


On Kavanaugh’s first day on the job, it was reported on the news that he now sits at the far right side of the bench.
This is not only where he sits, but his state of mind.


A socialist friend of mine is looking into getting the ND League of Women Voters involved in that state and a communist closest friend of mine (also black) is voting for the first time because of the threat these reactionaries pose. They are also registering voters at an Oct. 20 food shelf where I live. The League has also been active in prisons registering voters–I doubt there are many Republicans among them.

Here in Northern Vermont in a local library we meet to discuss philosophical ideas and a good part of them turn to politics and what is happening, and no one so far is planning on furthering the right wingers–just the opposite. These are thinking and caring individuals and our readings and lectures are widening their possibilities for a more “perfect union”. What has occurred to me is that women, black and indigenous people are the equality factor in the two supposed strains of this nation: freedom and equality. When you read the actual text of the Constitution prior to all the amendments it is clear what the end game is for the hard core Right.


While Kavanaugh could not be part of the decision to uphold his own earlier ruling for obvious reasons, the rest of the justices did him a clear favor by their decision. The optics of one of his egregiously dumb decisions being overturned on his very first day in court would have been awful. You can’t tell me the court isn’t politicized.

His earlier ruling was based on some flawed reasoning. Congress does not directly oversee each and every aspect of every agency. They (Congress) allocates the money, gives broad outlines to institute the agency’s mandate, and then would only step in if the agency ran far afield of that mandate. The EPA’s reason for existence is to protect the environment (it is the freaking name of the agency, for God’s sake), and it was doing its job with HFCs. When the EPA does NOT protect the environment, which has happened more and more frequently over the last decade as it is infected with Monsanto and Koch Brothers lobbyists, is when Congress should, but does not, step in; because Congress, like Kavanaugh, are a bunch of corporate stooges.

It is his shitty positions like this one that the Democrats should have been harping on during the nomination process. They chose not to. One may speculate as to why.


Elections have consequences. All those ideological purists who refused to vote for Hillary helped put Gorsuch and Kavanaugh on the SCOTUS. Vote D on Nov. 6 and in 2020 or don’t complain if the GOP maintains control of the Congress and Trump or Pence win in 2020.


The usual D-bot, warmed over, “Nader gave us Bush” BS. Make your case to the more than 4 of 10 eligible voters who didn’t vote at all, and give them better candidates than Rottenhams next time.


I’d rather have Hillary than Trump. I guess you just don’t give a damn. By the way, I voted for Bernie in the primary but voted for Hillary in the general election as per the advice of Bernie, Chomsky and Thomas Frank. Is Noam Chomsky a D-bot? There will never be a perfect candidate. Even if Jill Stein won by some miracle she would have to negotiate with the Ds and the Rs to get anything done, she would have to make compromises. Then you would condemn her.


Since I began voting in the 70s, my choices have frequently been those such as Angela Davis and Jill Stein because i wish to see the birth of better and more diverse choices. But the world is too far down the rabbit hole at this time in history.
Do I believe that changes for the better are possible. Yes I do but only if more folks get informed and involved. Reading Giovann-Lepore’s post #11 above evokes some hope. In fact I wanted to rush up to ND and volunteer my help to register voters but of course much help is needed here where I live.

But on another note, If the dims wished to prove their worth, they would use their forces to constantly expose the deceit of Mitch McConnell et al. Except if they were doing that they would expose their own complicit behavior. Our world requires new governance. It is especially important to vote out all old white males most important to rid the government of Mitch the proud owner of the comment “I am a proud guardian of gridlock. I think gridlock is making a big comeback in the country.” For decades he forced control of the senate by gridlock only when it suited his needs. No present-day government man has been more harmful to our rule of law than Mitch McConnell with “the nuclear option” breaking the filibuster on Supreme Court nominees.
Yes voting does make a difference. Why else are the laws being changed to make voting difficult and almost impossible for the many especially those who are on the cusp of disenfranchised.


No, I don’t give a damn what you’d rather have.

I don’t know, is that the same Noam Chomsky who said it doesn’t matter what really happened on 9/11/01?

Isn’t that what you people mean by “holding their feet to the fire?”