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When It Comes to Iran, the So-Called 'Trump Doctrine' Is Sinking Fast

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/01/when-it-comes-iran-so-called-trump-doctrine-sinking-fast


America is being run by crazy people----- again—just like the WMD people.
I am happy that Iran shot down the $130 million dollar drone as it was in Iran’s airspace. How do I know it was in Iran’s airspace------because all of America’s wars have begun with a lie. I was thinking that "Remember the Maine, " was the first one—but no, I bet it was "The shot heard round the world, " and the 1st five people to die for their country.
An unprovoked attack always seems to get to people—as it seems like one of the players was cheating.
So based on the fact that all the US seems to export in large quantities is DEATH, I think it’s about time that the Trump-Pompeo-Bolton War meet its death. So do your duty Congress, and decline to declare war. People know very well that other people’s’ kids will die if there is yet another war— and none of the kids of the war mongers will be affected.
Besides___CLIMATE CRISIS is here and neither the People nor the Planet needs any more crap from delusional wanna - be warriors who never went to war!


FYI, writer James Perloff, raised in Lexington, MA, enlightens us about "The Secrets Buried at Lexington Green: Who Really Fired "The Shot Heard Round the World?, Chapter 13 in his latest book, “Thirteen Pieces of the Jigsaw.” In the lead-off chapter of his earlier book, “Truth Is a Lonely Warrior,” he describes the false flags of our last “Six Wars” beginning with the Spanish-American War.

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Hi Robert_Cable:
Well LOL on that, and thanks for that information. After reading of how curious so many wars begin with America, I started wondering about the first one. HA! And it sounds like more people than me wondered that too!
In the 8th grade, my class had a teacher who loved learning through rhyme, and so we all had to memorize the old poem ,"The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere! " Just last summer I learned about all the other people who were riding to to wake up the colonists too. A whole lot of others we didn’t know of. Yeah, you have to watch those writers of Jr. High history books—I guess the lying begins early-----of course the Native Americans could fill me in a lot better too! : )

a lot of good ideas that donnie will never consider.