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When It Comes to ISSI, We Need to Talk about Turkey


When It Comes to ISSI, We Need to Talk about Turkey

Slavoj Žižek

There is something weird about the solemn declarations that we are at war against the Islamic State – all the world’s superpowers against a religious gang controlling a small patch of mostly desert land... This doesn’t mean that we should not focus on destroying Isis, unconditionally, with no “but...”. The only “but” is that we should REALLY focus on destroying it, and for this much more is needed than the pathetic declarations and appeals to solidarity of all “civilised” forces against the demonised fundamentalist enemy.


With Zizek as the author, I figured you would come here.

I think that you are confusing Commondreams with "Reason" or "Freerepublic"

CD has reprinted a lot of Zizek stuff. Marx's theories have always been admired here, even if only in general outline form. The is understandable considering the density, jargon, and turgidity of his prose.

No, not much Gramski or Rosa Luxemborg here. And no Proudhon, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Malatesta, Berkmann, Emma Goldman, Murray Bookchin (who is credited with turning the imprisoned Kurdish hero Abdulla Ocalan from a Stalinist vanguardist to a libertarian socialist. Never seen anything about Parecon Theory here either (Albert, Hahnel, et. al.)

See, some of us can drop leftie buzz-names too.

Freudian psychology has been totally discredited as unscientific nonsense.

Nobody ever proposed "do nothing to intervene", but Zizeks point is that there is already entirely too much intervening going in on behalf of ISIL - driven by with ulterior motives - I will not re-state his point except to say that Zizek forgot to mention the Turks are also the ones buying ISIL oil. End this Turkish support and local fighters - notably the libertarian socialist Kurds can easily mop up the die hard fighters left.

Brute force military action will not work short of a complete sterilization of the two-nation area with nuclear weapons. I assume you don't support that. I don't.

I will assume that your lack of ability to engage with us here in a civil manner due to a cultural difference of some sort.


That is not necessary. One could make the equally fatuous retort that USAians in general like to murder each other, based on sound statistical evidence of the USAian murder rate,.


OK, Rural southern USAns are what I tend to think of when I think of Slavic people in the post-socialist, capitalist gangster era. But Ill remove the offensive sentence.




Oh, the symbolic analysts are here.

Now, to the woman in the street-->I've been through a lot of conspiracies in my day, but this one's the most complex (not a truther). Good thing by some miracle I cashed in some leave, cause I needed time to wade through this stuff. I'd have to become 10 X the summarizer I am to convey this to anyone...even the top tenth percentile in astuteness & patience.

The article is right-on in what it maintains, from all its angles and vantage points. And it sort of focuses on the center of the thing, which is where average readers will dive in...like kids running into shooters. So, that's fine. But the old conspiracy unravelers will want intimations of the periphery too. Tonight I just don't have the energy to try to summarize the two proposed pipelines. Maybe tommorow. The whole thing is not a "conspiracy" conceived from beginning to end by any one party. No, it's like a conspiracy only in that a number of means of a number of parties are all both meshing in spots and clashing in spots...and all these means have "covers" of other endeavors. They all approached one another not anticipating what the horrible outcome would end up. You might not consider these the heaviest Marxist sources, but if that's the criteria you're looking for at this point...it's your hang-up. Those guys that make any sense seem to be gone, save Zizek above (I still try to remember to check out Open Democracy).

Escobar http://www.alternet.org/comments/world/why-yria-crucial-energy-future-mideast

Prashad http://therealnews.com/t2/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=31&Itemid=74&jumival=15244

map http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-09-10/competing-gas-pipelines-are-fueling-syrian-war-migrant-crisis


You'd get considerably more traction here at CD if you could find a way to show up without such an asinine attitude, like you're the smartest dude in the room/thread. You're not.


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