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When It Comes to Plutocrats Like Epstein and Trump, Always Assume the Worst

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/17/when-it-comes-plutocrats-epstein-and-trump-always-assume-worst


Having seen that lead photo, I now feel an overwhelming need for a hot shower and a massive dose of penicillin.


In the age of Trump? Pizzagate? Jimmy Savile? This sh*t has been going on for ages and all over the place. I read Rousseau’s Confession. He was secretary to the Ambassador to Venice when a Venetian official suggested he and Rousseau share share a 16 year old mistress. He turned him down.

Don’t forget Slick Willie Clinton was part of the party as well.

I hate partisan hacks.


There far too many articles, in referencing Epstein , that just give lists of Republicans that had links to him while ignoring the fact that many Democrats were pals with Epstein as well. When an article framed in such a manner it does a disservice to the victims and gives the reader the false impression that this type of tawdry and criminal behavior is limited to Republicans.

These guys use taxpayers dollars to silence their victims. While not the same as the sexual abuse of Children , these Politicians have been using positions of power to find new victims for many years.


Trump was great friends with Roy Cohn. How sleazy can one get. There is all kinds of smoke coming out of the white house but we can’t convince Nancy that there are a bunch of fires going on that need to be put out.


And lie about their connections to each other:


Plutocrats and sleaze go together like ham and cheese.

It all gets back to that saying that “Power Corrupts and absolute power Corrupts Completely”.


Here’s one that puts it in pretty good non-partisan context:



Good story, one of Lofgren’s best IMO.
Epstein has a wealth of damaging information on high level people, he needs to be isolated with 24/7 guards, hopefully the judge is not so corrupt as to grant bail to this cretin. Without this protection, IMO he wont make it to trial. After all of the info. is squeezed from him I don’t care, throw him to the wolves in general population in any major prison. Even dangerous prisoners have a moral code they live by, child molesters don’t do well in prison, they will tear Epstein apart.


For more sickening info., look up the “Boys Town” incident in NE., in the 1980’s, same behavior with a trail leading to the WH. The victims in that case were treated even worse than today, one going to prison for 15 yrs., convicted of perjury, for telling the truth about powerful people.


Here’s a review of a book on that scandal:



If you have the stomach to watch the video linked by wingsofadove, you’ll get two takeaways:

All standards of intellect, decency, and gravitas formerly forming barriers to the American presidency have been rendered moot.

Trump isn’t a bad dancer. Clumsily, droolingly grabby, but semi-rhythmic.

As Acosta said, Epstein belongs to intelligence. All that damaging information has most likely been passed on to some alphabet soup agency and they in turn will guarantee his protection.
More over, someone like Epstein would never serve time in real prison conditions with violent inmates, but in a rich peoples vacation resort with the likes of Manafort.


Lofgren undercuts his otherwise reasonable arguments by studiously ignoring connections that are Democratic.

It sure looks disingenuous. Beyond that, it’s unfortunate. We really could extended prosecution of Epstein’s connections here, and there is no way that can happen while people tippy-toe around the Clintons and Podesta, et al.


Normally I would agree, but the SDNY is really putting on a good show, or they’ve got a hard-on for this guy. No question he’s hooked up with intelligence, but which one, or multiple ones? There’s also a reason this was exposed when it was, that’s another question. Here’s a real puzzler, he had to have been warned by lawyers that the file was opened 2 days before he returned from France, and was about to be arrested. He had money and the means to disappear, who ordered him to return to the US, and be arrested? The fate of this case going forward (if it does), rests on whether he’s granted bail (judge will give his answer tomorrow), and if they can keep him alive until trial. I’d bet ole Jeffie still has secrets locked away in his tiny brain, so will they protect him, or kill him, only time will tell.
Another interesting development, the school he worked at under Barr’s father, 1973-1975, has scrubbed it’s website of info. during that period, claiming he worked there from 1974-1976, meaning Barr’s father was gone from the school and didn’t hire him.

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