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When It Comes to Trump, Nancy Pelosi May Be Too Clever for Our Own Good

When It Comes to Trump, Nancy Pelosi May Be Too Clever for Our Own Good

Jeffrey C. Isaac

Last week a New York Times profile of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi reported that Pelosi wants the Democrats to “stay in the center,” insisting that for the party to succeed in 2020 it must “own the mainstream.”

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Oh, please. Nancy and Donald are playing “good cop, bad cop” for the wealthy elites, as has been the Dem/Repub song-and-dance for 40 years. Nancy doesn’t care any more about poor people than does Donald; the difference is that he doesn’t pretend.


Nancy Pelosi may be to clever. Said no one ever!?. Why is it that the media always protects nancy. Cause she is a little old lady and they think she can do no wrong?. or cause they think that she been in congress so long that she knows a thing or two?. Well I for one don’t trust NP as far as I can spit. She is a nasty little old woman. She acts as though she cares for us a common people. ( here watch my right hand, while my left hand slaps you right up side your stupid head.). Get it str8 this woman gives not 1 fuc about any of us.


I think Obama was correct in his assesment of the “circular firing squad” that the dems seem to be assembling for themselves. unfortunately when said firing squad opens fire, it will be all of us regular folks who will end up taking all the fire.


I would agree that the two are closer in view than most assume.

But it’s more than a tad hyperbolic to say there is zero difference between Trump and Nancy.

No one should under-estimate the extent to which Trump only cares for himself and his deep contempt for all “losers”, which very much includes the poor who do not profess their adoration for - wait for it - him.


Pelosi, clever? I can think of many adjectives to describe Nancy Pelosi, but clever is not one of them.


Her condescending rebuke of AOC is telling. Nancy is not a woman of the people.


The only way to make impeachment hearings not mere political harassment is by getting on with it! The longer people delay it; the more damage is done by rump. The american people need it spelled out for them why rump and his ilk has been bad for america.


Given that the Republican agenda is crystal clear in its arrogance, filth and corruption, any Democrat who pledges to work with the Republicans, a la reaching across the aisle, ending the divisiveness, bringing us all together, ad nauseam, is running yet another scam on voters. The only Democrats/Independents worth your vote are the candidates that will pledge to stand up and fight, tooth and nail, not only the Republicans, but the same filth in the Democratic party. Any candidate who is willing to look the other way at the same corruption in the Democratic party is selling you out for the sake of party unity and, right now, that includes the whole stadium full of candidates running under the Democratic party banner. You don’t need a degree in political science to see what happens when progressive ideas are dragged through the muck of the Democratic party. Just watch Pelosi and Schumer in action.


Nixon would never have exited the White House if so many of his henchmen had not been taken out first. The Dims failure to cite GOP consigliere Barr for contempt of Congress confirms that they are slacking off on removing Trump’s henchmen and will therefore usher in a Trump win in 2020.


When your tent is too big to comfortably hold opposing viewpoints as widely disparate as those in the d-party, you have to talk out of both sides of your mouth. In fact, that Pelosi’s main job.

And guess which faction in that big tent is going to compromise away all of its principles because Trump?

That’s right, the liberals. The greatest group of political suckas ever. Is that Bernie the sheepdog I hear warming up his bark? Or is it AO-C?

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Bridges are collapsing and mass transit is being starved of funds. Infrastructure investment is being blocked by Republicans in congress who refuse to fund it because they would have to give up the tax breaks they extended to their 1% masters. It is silly to make infrastructure an object of ridicule. There’s a lot to criticize Pelosi, Schumer and the other Wall Street, coin-operated Democrats for. This is not one of them.

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Adhering to a Centrist Political position is ignoring the pain and suffering of millions of Americans.

The Democratic Party must move to the Left and adopt a Progressive Agenda.

Times have not changed much since FDR ran for office as a devout Liberal.

People are still struggling to stay afloat.

FDR was correct the Dems will win if they run on a Progressive Agenda and ignore Pelosi and Corporate Dems admonition to run as a Milquetoast Centrist Bribed Puppets.


I think a lot of people don’t realize that Nancy Pelosi is a member of the House of Representatives.

House members are elected from small districts, they do not run “at large,” as do senators or presidents. Nancy represents, and is responsible to, only her constituents in a very wealthy conservative California district, and not to us commenting on Common Dreams. Her interests are conservative, because she represents conservatives, and it is up to the other 434 house members to oppose her or oust her from her leadership position if they believe that their own constituents would be better served by a more progressive leadership.

The problem? They will never do that.

Democrats laud the elections of progressive women like AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib, then tell them: “Now, sit down, shut up, and learn. Learn how to be a good congressperson, and defer to the old men, condescend to the Republicans and Wall Street and raise money for the party. Above all, remember that this is a capitalist country, we serve at the whim of the bankers, and you can be dispensed with any time. Once you learn that and toe the party line, we’ll all get along just fine.”


I admit to the charge of “a tad hyperbolic,” but I shall never agree that my comment was “more than a tad” over-the-top! After all, I never said there was “zero difference.” My comment was meant to address the fact that they both, after all is said and done, serve the same MIC; the same corporate, neoliberal capitalism; the same class, of which they are both members (and we are not). Thus, the differences between the two are cosmetic and even tactical, but not deep with regard to what really matters. Hence, a tad, but not more than a tad. Put another way, Pelosi’s “contempt” is carefully concealed by traditional, back-room politics and only accidentally leaks out (such as in her arrogant dismissal of young, non-voters who petitioned her for the Green New Deal or in her rejection of real health care reform).


If anything, Bob’s exaggeration of the distance between Pelosi and Trump is a tad bit hyperbolic.

If anything, Pelosi and Trump share one thing above all else: Contempt for liberals.

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It’s easy enough to perceive Trump as quite different, but it’s on the surface. In fact, his unbridled demeanor–the lies, insults, delusions, and self-aggrandizement–is actually an authentic representation of unbridled capitalism. In that regard, he is different because he, in a twisted way, honestly and openly embodies the character of our system, a character that the rest of the plutocrats want to obscure. But, as stated, they both serve the system, no matter the differences in character.


Obama bailed Wall St out and made them even too-bigger-to-fail, Hillary made expensive not-to-be discussed ‘wink-wink’ speeches to Wall St, Dodd-Frank was written by Wall St, Chuck Schumer is Senator Wall St.

Frankly, compared to the back-room-dealing Dems, I consider Trump to be a refreshingly open exposure of capitalism’s basest instincts.

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In the same way vomiting can make one feel so much better! Capitalism is the food poisoning; Trump, the emetic… And then you get hungry again and have no choice but to go back to the same damned store (or worse, inhabit the same damned food desert). Eat, vomit, repeat…

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Trump…so refreshing!

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