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When Justice and Politics Match: Deb Haaland Should Be Biden’s Interior Secretary

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/11/when-justice-and-politics-match-deb-haaland-should-be-bidens-interior-secretary

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“Should-a, would-a, could-a.”
The title of Biden’s presidential memoir.


I’m all in favor of Deb Haaland for Interior Secretary and was disappointed that Biden did not select Marsha Fudge for Sec of USDA.

But a general question - how important is it for the agency to get its work done to have to have the senate-stamped-for-approval figurehead in place? Seems like Trump has done a lot with only acting heads in place for many cabinet depts and agencies.

I didn’t know much about Deb Haaland , but after reading this it seems ike she is both knowledgeable and the perfect one for this job.

Deb Haaland Should Be Biden’s Interior Secretary

“it seems like she is both knowledgeable and the perfect one for this job.it seems ike she is both knowledgeable and the perfect one for this job.”

Well, we know it won’t be her, then. Probably someone like Adolf Coors, so he can open cheap bad beer concessions on reservations and live up to his first name.

Hi J4Zonian1:

Maybe Biden will surprise us—after all, he didn’t choose Flournoy. : )

Keep dreaming, stardust,

Just remember it’s what keeps the oligarchic duopoly in power.

Hi J4Zonian1:
Yes—BUT power shifts. Remember when the rich Brits were running the colonies …actually, isn’t it time for a new shift? : )

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Actually, there’s a very slim chance the desire to keep the identity politics sham going will override the gray Democrats’ fear, hatred, and contempt for progressives. But that means Haaland won’t be allowed to do anything Biden et al don’t want. We don’t need a progressive Interior Secretary; we need a progressive president and congress. Without them, there is no hope of avoiding fascism and catastrophic ecological collapse. And without a massive peaceful revolution, there is no chance of getting them. Hope paralyzes the left into not revolting. It needs to be killed and stomped on.

Hi J4Zonian:

Slim chances have changed the world! : )

Passively hoping has only changed it for the worse. It takes action to change it for the better. And with our situation the only effective action is a peaceful revolution.

Oops. Looks like Slim just lost weight.

Biden Is Finding New and Inexplicable Ways to Screw Up His Cabinet Picks

This should be a slam dunk for the Biden transition team. Instead, members of that team have taken to anonymously criticizing Haaland to the press. They’ve surreptitiously told reporters that Haaland is “unqualified” for the job, a specious claim at best, and signaled that her support for the Green New Deal is somehow unacceptable. Those anonymous barbs drew criticism from both tribal leaders and some congressional Democrats, who warned that the Biden team was treating Haaland unfairly and undermining its broader relationship with Indian Country. Biden’s reported offer of the job to another New Mexico politician hasn’t helped matters, either.

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