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When Media Learned Killer’s Ethnicity, Then They Knew to Call It ‘Terrorism’


When Media Learned Killer’s Ethnicity, Then They Knew to Call It ‘Terrorism’

Eoin Higgins

News coverage over the past 48 hours of the Orlando nightclub attacks has shown how corporate media use specific vocabulary to manipulate public perceptions and perpetuate harmful stereotypes and xenophobia.

In the early hours of June 12, as reports poured in about a shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, news outlets were reluctant to characterize the incident beyond calling it an act of violence.


Excellent point. Sandy Hook and the movie theater masacare were not treated like an act of terror but instead a crazed maniac. The media has painted this as an Isis attack and a muslim terrorist, this is a very dangerous game the media is playing.


So true.
As it unfolded in the media it began to change and that same old terrorist mantra came out. Not that this young man was gay himself and was mentally unstable before the incident. But now he's a terrorist. Not just a confused man with multiple problems.
When the interviews started is when the reality came out that some man was holding the exit door shut and wouldn't let people out. Who was that???
No mention that a drill was taking place or had taken place in Orlando recently. Was this part of it??? Way too many unanswered questions to rush to judgment.


This might sound a little crazy but here is what I've observed......Shortly after the shooting the media had all this tied up in a neat little box, clear case of terrorism. I was reading a Libertarian website called TheFreeThoughtProject.com and they were disputing the mainstream media left and right. They were listening to the witnesses instead of the corporate propaganda. There was some incorrect speculation and agenda driven advertising. However, they said somebody was holding the door looking like more than one was working together. Turns out somebody was holding the door, except the guy was an idiot. Moving on, found out the police are actively looking for another suspect. Turns out the shooter might also be homosexual, nothing wrong with that, adds to the motive though. All he did was call 911 and declare allegiance to Isis, he has no KNOWN connections. More than likely this was a mentally ill delusional lone wolf shooter<----MY GUESS. Also, and this is a big one, the police have admitted going in guns blazing with little regard for human life. They admit to "probably" being the cause of some of the deaths. The media tied it up in on a bow to push their war agenda, at the same time, are they distracting us from the voter fraud? Wag the dog if you will. On top of that Waco and Wounded knee were the biggest mass shooting in American history. I've got this strange feeling in my gut......I'm not advertising for that site, they're agenda drive and SOMETIMES get the facts wrong, but it's worth a read to get the Libertarian slant, who agree with us on most social issues. Strange police state we live in, oligarchs control the media and the government. This is the on fact I know, it was a hate crime. #OrlandoUnited


Great analysis, Mr. Higgins.

The following 2 paragraphs bear repeating:

"News coverage over the past 48 hours of the Orlando nightclub attacks has shown how corporate media use specific vocabulary to manipulate public perceptions and perpetuate harmful stereotypes and xenophobia."


"This manipulation of language by news media has shown quite clearly that the term “terrorism” refers not to the acts themselves, but rather to the ethnicity and specifically defined ideology of the perpetrators of the attacks."


How about the kid who let loose on a small congregation of Black citizens while they were in prayer?!


Yep... they also control what passes for the food you eat; they pollute the air, soil and water with impunity; they use the troops intended to protect the nation for the protection of their own international crimes of resource plunder; and they're building prisons to house any who dare to display dissent towards these new, self-declared "masters of the universe" who bet on the public's dime and demanded a massive bailout when THEY lost.


What? Are you joking? Let's see, how many results do I get if I hit ctrl-f and type the word "isis" in this article? Hmm... I would expect at least one. At least one. If you don't even mention the pledge to ISIS, which was known immediately, during the attacks, in fact -- how can you pretend to report on the event? The program is simple: you need at least one occurence of the word "isis," or it's equivalent, in order to write this article. You have none. You must be joking.

The author has shown zero interest in actually examining the media coverage he pretends to report on. He reports on Glen Greenwald's take on Charleston. One thing, dude -- if that kid had pledged allegiance to ISIS beforehand, he would also be considered a "potential terrorist."

On the real, though -- I know people have their blinders on when it comes to government research into mind control and the manipulation of patsies, but I'm not at all convinced things happened in Orlando as we've been told -- AGAIN. Witnesses speak of accomplices. And who in their right mind would hold the door closed from the outside, preventing escape? We have a professional actor claiming to be that guy. He must be a pretty strong actor.

The profile of this guy is ripe for manipulation -- highly unbalanced. Think about it. Gay Muslim with a Father who's got posts on YouTube pretending to be president of Pakistan or Afghanistan or wherever -- firing people from their posts and installing new ones and such -- and who thinks God just can't wait to punish homosexuals. The FBI's known to contact him twice. And, here's an interesting thing -- he --Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, known as Omar Mir Seddique before the name change (?!) -- ran out of the club too along with everybody else at the end. How did they know it was him? Did people just point him out? Was he still armed with the AR-15 -- you know the one, the one that isn't now and never was an AR-15?

There are a lot of questions about this event.


Your verbiage (look it up in the dictionary) just exposed you for the soldier boy that you are.

BTW: The brilliant journalist's name is Glenn.


Yeah, how come when white males committed mass shootings like this -- they didn't research the guy's religion? Would they have said, "We need to be afraid of Catholics. They are terrorists"? NO. They just want more hate fuel to they can keep it going -- and create more terrorists while they are at it (which IS their goal).


Ya, I saw that one of the people in the club said that there were two attackers. But then I heard nothing else about it.


Ha ha. What in criminey sakes are you talking about? First off, I think Mr. Greenwald would agree with me that, had the Charleston story gone on with a pledge to ISIS in the mix -- well -- who likes to repeat themselves...?

But in the meantime, how am I going to look my verbiage up in the dictionary? Do you want me to look up the word? What do you suppose I think it is? Some kind of Italian Winter leafy green salad vegetable? And while I have ya here, care to tell me what in ham sandwich a "soldier boy" is? Thanks in advance. Yours Truly


This site claims that the Google search engine reported the attack in Orlando 6 HOURS before the attack occurred. In other words, if true, the news of the attack had been oaded up to the internet before it occurred.


What is going on here? Is this account itself "fake"? It is all deception.



Here's a new deal......Hang a RWNJ politician's name on every new attack, as in 'The Ted Cruz Orlando night club attacks'.


Exactly, it's much more complicated than the corporate media is saying. They're not after the truth, just elite propaganda. They're pushing for more war period.


I have a gut feeling the FBI or Homeland Sec. someone else was shooting too. That's a lot of people to shoot and they say he facebooked while doing it. What?
It's all suspicious. Remember at Sandy Hook they said multiple shooters and then it was only one. That happens a lot.