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When Minority Report Becomes New Yorkers' Reality


When Minority Report Becomes New Yorkers' Reality

Simon McCormack

Tucked into Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s presentation on his $100 billion plan to invest in the state’s infrastructure last week was an initiative that will put New Yorkers’ privacy in peril.


Does Cuomo know that he and his will also be surveilled, or is he somehow exempted from surveillance?


Most of NYC already has surveillance of this type. It is keeping us safe from the terrorists! And the occasional red-stater with a monster truck filled with weapons on a crusade to save teenage girls from heroin dealers.


Another step in the march toward a police/surveillance state. I wonder when Americans will wake up and realize you can't have total security even with the technology. Hell the US can't catch a terrorist before he bombs some place now. The complexity is too much for it to be useful for any reason but to control US citizens and make us afraid.


"We are taking one step closer to the dystopian world of Minority Report without any discussion of the serious privacy concerns that are implicated."

This discussion will take place where?

We can turn on the TV or Radio, read a Newspaper or Magazine, and we will find either a blackout of the subject or a faux Left/Right discussion, with the side of the Left being voiced by a Corporately Vetted version of an Acceptable Lefty.

Like it or not, it seems that the majority of Americans come home from work, maybe put on the TV for news and diversion or read their Paper and go no further for their information.

I can't tell you how many well educated people I have run into, who give a blank look when the name Jill Stein is mentioned.

It's because of the Deregulated Captured Media that this Orwellian state of affairs has gotten to this heretofore unimaginable magnitude.


More chilling is the 'eye in the sky' documenting the movements of the entire Baltimore city area ( https://www.aclu.org/blog/free-future/baltimore-police-secretly-running-aerial-mass-surveillance-eye-sky ), Chicago's pre-emptive targeting of individuals identified as likely to become 'future criminals' ( http://www.theverge.com/2014/2/19/5419854/the-minority-report-this-computer-predicts-crime-but-is-it-racist ), and the pre-emptive arrests employed when officials designate an activity as a 'National Special Security Event' ( https://www.nlg.org/sites/default/files/NLG%20Report%20Developments%20in%20the%20Policing%20of%20NSSEs%20at%202012%20RNC%20and%20DNC_1.pdf ).


Cuomo has largely been perceived as a low-key, effective governor, particularly in comparison to his blowhard neighbor Christie. But he has shown the same tendency toward intrusive "nanny state" government as Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York City. The fact that a number of the policies of both men have been applauded by liberals should not conceal the general thrust of such actions. For example, Bloomberg originated the smoking ban in bars and restaurants which quickly spread worldwide but did not attract liberal criticism until he imposed "stop and frisk" on the minority population. In the same way Cuomo passed a draconian gun control law after Newtown and after the legislature rejected the measure, imposed by decree lifetime driving bans on DWI parolees without liberal complaints but is now moving to total surveillance of the kind that obviously imperils our most cherished liberties.

The reality is that enhancing government control of behavior in areas of which some people approve will soon extend to areas which those same people will regard as unwarranted intrusion. Few liberals I know want to carry guns into a smoke-filled bar full of drunk drivers. And few conservatives I know are willing to accept same sex marriage and free access to abortion but those conservatives can't stop crying about having to show ID when they buy their ammo down at our local gun shop. Maybe we all need to accept a whole hell of a lot of behavior we don't like if we are going to have any personal liberties left at all.