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When NPR Is More Dangerous Than Fox News

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/25/when-npr-more-dangerous-fox-news


Not Public Radio, a.k.a. NPR, has been useless since its public funding was cut. The People no longer pay its bills. Guess who does? The bomb makers.


Just as an example, found this compilation of funding credits for PBS Newshour


Thank you CD for introducing the promise of a firm grip so sorely needed on the moving train of linguistic realities being manipulated according to the Mercer/Bannon/Conway/Trump/MIC/CIA/Club of Rome/IMF et al.

Also very deeply necessary is public awareness of the language/legalese/sleight of hand so deeply embedded by centuries of sleights of tongue/language laid out in the 15/16th centuries by the Papal Bulls today recognized as the Doctrine of Discovery. Get a handle on how “costs” are “externalized” by the judicial system for well lobbied political interests… from the get-go in perpetuity until people slam the abuses closed and say NO MORE!

One of the most succinct introductions to this quasi-reality enforced selectively for modern day colonization is a slim little volume entitled “Pagans in the Promised Land”.

Forgotten Founders is a good portion of the back-story of ethical concept contributions made by Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island. Free in PDF: Very interesting to compare with timelines of history books being taught in US grade schools.

Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth was also a ground breaker in its day

Our reading list has stunning horizons awaiting attention.


NPR in all its aspects has always been a tool for pro-Israel propaganda that toes the AIPAC line and fills NPR’s coffers. NPR serves the NYC and national pro-Israel supporters and agenda. The never-ending expansionist and racist ethnic cleansing of Palestine to be a “greater” Israel for Jews only is the goal!

Evangelical Christians are dupes to that racist agenda that holds zero respect for their “second-coming” mythology.that along with Zionist mythology violently and brutally displaces and exterminates the once-vibrant Palestinian culture and people as well as others - Lebanon, the Bedouin, Libyan and others, including Palestinian Christians!

Whether the Occupied Territories of Palestine, the Golan and Negev, or Jerusalem, the agenda is to ethnically cleanse the land and illegally colonize it. The narrative of the occupier and thief is supported overtly and covertly by the likes of NPR, PBS, and other de facto agents/supporters of that Israeli/zionist agenda over the rights and future of Palestinians!

Goebbels model of telling the big lie over and over to have it believed works now for Israel and its lackey lap-dog trump regime!

https://ifamericaknew.org/history/origin.html Expansive history of the theft of Palestine and the propaganda that supports it


If further proof is what one needs to prove the point, just recognize the amount of face time Trump got on the run up to the last election for prez.
And he still gets it along with Biden.
It’s more obvious than the article eludes to though.
You hardly have to read between the lines, and you can’t miss the omissions if you are watching for them.


Where in the US media are the on the ground foreign correspondents of the quality of Robert Fisk or Patrick Cockburn?

Then arising from the web is Jonathan Cook.

I simply don’t see American journalists of that caliber.


NPR’s role is to serve the US Empire. And it does it quite well.


Happy to finally see this said in print. I stopped listening to public radio news some 20 years ago because it truly is worse than right-wing radio. It subverts the liberal-minded with its subtle neocon, neoliberal bias presented with a veneer of intellectualism. Once you really know what is going on, NPR will make you ill. Don’t forget how they were as pro-Iraq war as any other media.


Wright sez:
“… would everyone please quit calling MSNBC ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ …”

No problemo, sir. Way out in front of you on that account.


The 1975 corporate sponsors of Newshour were just Ford and Exxon. Skipping to the present, corporate sponsors include those two plus Alfred Sloan (GM), Boeing and BNSF Railroad (ships the most coal, oil & gas) and a long list of private party foundations. During a recent public channel fundraising drive, I called in and offered to donate $100 if they’d do a skeptic’s take on self-driving car technology as a fraud. The email response was defensive. They were offended and considered my offer a bribe, a quid pro quo. Oh, the irony.


Example: “…after Iran attacked ships in the Persian Gulf - allegedly.”


They’re worse than Fox. At least Fox admits that they are what they are.


Much as I suggested in another post , the use of language in this matter is always premised on the meme that the US is always good and on the side of good whereas any nation states that oppose US activities or that are seen as rivals are presumed to be bad and on the side of evil.

This use of deceptive language goes right back to the nations founding. Read the declaration of Independence just as example and understand the context of each of these passages.

He has endeavored to prevent the population of these states; for that purpose obstructing the laws for naturalization of foreigners; refusing to pass others to encourage their migration hither, and raising the conditions of new appropriations of lands.

For abolishing the free system of English laws in a neighboring province, establishing therein an arbitrary government, and enlarging its boundaries so as to render it at once an example and fit instrument for introducing the same absolute rule in these colonies:

He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare, is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.

All of these, while sounding high and noble when put to paper , are deceptive passages wherein the Colonists are always the aggrieved party forced to react to the nefarious actions of tyrants and brutes. The Government of the United States of America has played the “we are the victim” card unlike any nation on this Earth.

One of the First Nations leaders in those early years spoke to the differences between the written language and oral languagee. He remarked how important it was for a First Nations leader to speak his words clearly so that they were understood by the other party. Clarity of language was important to both parties so that they could each make informed decisions. He contrasted that with the written language used by the Colonists when they made treaties. He illustrated how one thing would be said verbally and agreed upon and then a few years later the same people would come back with the treaty written on paper and say the words meant something entriely else. (If you want an example of this see “The Second amendment” or just state a sentence and have people read it back using different tones or emphasizing different words. The meaning changes)

NPR broadcasters, Politicians and journalists in general all use the fact that most Americans believe their country is good, that shining city on the hill and a force for good. Therefore they immediately dismiss US wrongdoing as a mistake motivated out of a desire to do good whereas their rivals are always deliberate in their acts of evil. Virtually every politican one can name in the US feels this way. With things like "Remember the Maine’ , “Remember the Alamo” , “Pearl Harbor day” and “9/11 day” the US population is conditioned into victimhood and the USA is always the aggrieved party.


In view of the US’ track record of pre-emptive occupations and wars enabled by mainstream media (dating back at least to the nineteenth century when Hearst enabled the Spanish American War) there is no excuse for any media failing to put everything the gubmit says and does under a microscope priopr to drawing any conclusions.


During the first Iraq buildup, NPR was referred to as “National Pentagon Radio”.


NPR is unlistenable anymore.


Thank you Robert for your insightful article. Personally I have been dissecting mainstream propaganda most of my life and found the same methods you wrote about as the key to manipulating public opinion. However to define it as “disposition” and “situation” goes a long way in making the message easier for people to understand.
While the framing of all articles in the mainstream are done to create a corporate bias (I use the word ‘corporate’ due to the fact that it is corporations via the media and politics that push the false narrative), too many believe that all of the networks that are not part of the FOX news cycle, represent the ‘Left’. The success of the framing of these issues is easily recognized by the fact that so many Americans amongst the 99% actually believe that we have a ‘liberal’ media.
i agree with everything you wrote, but there are some other major methods used to distort the news. One of these is ‘distraction’ in which the media will downplay the significance of one issue, such as waging a new war, with “fluff” like the “breaking news” that another Kardashian has dropped a celebrity boyfriend or the excitement generated by a ‘Black Friday’ retail shopping extravaganza. By giving a retail event more coverage than the outbreak of a war, gives anyone that is watching the news the impression that the ‘war’ is not all that significant.
I really don’t see how Americans can alter this right-wing grip on the media, but perhaps eventually most Americans will learn to tune in to internet websites that offer either an unbiased version of the news or at least a left wing counter argument directed at the status quo. In any event, it is difficult for the average American to constantly decipher the propaganda that is fed to them.


“enabling” - yuppers… precisely the same terminology of co-dependent addiction.

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my feelings exactly. i’ve written them innumerable times to complain and accuse them of TRYING to get Dump elected or us into WWIII. no answers, of course. i also comment that i’m damn glad i’ve not given them any donation during their fund drives. asshats…