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When Reality Exceeds Satire


When Reality Exceeds Satire

John Atcheson

About 30 years ago, I tried to write a Swiftian satire. Nothing heavy, my target was designer jeans, which had become popular even though they used cheaper, thinner material than old-fashioned Levis, but charged more than 3 or 4 times their price. Did I say popular? Stores couldn’t keep them in stock.

So I made up a designer product that I thought was the ultimate in absurdity – jeans that had been worn by real cowboys, complete with patches, rips, and stains – sold at four times the price of Levis.


There is a lot going on here but probably the most important factor to explain this is racism and religioin. How did Trump and many of these Republicans who seem to have no interest in the fate of this country or the world win? Who would vote for these people who are more interested in winning elections than saving the planet from climate change? It seems that the voting base of these Republicans largely consists of angry white racists and angry white evangelicals. The former group is angry because the status of minorities is being raised and they are increasing in proportion to whites and the latter are angry that the country is becoming more secular and their religious beliefs are not dominant. By tying the Republican Party to racism and religion the Republicans have managed to stay in power with an agenda that serves nobody but the rich, racists, and religious zealots in the short run and nobody in the long run.


Excellent commentary John! I’ve got to sell my old 501 Levis!


Again I blame the democrats who are unable or unwilling to see the forest thru the trees or to see the needs of “we the people” who have been left behind, the poor and increasingly the middle class. Schumer is another wall street fat cat that can’t see the end of his nose even though he is experienced at legislating and would thru “we the people” some crumbs.

This is the party that anointed the most villified person over the last 30 years which some earned some not. What a blinders these dems wore when anointing Clinton.

I heard on abc this week from a radio guy who is in heartland and mentioned Indiana, Kentucky ad a couple of other states who are the normal Americans. Well, I live on the West Coast and I am a normal American who is lucky, I own my own home but have made other bad choices but buy luck I
will make it thru this atrocity only because I am old.

oh and because I was sane enough to never buy any of those designer jeans or other designer over priced articles that you mentioned.


IIRC, it was the president of CBS who excused their nearly 24/7 coverage of Tweetle-Dumb a year ago by saying something along the lines of, “He’s not good for America, but he’s damn good for CBS.”   And just
look at all the coverage Scatamucci (aka s’Moochie) is getting for his recent tirade, “Cluck, cluck, cluck –
how naughty!!” . . .


Clinton was vilified by the right and the more extreme left but was highly regarded among Democrats. What messed her up most was the e-mails. Even though she didn’t do anything wrong although putting the server in her house did not seem like a good idea it was a very confusing issue. Many people thought she violated a law which she didn’t. At the worst she did not follow some State Department procedures which her advisors should have explained to her. But with all the rumors and wrong information out there, no matter how many times she tried to explain the whole thing many people remained confused. Also, she was the victim of fake news that fooled people into believing she did serious criminal things. And there was also a lot of wrong information about the Clinton Foundation. And many people still believed she did something wrong regarding Benghazi when she didn’t. She still probably had won at not Trump been so successful in fooling people into thinking he supported many liberal things and that he going to get the big money people out of Washington. Basically he lied about all the things the people on the left agree with but did not lie about things that the right wants. It turned out he was an extreme right winger on everything.


Yeah the administration is stocked full of complete idiots that haven’t a clue of the disaster unfolding in slow motion as we all can see is happening now and for the foreseeable future. To continue to pump money into a dying fossil fuel industry, as Perry seems to be doing, is a fools errand. The continued poisoning/warming of Earth is hastening human and other more valuable species demise, yet the leadership is showing no signs of even concern let alone getting on board to mitigate this existential disaster before it’s really too late. I too have to view the antics with a satirical, cynical eye lest I have another major depressive episode as I experienced late last summer that landed me in a psych ward for 9 days. Now I laugh even if it really isn’t funny, for I still have a few good years left, I think.


Nonsense – unless you mean the Podesta e-mails that revealed how the DNC plotted against Bernie.  What messed her up was her palpable sense of privilege and her arrogance, even when running as a carpetbagger for the Senate in New York – as though she had been anointed by God to be Queen. And I’ll never forget that haughty look on her face the night she won enough votes (including the party-hack stupordelegates, of course) to clinch the DamnocRatic Primary and squawked, “I’m going to be the Candidate, and that’s that.”

The sooner she and her slimeball husband crawl back under their rock, and take Chelsea with them, the better.


To accompany the exquisite work of Donkey Hotey’s portrayal of the trio:


Hillary Clinton was a crap candidate! Accept that and move on! Same BS excuses!


Trump, the least Godly human ever to seek out and succeed at sitting in the Oval Office has in recent public utterance has begun to use the word “God” frequently. Considering what all he has said up until this recent conversion, this is living satire at its best, But many of his fsb club “base,” the people who respond to poster posts that say “Donald Trump id God’s choice to save America,” The satirically blind true believers will always manage to truly believe no matter how screwy it makes God seem to the rest of us.


I am not excusing the DNC. They should have remained neutral as they signed pledged to do. But what was in those e-mails had no real effect on the election. She ran a good campaign in the primaries. Had many good ads. Did well in the debates against Sanders who did not attack her on the e-mails. He said he didn’t give damn about them. She won twice in New York and was very popular in New York and still is. But unlike Bernie. Trump of course attacked her e-mails and that served as an issue to focus all the hate against her by the right. They hate liberals and Hillary Clinton is seen as icon for liberalism.


She isn’t the best campaigner and she admitted that. Certainly she doesn’t compare to Bill Clinton as a campaigner. But she had a lot of pluses. She was very experienced in government having served in Congress and in the executive branch. She is very smart which was obvious in the debates and the interviews she gave. I think was she lacked was clear reason for running. She had trouble articulating exactly what her goal was as president. Basically she was left saying that she wanted to advance the Obama agenda.


What a bunch of lies. She did not break the law according to Comey and he believed it made no sense to prosecute her. He did say she was careless which he had no business saying in his position and I don’t think that it was even true. None of the classified documents that she received were ever viewed by anybody without a security clearance. She received about 20 e-mails with classified material that were not marked classified in the heading as they should have been and three documents with classified material in the text which were marked with a “c” which she did not know meant classified; she thought it referred to an outline I believe. Two of those three were incorrectly marked classified because the material was not classified. The worst she did was not follow some State Department procedures which commonly happens. Not a big deal.


As page 11 of the FBI report says, there wasn’t anything illegal about using personal accounts in conducting business. The same page notes Powell basically told her how he avoided retaining his records, records she retained. After reading it, I felt it basically exonerated her. She certainly was held to a much different standard than her predecessors, the Bush administration, and the Trump administration is now.


Illegality, Immaturity, and Intentionally Idiocy.

This is the reality we are facing.

Nothing satirical about that.


That’s some kool-aid ya got there! The media frenzy on her email crap and Benghazi was a piece of the picture. Then there’s the Empire’s tool herself, Mz. Clinton. Her murderous meddling in other countries’ affairs and her being a bona fide hawk that even the damn Dems admitted…not to mention her disgusting hypocritical ties to BIG money…contributed a helluva lot to very grounded and experienced political watchers and activists saying no way they’d vote for her. Then add in her lying flip-flopping as Bernie “pushed her to the left.” The Dems friggin’ blew it…too bad wethepeople don’t deserve what their nefarious games brought upon amerika, the world, and the planet.

As for Drumpf and his swamp… I admit I grossly underestimated his evil and the puppeteers’ behind him. My bad. Not reading the right news sources, I guess. E.g., I’d never heard of the Mercers, 100% evil. Had the STOOPID Dems run Bernie, I’d have voted for him although the Greens embodied all I believe in.
(Please don’t misconstrue this to think I voted for Drumpf…never voted for a republithug and never will.)


John, I’m sorry to hear about the trip into darkness. I hope you’re on an even keel now, as much as possible considering what’s going on. Mental illness is a suffering that’s often unbearable…except for personality disorders and sociopathy like drumpf’s and his associates’. They make everyone else suffer while they’re gleeful about their misdeeds.

Segue to I don’t understand wtf these idiots like Pruitt and Perry think is going to happen. They really, really, truly don’t believe serious climate change is here, is disaster? They think some God will rescue the planet…or just them, the chosen? They’re all really psychotic? They’re in unbreakable denial?