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When Religious Ideology Drives Abortion Policy, Poor Women Suffer the Consequences

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/03/when-religious-ideology-drives-abortion-policy-poor-women-suffer-consequences

I’m old enough to remember pre-RoevWade in the US and I knew well-to-do girls and women from upper class families who were able to access abortions in safe medical sites, often out of the country, while lower-income girls and women, as many if not most students were in the sixties, had no recourse but dangerous expedients–The abortion debate has always been a class war of the privileged against the poor, disguised as religious or biological (“when does life begin”) a perfect example of “false consciousness” to use an out-dated term, one in which ideology appears as something that it’s not.


Close, but no Cigar — The ENTIRE WORLD suffers the consequences of GROSS OVERPOPULATION.

What happened to the recent CD piece concerning the Pope’s utterly hypocritical call to fight climate change?  We all know Global Warming is driven in large part by a GROSS overpopu- lation of humans, obviously resulting from the unholy catholic and funny-dementalist protestant churches’s virulent oppos- ition to family planning and birth control.

Story got too hot to handle when the truth started coming out???