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When Reporting on Global Crises Like the Amazon Fires, the Media Needs to Focus on Who’s Fighting Them

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/23/when-reporting-global-crises-amazon-fires-media-needs-focus-whos-fighting-them

Janine Jackson of FAIR appropriately calls out M$M for failing to link the Amazon Catastrophe to Bolsonaro. Does FAIR fail to link Bolsonaro to USAmerican meddling in Brazilian politics? While it’s good to focus on the fighters at the front, it’s also vital to remember the pushers at the back, who keep pushing more catastrophically with each passing season.


Insatiable want has reached epidemic among capitalists.

Regrettably, there is no cure. Science has no theories or suggestions and Religion has been thrown under the bus. Desire for infinite growth is the cause of impending extinction.

A trillion trees planted would do the trick but state governments like Massachusetts are promoting industrial scale logging in public parks, as the value of the dollar collapses and the public’s trees grow in value the trees are cut and privatized. States serve capitalists.

Salient fact; Family tree seedling farms are the optimum size; nursery tree production is ideal work that pays good.

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Criminal elements are running large portions of the show now, and this trend began in earnest in '63.

There is an increasing trend on the other side - our side - of recognizing that human and social justice lie at the heart of any and all ‘solutions’ to the environmental catastrophe now unfolding on planet Earth.

That’s an interesting way of addressing the problem, as justice is very different from law, implying as it does universal norms, norms that we are born with, in effect, inalienable rights & instincts.

This unfolding emphasis on the search for justice implies accurately that ‘injustice’ is now loose in the world and growing.

We are now being assaulted by criminal enterprises disguised as ‘business as usual’.

We must learn to distinguish between the real criminal elements and the normal people they are imitating.

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