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When Shooter Is White Male, Note Critics, Label of "Terrorist" Put on Hold


When Shooter Is White Male, Note Critics, Label of "Terrorist" Put on Hold

Sunday night's shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival left at least 58 people dead, making it the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history


Lone wolf? How come so impetuous? How could the Las Vegas police be so sure of that…so soon? At the very least, he was a lone wolf terrorist.


If it was determined that terrorist were operating in the U.S. the president might have to declare Martial Law and suspend civil liberties. I could be wrong of course. We all know there is increasing violence in all of its forms.


ISIS? Really? How “yesterday” is that? I here Rachel Maddow is going to have Morgan Freeman on her show tonight to discuss the Russian connection. Clearly this is a plot by Putin to undermine our faith in country music and to influence the voting at the next Country Music Awards.


The guy looks like an NRA drunken redneck member who is passing out at a gun show held by the Church of Demonic gun worshippers.


White guys can’t be terrorists don’t you know. They are simply lone wolfs acting in a crazy manner beyond their own control and are an anomaly. Nothing to worry about, all is well in the USA. Now go back to sleep and buy more guns.


TIME to get on this tragedy and march like townspeople carrying torches at night onto the White House lawn. Wouldn’t hurt to bring along some open/carry licensed gun nutz in case things get a little heated.


The only thing missing is a few innocent freshly killed animals with their killers taking pictures of them hugging and caressing their fresh kill.


If memory serves, there was a lot of unfounded allegation in the media about “Islamofascist terrorism” in the immediate aftermath of the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City; a number of people either Muslim or perceived as Muslim were attacked, a few fatally. Only after it was learned that the perps were white, buzz-cut, corn-fed Gulf War vets did the word “terrorism” fade to black.

From KKK lynchings in the early 20th century to the murder by auto of Heather Hyer, any discussion of the possible existence of white male Christofascism has been taboo.


Who gives a FF what it’s called? It’s ALL terrorism! By the definition of the law any act of violence that results in death, mayhem and destruction is terrorism. Yet the SJWs are more concerned with being politically correct and the press not using any naughty terms to describe a nutcase of mass destruction than horror and outrage at this senseless loss of human life. Everybody wants to whine and play the victim. I say have armed guards at public functions and schools, at the first act of hostility, no matter what color, take them out. If they know they’re going to be killed before they kill someone else, there would be no more of these heinous attacks. Who gives a shit if these killers are called Muslim or white gun nuts? It’s ALL terrorism. But I guess it’s more important to the finger pointing whiners to play the blame game. I guess labels are more important to them than the senseless loss of life.


Exactly. The act was terrorism, and the shooter was a terrorist. How can they deny that just by the color of the shooter’s hand? Shooting a bunch of people like that is terrorism no matter what color their skin and no matter which gender they are.


Hello MJS, On Staten we have Fresh Kills! Maybe the killers can go there instead. One of the best features of the Fresh Kills area is the Landfill/Dump! Can smell Fresh Kills for miles on many of the fragrant days!!! A photo of the garden spot of Fresh Kills. http://c8.alamy.com/comp/AT1KD8/the-fresh-kills-landfill-in-staten-island-in-new-york-city-AT1KD8.jpg The joys of warm summer days!!! lol


Our country continues to devolve, hugely abetted by heinous acts like this, the NRA and Don the Con.


Agree. And why was Timothy McVeigh never called a terrorist?


This guy sure must have had some help getting all those long rifles up 32 floors.


I’m not clear. Should we buy the guns while we’re sleeping or when we’re awake?


Drones are not white and they are not terror, go figure.


According to the news he was an accountant and had worked at Lockheed Martin. No arrests and no history of violence. He liked to gamble and country- western shows.


Having armed guards at schools or public functions would keep few people safe while allowing more “lone wolfs” the chance to kill large numbers of people. The nonsense of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun went out of vogue in the 1880’s for good reason, too many innocent people being killed. When all someone has to do is point at someone they don’t like and scream gun then we have turned into a country completely filled with hate filled cowards. There is a time amd a place for trained and competent armed cops to be around but arming most everybody merely increases the chances of far more deaths, not fewer.


Well DUH! White men are in charge, ergo, there will be no white male terrorists. Cognitive dissonance writ large.