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When Silencing Dissent Isn’t News


When Silencing Dissent Isn’t News

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Robert Parry

What if Martin Luther King Jr. had been arrested in Birmingham, Alabama, in April 1963 and the U.S. news media had decided that it wasn’t a story, just some troublemaker getting what he deserved for breaking the law? Would King have gone on to give his “I have a dream speech” in August, win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 and change American history?

Some Americans would insist that suppressing news about King’s arrest during the Birmingham protests simply couldn’t happen here because we have a free press that – for all its faults – knows a good story when it sees one.


We have liberal media only at the very margins of our society. Our society is ruled by two right wings of the same party.

The NY Times has no interest in responsible reporting. James Risen was a fluke, and they still haven’t figured out how to politely dump him. Besides, he does give them cover for all the reactionary pulp fiction they love to publish.

They recently had their senior editor apologize in public for the paper having been alarmingly remiss during the runup to the Iraq war (they were stauch cheer leaders instead of thoughtful questioners).

When are they planning to course correct away from that avoidance of being a competent public servant?


Fascists don’t like being questioned, and (news) organizations don’t like admitting fascists exist and rule here.
McGovern being arrested in this year, and being forcibly removed from a public speech reminds me of Ralph Nader being forcibly removed from a presidential debate in Boston during the 2000 campaign. Even though he had ballot status in most US states as the Green Party candidate, he wasn’t allowed to even be a spectator in the audience.
I also remember not reading that story in the main stream news.


There is no liberal media.The MSM is unquestionably conservative, pro-business, pro-government policy (whatever it may be).

The notion of a liberal media is a concerted conservative propaganda obfuscation.


Parry seems naïve in asking how “the authorities” knew that Mr. McGovern would be attending. What part of the Homeland Security Stasi State did he miss?

And as for stories that lack coverage, topping the list should be the FACTS about global warming,
added to the insidious new trade pacts being formulated by mega-corporations behind closed doors.
These treaties will render null and void the established environmental and labor laws of sovereign nations.

Now, THAT is a story!

Also missing is any honest connecting of dots between the deregulatory craze that Reagan ushered in with his demonizing government sermons, and the proven fact that enormous sums of wealth have now made their way to the tippy top of the fiduciary “food chain.”

Parry is right on the mark when it comes to exposing the Official Narrative being used to prompt Russia into a hot, rather than cold war over Ukraine. He could be more probing about the seminal Official Story that launched the neocons wet dream–in the form of permanent war and a reciprocal doubling down on Civil Liberties.

This is just the beginning of penalizing dissent.

… :“First they came for…” style.


To Phasor:

This point cannot be made often enough… as if a parade of generals called onto all the news and talk programs was in any way, shape, or form “liberal” with pro-peace activists made conspicuous BY their absence from said venues.


And they repeated that same idiocy with the Green Party candidates in 2011 – holding them away from one of the debates by zip-cuffing them to chairs while the debate between Robme and Bush-dark were telling lies to get elected.


Siouxrose11 wrote:

‘Parry seems naïve in asking how “the authorities” knew that Mr. McGovern would be attending. What part of the Homeland Security Stasi State did he miss?’

Except that Robert Parry didn’t ask the above.


the NYT has been outed for the zionist rag they truly are…the takeover of the middle east for oil is a given. If only the Times was honest enough to admit it. But that would entail revealing the real perpetrators of 911 in their own backyard, and that will never happen.


It’s despicable what our news media have descended into - propaganda rags without a whit of shame in posturing as members of a ‘free press’ when it suits their masters. Thank you Robert Parry for focusing attention onto this journalistic omission.


Ray McGovern is a true American hero and the fact that his brutal arrest went unreported speaks volumes. I’m glad Parry reminded us of just how bad things have gotten in the ‘free’ press.

Now that comments are back it seems appropriate to mention my most seen comment on CD. I had commented on a piece by McGovern in CD ("“More U.S. Soldiers Die in Vain,”) and he quoted from the comment and used it as the theme in another column he wrote (“Lemmingly, We Roll Along”).

Reading his column with that quote was my best internet experience ever.


The NYPD Chief should resign over this travesty. As for the MSM “black out”, I’d expect nothing less. The main issue now should be a quest to find out who ordered the mugging of Ray McGovern.


Dissent is fine, nay, even encouraged and applauded… as long as it remains ineffective. It serves to perpetuate the illusion of democracy, where there is none. Once dissent threatens to reveal the abuses and crimes of empire and the oligarchy, the storm troopers come out in force…


This article was about ray McGovern, not you.


Maybe my knowledge of history is not correct, but did the media in 1863 give that much attention to MLK’s arrest in 1963?


McGovern … called me the day before the event and said he planned to attend Petraeus’s speech … to ask a question from the audience, like he had in challenging Rumsfeld.

But someone in authority apparently got wind of McGovern’s plan

DUH! He used the PHONE to call didnt he? Who would imagine that Ray’s phone would not be tapped?


“But someone in authority apparently got wind of McGovern’s plan”


Why should we let the Y get away with this crap? They pretend to serve the local community but which community do they really serve? Their guest presenters should be invited to back off from them.