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When Students Stay Up All Night Playing Fortnite and You’ve got to Teach Them in the Morning


When Students Stay Up All Night Playing Fortnite and You’ve got to Teach Them in the Morning

Steven Singer

There is something monstrously unfair about our teacher evaluation systems.

If your students fail because they were up all night playing video games, it’s your fault.


When students fail at academic tasks, there is no responsibility attributed to the students, no responsibility attributed to the parents and certainly no responsibility given to society.


Great piece, Mr. Singer. I appreciate a good article about the important things going on around us daily, that do not involve Trump, Russia, Guns or Elections,


Regarding “fortnight”. I don’t think a British person would appreciate you referring to a word they use all the time as “antiquated”.


Actually the Fayette County school system in Lexington, Kentucky has an agricultural magnet school where the kids do raise animals (I saw sheep, cows, pigs and horses on my tour) and a nursery and aquaponics system where they raise plants and fish to sell. But yes, that’s rare. The facility is also solar powered and designed to be carbon neutral as possible. Very neat. But I’m sure something like that is very rare.


As some who has and still does play video games as their primary hobby articles like these are a bitter pill to swallow. I fortunately am able to discipline myself to balance this hobby and my responsibilities but I hear far too many stories of people who are less disciplined becoming addicted.

The worst part is, the video game industry loves to exploit these kinds of people especially those who have even less fiscal responsibility, with having additional costs for virtual items, even if the game itself is full priced. The cynical big players in the industry want their certain game to be something like a full time job for their customers, except the customers are the ones paying for the privilege. In a sense it is very much like gambling except with no chance of physical money rewards.

It is a real shame because like with other forms of media who also have become cynical cash grabs, video games don’t have to follow the same path. They, especially with games made by independent creators not tied to a company, can tell really interesting stories in a really engaging way. It is just a shame that like very much with other forms of media such as TV and movies they have become devices for the rich to exploit the poor through a particular brand they might like.