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'When the 99% Stand Together, We Can Transform Society': More Than 11,000 Rally for Sanders in Colorado

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/17/when-99-stand-together-we-can-transform-society-more-11000-rally-sanders-colorado


I just checked the websites of the major news outlets. You would swear that someone named Bernie Sanders doesn’t exist.


These so-called “major outlets” will eventually jump on board the Sanders train, or they will disappear. The people have caught on to their bullshit.


"Sen. Bernie Sanders make the case for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, a $15 federal minimum wage, and systemic reforms to end “a corrupt political system in which billionaires buy elections.”

Be afraid, d dump!!!


There is hope people, hope in Bernie Sanders! Just let’s not blow this opportunity…


Wonderful news to start my day!
Way to go, Colorado!
Thank You for the report, CD!
President Bernie Sanders 2020!


In a perfect world, yes, but here on Earth billionaires like Bloomberg control the narrative. Anyone care to bet how long it will be before Facebook and Twitter ban reports supportive of Bernie?


There’s a story about his fight to persuade unions in NV that Medicare for All is important on the front page of the NYTimes. Been there since last night.


“Kelly Canfield, a 57-year-old business analyst from Denver who attended the rally Sunday, says he is heartened that Sanders’ progressive agenda has gone mainstream despite continued efforts to paint the senator’s candidacy and policy proposals as fringe.

“It’s about time,” Canfield said. “None of it is radical. To me, if the Democratic Party picks Bernie, it’s more like going home, to FDR, instead of running to the right like they have been. This is as American as apple pie.”

And will the lying, obfuscating corporate media report comments like the one from Mr. Canfield? If Mr. Canfield was a Buttigieg supporter or a Bloomberg supporter, the corporate media would be in unison, quoting Mr. Canfield and describing him as a regular American, a business analyst with a wife and kids. They’d show up at his house and do a short video clip of him eating apple pie while singing the praises of ButtBerg.

But no, Mr. Canfield is a Bernie supporter. The monopoly infotainment media will NEVER allow the obvious connection to be made: Bernie and his policies ARE as American as apple pie.


“This is a campaign by the working class, of the working class, and for the working class,” Sanders told the crowd in Denver.

Right you are, Bernie. Now, it is also a supreme test for the so called “democratic” party if they are actually democratic. To use the adjective “democratic” as the description of your party when you have clearly favored neo-liberalism (liberals who contradict themselves in their embrace of the “free” market while seeing people remain in chains) is rather mendacious.

Tomorrow let’s remember is super Tuesday–make a donation to the Sanders Campaign if you can !


I note the comment of an attendee stating some consider Bernie’s positions ‘fringe’. This will become the neo-liberal/republican main attack … his positions are fringe. This will particularly allow the neo-dems to paint Bernie as ‘fringe’ without actually saying his name.

Bernie’s counter campaign should be to smear paint the oligarchs buying Petey and Bloom buying the DNC (paid $300,000 for a debate spot) as the extreme fringe.

Mentioning Bloomberg … ask yourself how f***up the so-called dems that revel in a republican oligarch, sawed off Napoleon wannabe, racist liar is in the Democrat Primary. But I digress.


What is wonderful about Bernie is that he is actually giving voice to the best in every human being while Trump gives voice to the basest in human beings. Two populists but very different intentions.

Bernie 2020!


I’d be thrilled to see Bernie and AO-C carve out time for a rally supporting Jessica Cisneros down in TX-28. Hey hey, ho ho, Henry Cuellar has gots to go. Cuellar ran an attack ad on Cisneros, a fellow Democrat, because she’s pro-choice. I’ll bet 10,000 would show up at a rally before the upcoming Dem primary there.


Bernie who??

I hope you are right, but I suspect they will fight to the bitter (in their opinion) end; including fighting Bernie even if he is the nominee against Trump. With Trump in a second term, their gravy train continues unabated. And after Bernie becomes president, they will fight against his agenda tooth-and-nail. I knew the media in this country was corrupt and working against the people, but I had no idea it was this bad. The corruption and lying is so pervasive that I firmly believe this is our last chance to save any semblance of democracy or collapse into complete and irreversible oligarchy and fascism. We are already 80% there.


There’s a problem when believing a candidates proposals aren’t radical even though they project levels of production that are several magnitudes greater than what humanity has ever achieved.

It’s great if you want to shoot for the stars, but it’s ignorant if you think these policies are statistically achievable.

It has already begun. Jimmy Dore did a segment about how his post was kicked back as unacceptable. Buttigieg was a good friend of Zuckerberg’s roommate at Harvard and they attended at the same time. We are being throttled at every turn. Bernie can only win with massive turnout and activism. He has a very committed people working for him. The turnout has not been good enough in Iowa and NH.


First they came for the Trumpians …

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You had me until that last sentence, which is reminiscent of Hillary Clinton in 2016. Some of that “trash” will be voting for Sanders over Trump in November, and I welcome them to the revolution.


As I did paperwork this morning I had the tv on and just got to listen to Stephanie Millers latest passive aggressive diatribe against Bernie Sanders and his his followers.
When she says “vote blue no matter who” you can literally hear the word “but” about to pop out of her mouth.
There are literally two different kinds of democrats these days. The majority, that want the party to go back to 1964, when social security had taken hold of America p, and Medicare, Medcaid, and the civil rights act were changing the social fabric of America, and the corporate minority, that want to travel back to 2016.