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When the Activists Stop the Mine; The Battle over Norwegian Fjord


When the Activists Stop the Mine; The Battle over Norwegian Fjord

Ragnhild Freng Dale

As the Heathrow 13 escape prison after direct action to stop a 3rd runway, climate activists in Norway face a lawsuit for blocking a mining company’s drilling site. Civil disobedience is quickly becoming an important tool for the environmental movement.


Beautiful resistance!

We can look forward to, and join in, constant escalation of mass nonviolent resistance, from now forward.

Only direct resistance is our hope for turning off the road to ecological and civilizational mass extinction.

Look for the global week of nonviolent climate resistance in May 2016.


Just for Human Interest - here are a couple of videos posted with English captioning
Fisk For Førdefjorden #1
Fisk For Førdefjorden #2

The fiscal mandates for 'constant growth' have rendered corporations utterly dependent on devising schemes of manipulating data - especially in the Environmental Impact Reports for large scale hydroelectric, agribusiness, mining and infrastructure projects - to maximize 'externalized costs'.

These patterns have become institutionalized practice world wide. For instance, with hydroelectric dams in the Amazon, the soils are high in mercury, which remains inert unless disturbed by the large scale disruptions. It then becomes toxic and enters the food cycle. Mercury contamination in the Environmental Impact Reports filed for government approval, measured mercury in the water - which of course, prior to disturbance was negligible.

Apparently one research biologist went to the area around the Balbina hydroelectric dam and studied the presence of mercury by testing the hair of the women in the region. By measuring the concentrations the length of the hair strand, they were able to conclude that that there was "an explosion" in mercury concentration in the bodies of the women following Balbina going online. The EIR had measured mercury in the water, NOT the fish, which is staple diet for the people in the region.

Another example is research by biologist Philip Fearnside whose investigations revealed that the claims of low levels of methane emissions from hydroelectric dams were the result of poor research. This is now becoming recognized world wide as a profound concern. Sold as 'clean' energy, hydroelectric dams are major emitters of methane.

So, kudos and much gratitude to all of those who bring their gracious energy and dedication to making these deluded interests face the incontrovertible research and light of day. All of us benefit. Thank you.


"Yesterday, Nordic Mining told the media they were suing the protestors individually for the losses incurred from the delayed drilling. “A disgrace”, claims the leader of YFoE, Ingrid Skjoldvær, and says the moral conviction of the protestors comes from a responsibility to future generations, rather than the company’s short-term hunt for profits concentrated on very few hands."

This is what TIPP and TPP intend to instill as the new Legal Normal: any offender of nature, labor, and sentient life will turn matters around so that the principled protector of these valuable entities is framed as the criminal!

These new trade "laws" were dreamt up to protect trespassers and tie the hands of those brave enough to oppose their abuses.


The Corporate Person provides "limited liability" for all crimes, shielding the human persons who comprise the boards of directors, managers, and stockholders.

Individual humans who stand up to the machine, are provided no such liability shield.