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'When the Country Needed Leadership Trump Turned Off the Lights': White House Goes Dark as Protests Over Killing of George Floyd Rage Across DC

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/01/when-country-needed-leadership-trump-turned-lights-white-house-goes-dark-protests

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“Trump and some of his advisers calculated that he should not speak to the nation because he had nothing new to say and had no tangible policy or action to announce yet.”

Advisers advise: STFU! Best news I’ve heard in weeks. Hitler cannot calm the nation with a national address, he’s busy shuddering in his bunker with Eva, crying out “They’re coming for me, Jared!”


We in Canada have our own political problems like, " our Prime Minister kidnapping Chinese CEO’s" but…who is advising President Donald Trump?

Mr. Blair M. Phillips

Kushner. Hardly anyone else left, down there in that (quite dark) bunker with him, aside from Eva.

Jared Kushner, he of the Sidam touch (reverse Midas), remains to whisper in the lunatic’s ear.

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“Late Friday, according to the Times, the president was rushed by Secret Service agents to a secure underground bunker as protests erupted outside of the White House.”

Typical bully/coward behaviour.


“Cancel my subscription to the Resurrection
Send my credentials to the House of Detention
I got some friends inside .”

Doors - when the music’s over (turn out the lights)


Trump has the best polling data (which by the way Paul Manafort was sharing with the Russians…)
So Trump knows how hated he is. His staff know how hated they are and I’ll bet the People are taking pot shots at the White House which is why the lights are off.


Wow, great reference.
Now I’ll be pulling that album out later while I finish my paperwork.
A little “Peace Frog” may go a long way today as well.
“Blood in the streets it’s up to my ankles.
Blood in the streets it’s up to my knees…”

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They might have to turn out the lights over at Capitol Hill as well. The Supreme Court and M$MBS too, what the hell. They’ve all screwed up big time, this time, and sparked a revolution.

Economic and racial oppression in America has finally reached a boiling point. Systemic change will take a systemic realignment of the economic and political structure in the United States. Despair may be driving some of these acts, from the arsons to the broken windows. Yet, it is the underlying racial and class dynamics, the consequence of being a conquered population, that will continue to fuel the rebellion—a serious and extended uprising that no imposed curfew from a city mayor will be able to curtail for very long.

It’s a Class War Now, Too
by Joshua Frank

On December 18, 2010, in Tunisia, one man named Mohamed Bouazizi got the ball rolling, for awhile.


The message? White supremacy your days are numbered along with your system of exploitation.

From The NY Times:


Cities on Edge as Fires Burn Near White House

Nationwide demonstrations resume, officials in several states reinforce their National Guard presence and anger mounts at increasingly aggressive tactics by the police.

“We in America should not get used to or accept uniformed service members of any variety having to be put in a position where they are having to secure people inside the United States of America,” General Carden said. “While we are honored to do it, this is a sign of the times that we have to do better as a country.”

Protests have now spread to London and Berlin.


Fires light up Washington DC on third night of George Floyd protests

Sunday evening’s demonstrations began peacefully but deteriorated into firecrackers, tear gas and multiple fires

‘We’re Witnessing The Collapse Of The Legitimacy Of Leadership,’ Warns Cornel West

West slammed the “vicious legacy of white supremacy” and “legalized looting” as America turned out to protest George Floyd’s death for another night.



Harvey Wasserman had a great line: His Pestilency is “our Imperial Vulture come home to roost.”

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For some time I have been wondering just how much suffering and injustice we have had to suffer but particularly people of color to overthrow this system of inequality as many of us have resisted total, non cooperation. It took SARS-CoV-2, an egomaniac to be in the WH, and the obtuseness of not just the “Democratic” leadership but the entire neoliberal agenda to become crystal clear.


What a wuss–One of the safest places to be in this country and he’s cowering in the cellar with two people he couldn’t care less about: Melania and that forgotten son, Barron. A safe bet would be he wanted Ivanka to be there and comfort him, cheer him up, and stop him from crying, shaking, and messing his underwear. Outside instigators are being blamed for the escalation of violence and destruction, and those newcomers have nothing to do with a belief in social injustice, black injustice, or police brutality. Those are enlisted from corporations, the moneyed elite, with a whole different agenda, and DeVos and her family are admitted backers, and have made no secret of it. These are people who have no belief a composite of social capitalism, or socialism–Very successful; elsewhere, but not here.


This might be the time to occupy Wall Street.


It is time to rapidly begin the shift from a thing-oriented society to a person-oriented society. When machines, computers, oil profit and property rights, are considered more important than people, the sickness of racism, extreme materialism, and militarism are incapable of being addressed


Took a look around me to see which way the Wind blows…

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Another great one.

Farmer Donnie, grim reaping what he grim sowed.

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Our cowardly lion president may need to hide out in his bunker for a long time. It looks like the protests are spreading faster-going world wide now- than the virus. Yes, that virus -his preceding disastrous blunder. It’s a fact - meaning a fact based in reality - that this so called president is a danger to society in terms of health, safety and morality domestically and globally. May he hide in his bunker and released into prison when he is voted out in November.


Trump and the rest of our elected leaders (Congress) are either in the basement, the VP bunker or their panic rooms.