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When the 'Facts' Are Not Facts At All, and the Cops Are Killing Black Children


When the 'Facts' Are Not Facts At All, and the Cops Are Killing Black Children

Another child dead, another grievous hashtag, another police narrative that defies belief. Police in Columbus, Ohio say one of their own fatally shot 13-year-old Tyre King "multiple times" after he "pulled a gun from his waistband" when he was chased by police after a reported armed robbery of $10. But the "gun" turned out to be a BB gun and the "facts" are hotly disputed. Except this one from the mayor: "There is something wrong in this country."


I know what's wrong.... Abuse of authority for along with racism....


It interesting to note that In Japan children still play with guns. Many of the guns look realistic. They play with them on streets and in the schools.

They are not being shot by the police.


If the facts (that he pointed a gun at police) turn out to be true then the shooting was justified.


Absolutely correct. What kind of 13 year old is stupid enough to pull a gun out and aim it at police who are chasing him. By 13 most boys are going through puberty and just one year away from going to high school--it's an age by which they should know better than to do such a foolish thing.


Please. It strains all credibility to believe that a 13 year old boy who is running from police would pull out a BB gun and point it at them! Whether the police believed it was a 'real' weapon or not - Tyre knew what he had! This supposedly 'justifiable' shooting stinks of lies and cover-up.

Any officer who is 'mysteriously' not wearing a body cam when shooting a civilian should be punished. Say, an automatic 90 days in jail without pay. Or we could bring back stockades again to provide sufficient humiliation. Instead we feel sorry for the 'poor cop'.

These cases keep happening, and will keep happening, until police responsible for killing innocent people are charged with murder.


thanks for setting us straight with your pronouncement.


Also, the police were pursuing suspects for the theft of $10? Does this justify running down a 13-year-old, prepared to shoot, in the first place?


We're the US. We're exceptional!


If Trump wins, I think we will see more of this. It won't stop there: environmental/social activists, homosexuals (both genders, but mainly male), all other ethnic minorities, poor people, students, etc.


You are full of shit, copsucker...


Because Fascism reigns in amerikkka?


Hence I said "if true".