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When the Invisible Hand Gives You the Finger

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/04/02/when-invisible-hand-gives-you-finger


For those that can not find toilet paper on their grocery store no worries. Apparently if you sit on the toilet long enough the invisible hand will wipe that backside for you.

It should come as no surprise that most of those that advance this “invisible hand” nonsense also believe that GOD is this guy with a white beard gazing down on the world and blessing those he deems worthy by making them white and making them rich.


No I will not willingly get a “job” that includes infectious diseases, shitty bosses, low pay in a non-union place so rich people can keep getting richer while older people work themselves into the grave for something as degenerate and despicable as un-fettered capitalism. No thanks, let the “Patriots for Prosperity” have my place in their fever dreams.


Very accurate, and the first paragraph is very funny ! Thanks.


Excellent article !

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This mess was set in stone back in 1980 when the US elected as nasty a bunch of neo-liberal cunts as you could possibly fear. Ever since then, it’s been every person for themselves. However…pandemics, especially as big as this one, will wipe out most of these people as well. Wait until Easter Sunday, when the megachurches are crammed to the rafters with people. Watch Trump and family attend one. Watch Covid-19 go on a feeding frenzy. Let me add, watch Trump start war with Iran on Good Friday for the weekend bump. Find a cave with a good water supply and a cache of food at least a hundred miles away from any other human. Wait a year or so before coming out and seeing what both Black Elk and Wovoka foresaw…no white men and some buffalo returning…


From the article:

“…shortages of masks, ventilators and hospital beds are presented ahistorically, as though there is no cause; problems to be solved, but problems somehow without origins.”

“Problems have a history.”
–Tariq Ali


For the past four decades the GOP has been doing revisionist history better than even Hitler ever did and will be amping that action up as the downward spiral accelerates.


When push comes to shove

Guess who ends up at the bottom of the cliff


as long as americans as a collective lack basic critical thinking skills, they will continue the slow meandering walk into the corporate buzzsaw- while lacking even the most basic question. is capitalism actually good, healthy, fair, humane, or just?


Wait until the billionaires lose a large percentage of their workers and a large percentage of their customers. How many of them will suddenly no longer be billionaires?

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Well that got a good chuckle from me. I guess I will have to wait a long time for that invisible hand to wipe my a$$.


I would say that the everyone for themselves was well entrenched before the US was a country. The US has always been about the rich and screw the poor.


Grandma got corona virus this year
'cause money’s more important than disease
You many say that she just did her duty
but as for me and grampa we just grieve
-Grandma got run over by a reindeer dark parody


It is tacitly implied in the writings described here (beautifully reviewed by the writer) that the current system is not to be challenged, preempting any revelations or discussions we might have about how we’d like to see this cannibalistic system change. This is gaslighting, done entirely on purpose by the likes of the Times, the Post and all of cable news. The masses are being constantly brainwashed by this, socially shamed into going along with the notion that ‘this is just how it is, no real reason.’
Perhaps best to fight this is with the only thing the enemy understands: money. Drop subscriptions to/stop watching these propaganda organs so that they lose their power over us. If money is all they understand, it’s time to deny them any of it. We deserve far better than the die-for-dollars mess this country has become. If only we would come together to demand it.


Brava, and thank you.

Q: When DOES the invisible hand give you the finger?
A: Always.

This is the first article on CD to which I could honestly give a “like” to every preceding comment. It is also the most astute and coherent summary take-down of the pure evil of Capitalism I have ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot and made a good many of my own. Here is a recent one, a definition of the term in response to the many comments about “reformed” or “regulated” Capitalism through last fall’s phony political “debates”:

Capitalism: A system of political economy designed expressly to allow persons willing to utilize it to extract from society and the Earth great wealth in the form of money, which previously had not been considered wealth at all, to the detriment of the planet and all who failed to take advantage of it.

Last fall even people I know knew better were nattering about some imaginary “kinder, gentler” version of Capitalism which by definition is not regulated in any way. The two quotes in the first paragraph of the article are directly from Smith’s major work, An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of The Wealth of Nations, p. 485 in the popular Cannan Edition. While waxing poetic about the (benevolent) “invisible hand” (of Divine Providence), Adam Smith also mentioned certain roles for government in society, such as defending it militarily, so served by the body politic instead of providing service to the body politic. Smith, a professor of moral philosophy, should have known better.

(The word “capitalism” was not coined until 1877, “economy” in its present meaning of the institution within society by which humans meet our needs and wants later than that, possibly around 1890 when the word “economics” was coined by Alfred Marshall, but more likely later than that.)

Coincidentally, “TWON,” as it is commonly called, was published in 1776.


Perhaps we can hope that by way of this “die-for-dollars mess,” supported by the public outcry that seems to be developing in this venue and numerous others, some of these fossil fools will come to realize that all of their newly minted money would be worthless without us to provide them with commodities to spend it on.


One can hope. Because that really is true. (Fossil fools - love that.) It’s hard to see, while quarantined, just how much of our thinking might be coalescing at the moment. But we’ll see where we are when we’re allowed to congregate again.
For my own part, I speak the truth as I see it whenever an opportunity for dialogue arises. Some are open minded. Many are not. There is a real fear of (social status, monetary) loss in challenging the core belief system that the Times, Post, etc. gaslight us into accepting. But I’ve moved from allowing folks to shame me about disagreeing (a mindless repeat of their abuse) to challenging their perceived wisdom with facts as I know them, and not backing down. Still, minds blown. And some hatred about it, too. This is the danger of our current highly-propagandized moment.


It’s nice to see a furious woman using the c word on those who deserve it. P. C. politeness has effectively removed “dick” as an epithet, gee I wonder why. But at least us goils can still use our word. Boys, don’t even try!!! Moreover, I only use “woman” abvisedly. I loathe that word. Myself, I like girl. Girls rock, girls rule, they haven’t submitted to being called woe-men, they still have that 6th grade fire that demands to know WHY they should submit to their inferiors just to get a date, ( and believe me, every 6th grade girl knows boys are inferior), and girls are ready to side with their best girlfriends when the going gets tough. And boys, this is not “man-hating”. It’s sisterhood. Try some brotherhood and you’ll recognize it.


fasc, I totally agree except that I want to limit the zombie brain to the Yuppies. Those born between1958 and 1974. The ones who adored Clinton, the bj boy, and climbed the corporate ladder at any cost. I watched them dismantle FDR’s programs with their little computer brains and war mentalities so they could go jogging, hire a nanny, drive a Volvo, drink espressos by the millions, and shop shop shop. They are a repulsive bunch and at 62 to 46, they are the petty functionaries to the plutocrats whom they all wish to emulate. Outside that pus-filled population bulge, we Americans are actually good, smart people, fighting for unions, climate, our kids, the disabled and aged, peace, an end to empire and Corporate capitalism. We just can’t get the Congress to pay any attention to us because— see above. AOC, Courage to Change, The Squad, Our Revolution, Bernie, they are the beginning, but only the beginning. I’m in it for the long haul. I hope you are too.