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When the Night Comes, Where Syrian Children Sleep


When the Night Comes, Where Syrian Children Sleep

As a rabid right and fear-mongering corporate media foment hysteria over ravaged refugees from a war we helped create, Swedish photographer Magnus Wennman documents the grim reality faced each night by thousands of Syrian children camped - on asphalt, in forests, beset by nightmares - across Europe. See what they're fleeing in video of air strikes in Aleppo taken by the head of Shahba Press; he was killed "trying to tell the story of his country to the world."


May the world awaken tomorrow with more:
and, Open DOORS.
Easy to have when things are easy, and good, and safe.
Therefore, also less meaningful.
But when it is hard, or scary, or risky
is exactly when we are CALLED upon to act.


Barbaric US pirates attack weak and mostly rural countries all over the world because they are cowards.


Amazing that there are so few comments - did anyone visit the linked site? Or was everyone crying too much to type a comment?


I haven't any nerve to watch the links yet…


Lamar (the girl in the photo) is a refugee from Middle East conflicts America inflamed under false pretenses… Lies.
(A majority of ISIS creators were brought together in US internment camps in Iraq.)
Of course, she cannot seek refuge at the Bush or Cheney house… or at any home of the scores of spineless American politicians who sealed her fate years ago.
Many of those cowards are still in office… Screaming anew how we should spy, militarize, and conquer our world into a ‘safer place’. (Just being a ‘better neighbor’ is an concept unable to be processed by the ‘winner-take-all’ / ‘I-got-mine-you-get-yours’ breed.)
The reason they are against a World Court – the most reasonable solution to logically and rightfully unite worldwide humanitarian interests against terrorism – is because they would be among the first to be criminally charged.
And since they are the pimps of our media, we are screwed.
Maybe we should just throw Lamar into the sea.


It took a long time, a lot of death and a lot of repression before the world finally awoke to the threat of Nazism and the rise of the Third Reich. Small countries went down like nine-pins. German people lost their civil rights due to, amongst other things, the Reichstag fire. Set by the SS and blamed on a Dutch Communist, the level of fear was ramped up against Communism. The Enabling Acts cancelled out the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the Wiemar Republic.
* I am seeing signs that We the People of the World are finally figuring out what is happening with the new Fourth Reich. Ever more surveillance and repression of the people and of dissent. Ever widening wars carried out by what has become the largest and most deadly Wehrmacht the world has ever seen. We are rapidly approaching the point of having to ask, "Where are any of the children going to sleep?" In nation after nation, the people are being bombed, droned, forced to flee their home and country, only to find that the next country and the next are also being bombed and droned by the Fourth Reich and its criminal Axis of Evil that slaughters at its wish and is supplied by the Reich whatever they want or need to carry out their part in the Reich's plan of "Full Spectrum Domination."
* The only people I know of that approve of the Reich's actions are the uber-wealthy that thrive on war, arms sales and the rape of resources that exist in the ravaged nations.
* Most of the "common people" that exist in the Reich are suffering from enforced poverty and hardships and homelessness. However, many of them have the humane wish to help their fellow creatures, driven from their homes.
* The Reich is mounting a tremendous propaganda campaign to make people fear even the thought of giving aid, of giving children a place to sleep without the sounds of Hellfire missiles, bombs and small-arms fire.
* When will the Fourth Reich invade its "Poland" and awaken the world as the Third Reich did in 1939?
* Meanwhile, where indeed will the children sleep?