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When the People Lead, Leaders Follow—Lessons From the Fight to Impeach and Remove Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/14/when-people-lead-leaders-follow-lessons-fight-impeach-and-remove-trump

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I had to read all the way through to the last paragraph before finding this nugget:

“We will continue to call on Congress to pass articles of impeachment for all of Trump’s crimes.”

I’m glad the author mentioned this, as the first few paragraphs seemed to be laying Twump’s (fake) acquittal at the R-contolled Senate’s doorstep; in fact, the inability–or refusal–of Pelosi’s House majority to send more than two articles of impeachment is equally responsible.

Yes, there’s still plenty of time to pass more articles–if only there were the political courage to do so.


This article doesn’t offer much more than re-joining the Resistance ™, that is the Dem Party Establishment’s channeled and really fake opposition to Trump. If they really wanted impeachment to succeed, Pelosi and Schiff could have brought the full gamut of impeachable offenses, offenses that would garner mass popular support. But they didn’t do that - not for lack of political courage - but because the impeachment was more political theater, than principled political action. (The Democrats have largely backed most of Trump’s reactionary policies.) They didn’t want a mobilized populace, as that could be mobilized against them! A new impeachment process is extremely unlikely to happen, let alone succeed. If the Dems didn’t have the “courage” then, why would they now, or the short time before November?

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It is exciting to see young people involved in activism and building nation wide coalitions. More power to the people coming of age who are willing and ready to make a difference.

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I suspect this “By The People” organization, which I’ve never heard of, is an astroturf organization conjured up to provide cover for Democrat “leaders” who pushed for the colossal waste of time which the impeachment effort was. Democrats could have been forging and passing legislation, instead they wasted the citizen’s trust. It’s an embarassment. If I went to work and decided on my own to spend months on my own side project, what do you think would happen? Well, Schiff and Pelosi and the others should be fired for not doing their job.

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