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When the Poetry of Campaigning Becomes a Cheesy, Dirty Limerick


When the Poetry of Campaigning Becomes a Cheesy, Dirty Limerick

Michael Winship

For a politician or a journalist, there was a time when citing the classics — as long as it wasn’t done in a pedantic or pompous manner — was a mark of wisdom and experience. If a candidate or reporter does it today, there’s a good chance they’ll be trolled and ridiculed for high-handed pretension. Cue Donald Trump shouting, “Loser!”


Thank you Michael for this look back at what real leaders were made of. The education they received, the moral compass they embraced and public service as a way of life seems lost forever perhaps. The contrast between the mean, ignorant, bigoted shallowness and corruption of today with many leaders of yesterday is so stark. The inspired words of those lost leaders are so needed today - the absence of people of such character and their words is a measure of the corruption of our democracy, the worship of Mammon, diminution of our education, and dedication to common greed rather than the Common Good - all cancers on our society we will be lucky to survive.........


If Trump were running for president, and saying the things that he does, in practically any other country in the world, he'd be lucky to have a shelf life of five minutes, before being shuffled off to a maximum security loony bin.

But in the USA he's #1 in the party of the rich, his majority support coming from the poor.

That's a telling example of American democracy and exceptionalism about which many of its citizens are so proud.


Bernie Sanders may not use "classical oratory" but he certainly speaks of the greater ideals and humanity's better angels. Why leave him out?


Mea Culpa, I should have mentioned Sanders as a person that embodies much of what our great leaders used to be and his current leadership.


I, too, went to the education component as I read this article and viewed its clips and concur that it (a solid liberal education) is the foundation of a steady moral compass. I had to fight to gain my education (contrasted to training) at every turn--whilst in school and afterward. My sincerest hope is that the youth will also struggle to make sense of this world--it's their only hope.


The Illinois primary is on the Ides of March, a bad omen for someone, hope it is not Bernie.


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Cookie has Donald Trump's number
The fascist galoot does not slumber
Daily up on his stump
Biting folks on the rump
From a fake red head full of lumber


marvelous! Thank you, rhymesters all. Great stuff.


The only way to change the outcomes is to change the way we elect our President and members of Congress (Governors and state legislators too). Your reference to public service is particularly telling. Public service is not a career. Well, for many it is, but it should not be. There should be term limits, and your time in Congress should be somewhat like serving in the Peace Corps.