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When the System Feels Rigged, How Surprising is Convention Mayhem?


When the System Feels Rigged, How Surprising is Convention Mayhem?

Nika Knight, staff writer

The Nevada Democratic convention was overwhelmed by utter turmoil on Saturday after the chair adopted a controversial set of new rules and disqualified 56 Bernie Sanders delegates from participating, handing rival Hillary Clinton a majority of the state's delegates.

This occurred after the Democratic frontrunner lost the state's county level caucuses in April.


Protest and demonstrate until they face the fact that they will not get away with doing these kind of things easily. How much more of this crooked behavior must we tolerate?

Make them worry that they won't get away with it and they will stop doing these things.

Fight for your democracy because this time the oligarchy and Wall St are trying to steal it away from us pretty damn openly!

Protest - demonstrate - send them emails and communicate that this stuff won't be tolerated by a free people!


The big D Democratic Party certainly does not operate like a small d democracy.

Barbara Boxer's comments make me sick. I thought she was from CA. What the hell is she doong there?


If the Democratic Party wants to win nationally in November and not lose a vast amount of political power next January, they need to seat an alternative Nevada delegation, one representative of the exit polling taken in Nevada. Going with a rigged and corrupt delegation isn't going to silence the press, not by a long shot.


"Sanders supporters immediately protested and filed a lawsuit to stop the new rules from being enacted, but a state court dismissed the case, saying it wouldn't be involved in party proceedings."

OK, yes, the state should NOT be involved in political party proceedings.

Except, oops, wait: The STATES hold political party primaries and caucuses... which they ABSOLUTELY SHOULD NOT... but since they DO, the court "logic" and the court ruling are fatally flawed.


Popular anger at these blatantly rigged election processes, feeds the delegitimization of the entire duopoly electoral system.



Freedom Democratic Party:



Fannie Lou Hamer:

to understand how far that strategy will get you. Same old same old. See how efficiently the brown shirts protect the corrupt in power--why they're even racially integrated.


This kind of shit makes me all the more determined to continue the Bernie campaign beyond the "convention" in July. I hope and trust that by then Bernie will be convinced by the crookedness of the party and the determination and power of the movement (or revolution, or whatever you want to call it) to run as an indy or Green (not likely but this season who can tell?). Screw Hillary and all these totalitarian bastards!



So, Bernie will you now run as an independent if the nomination is stolen?


I will go on record and make a prediction, if Hillary is given the Democratic nomination Trump will be the President of the United States.


This week's déjà vu for history buffs - the DLC-Democrats shutting down their own convention by bringing in the "brown shirts."


I am a strong Bernie supporter. But with that said it may be best, in the long term, if Bernie loses the D. nomination. That way we (the Left and in particular the new voters that Bernie's revolution has brought into the process) can finally move on to start a new progressive party, free of the encumbrances that the duopoly possess, because to even the most loyal progressive Democrats it will now be plain as day that there is no reforming the Party from within. Trump will beat Hillary, there is no doubt in my mind about that. With Trump as president this new coalition can/will/must take to the streets, the internet, the very halls of Congress to fight him and his politics of hatred. Win or lose, Bernie has galvanized an anger that will not be quenched.



With the Clinton Insiders so blatantly and transparently stealing the election,
things cannot end well.
Bernie supporters and the American Public rightfully feel cheated.
Hillary supporters cannot help but to feel dirty from what is being done in their name.
And Donald Trump will win the general elections.

Maybe that was the Koch plan all along...


Sanders delegates to the DNC convention need every Sanders supporter that can be mustered in Philadelphia to cover their backs. They will be under immense pressure to vote for Hillary so the Democrats appear unified when the convention ends. Knowing there are tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands outside giving them cover will only aid in their resolve. The Party cannot be allowed to unify or appear unified no matter what happens.

The DNC/DLC has been pulling this shit for years. It's time to take them out so the people's voice can be heard over the crappy candidate they are forcing down our throats. This two-party hangover has lasted far too long.


As a Californian and an Independent, I'm glad Barbara Boxer is retiring. Her behavior in Nevada is a disgrace!

Bernie or bust!


I was there, it was fixed. We voted it down, they passed it anyway. Nevada was stolen yesterday, no doubt about it. I mean, we got video evidence, you have to be an idiot to believe otherwise. Our Republic has been stolen.


This is the Democratic Party eating itself alive..... If Bernie NOT nominated.....I hope Trump wins. Karma....


"Eating itself alive" and contriving a case so they can blame Sanders when Trump beats Clinton, just as they set up Nader to take the fall in 2000.

Boxer lives in Palm Springs, the same neighborhood the Obamas have been mansion shopping for the past two years.


Bernie's message was HOPE..... the DNC (and HRC) has turned it into ANGER....

ANGER that is growing with each passing day because of their cheating...their lying....their money laundering.....etc....etc.
They refuse to accept that HRC is NOT loved by all of us and does NOT represent us.


They only have themselves to blame..... doesn't matter what they say. We know they lied and cheated themselves into this.....

The Demo Party hasn't been on the side of the PEOPLE for a very, very long time. They are WAR mongers and CORPORATE cronies.

Also, DWS supports of private prisons....hopefully... she loses her re-election bid to Tim Canova (Bernie supporter). Looks like he is giving her a tough time of it.