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When the US Supports It, It's Not a Coup

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/11/12/when-us-supports-it-its-not-coup


The US “government” is TERRIFIED of Leaders who work FOR THEIR PEOPLE. See, they must be terrorists…


For anyone who wants a super quick and dirty rundown on what’s going on, click here: https://www.bbc.com/news/newsbeat-50388934

BBC produced a nice TLDR summary.


The " we " here are the Corporotocracy and their " snakes in the MSM grasslands " whose function is to keep the curious from venturing too far afield from the beaten path. A path they’ve filled with political and economic IEDs, ensuring things will surely blow up for those who tread there.
The IEDs of choice for the Corporotocracy are The World Bank and the IMF, the innocuous sounding NGOs like the NED & USAID, etc. These organizations continuously seed the grasslands; now with GMOs, providing cover for the snakes. They plant the weeds of official sounding propaganda along the paths, obscuring the safe and clear paths. They even create and manage false trails which lead to snake pits and death.
In the cases of last resort, like the movements for a different path in Bolivia and Venezuela, the Corporotocracy puts the whole thing to the torch. They are firestarters and professional arsonists, mostly. Criminals with a gas can and matches.
The snakes, meanwhile, find a hole or rock to hide under, waiting out the firestarters’ work to burn out. And then they coil, to report on another nasty fire. Which they know is coming.


Last night’s coverage of Bolivia on the PBS NewsHour was fairly even handed.

They absolutely mentioned the successes that occurred while Morales was president.


If anyone is interested to know why we have so many people fleeing Central America and showing up at our border, this is an excellent example. A country stands up to the United States corporate exploitation and so the courageous leader of the people is removed from office and replaced by an oppressive regime that is favorable to the US. The exploitation of Bolivia’s lithium will follow shortly. The corporate media provides cover as usual. (i.e. Argentina) This is your CIA at work.The CIA has been, and is, the international enforcement arm for corporate America for at least the last 60 years.


The CIA and MIC have more plants inside the MSM and The Swamp than you imagine. It’s an inside/outside game and The Empire writes the rules, pick the officials, pick the players and set the boundaries.
If these coups could be wagered on the Las Vegas casinos would set the odds at 30-1; the house almost always wins, of course. The sucker bets are for romantics and the delusional, pretty much in every instance.
The 99s of the world are so very screwed.


The Guardian too has a disgusting article on this. It is mostly a stenographic report from talking to anonymous US officials and OAS of course. No context, no analysis, no facts, much less talk about lithium contracts and the rest. As for the Voice of the American Government publications…well, not worth mentioning. They are a PR arm of the state.


It was an ‘on-the-fence’ piece )the BBC article) refusing to label it for what it was… a U.S. inspired coup for the country’s natural resources. Now the usual American picked puppet will bring violence and destruction to the people of Bolivia with U.S. “Aid” (military weapons) to crush the peoples movement and reinforce corporate America’s claim on this impoverished South American country. This case alone should result in the imprisonment of the U.S. Congress, but as usual corporate media will spin it as a “victory for the people of Bolivia” who in reality despise the fascists who came to seize power.


I really appreciate that this author focused on the word usage by rightwinger media in order to spin a “politically correct” position on the story. That shit pisses me off so damn much! That is the real “fake news.” People need to see how rightwing media spins their stories in order to create a pro-right narrative.


A direct link to the audio recorded prior to this Coup from various Coup instigators. They reference US involvement and support for the Coup and how they will claim that there a faulty election process as justification for the coup.

Note they detail how they will put into the streets an “angry population” to give the illusion it motivated out of concern for corruption in Government. Remember this is how the elected President of Iran toppled in 1953 and how Allende in Chile removed from power.

That US and Western media ignore this and in fact report exactly what the Coup plotters wanted them to report shows a coordination between the Coup plotters , the US Government and that same media.


A tragedy for the poor and/or indigenous peoples of Bolivia.
A triumphal coup for the multinational corporations and their devious, demented,
killer Uncle Sammy. Weep for Bolivia.

Here’s a succinct guide to getting your information from “Mainstream” Corporate Media:


This is unquestionably a coup, and must be vigorously opposed, but let’s not make Morales out to be a martyr.

He has committed acts against the Bolivian people, including the indigenous, for which he must answer, but of course those are not why he is being ousted, as they align with actions taken by regimes in the US’ good graces.

That irony, though, all too often present in such circumstances, does not absolve us from steadfast antagonism toward imperialism.

This goes hand in hand with the acronym - IOKIYAR. “It’s OK If You Are A Republican.”
That means anything used to achieve and retain power - lying, cheating, stealing, the perversion of our electoral system and our very republic. Rethugs are guilty of all of this and more. I’d say that in sum this could be referred to as domestic treason and I wish it could be prosecuted as such.


According to Trump, a “coup” is a legal process written into the Constitution to rid the country of a worthless, corrupt President.

This is an example of the fate of a politician who seeks to chase with the hounds and run with the fox.

For those with short memories, an article from this website

An article by myself about how Morales was already losing the support of his base and no doubt this permitted his traditional enemies to mount the coup.