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When the Violence Comes Around

When the Violence Comes Around...

Christopher Brauchli

What’s all the shootin’ for?
— George Michael Cohan, The Tavern


Note also that Scalise has a 100% voting record against the LGBTQ community and one of the Capitol Police officers who kept Scalise from being snuffed by the gunman is a lesbian.


Aren’t guns wonderful?
That is exactly why at NRA meetings and Republican conventions, no guns are allowed.

It is a product that makes MONEY for a certain segment of the population. Jobs, you know. Just like the fighter jet that costs a 100 billion a piece. This MONEY, the worthless greenback the circulates between a chosen few who are highly devolved into a profit making stupor for existence, is what is killing society.

Who care about what the product really does and could be used for?
Externalities? hmmmph.
The system of fiat, unconnected, unaccountable MONEY doesn’t account for consequences.
Suffer ya low lives.
(or as my coworker would say, Suffer, bi***es)


Watch how more Republicans have their “Come to Jesus Moment” as Steve Scalise did last week.

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I would hope This man would reevaluate hos position on arms.