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When They Come for Our Vote


When They Come for Our Vote

Hank Edson

People supporting Hillary Clinton often compare the “Bernie or Bust” movement to Ralph Nader’s third party campaign in the 2000 election, angrily accusing Sanders supporters in advance of handing the election to the Republican Party’s worst candidate ever. But a progressive challenge to the Democratic Party’s weak nominee is not the aspect of the 2000 election that ought to be remembered in 2016.


This is outstanding commentary on the sad state of democracy and should be on the Op-Ed page of every newspaper across the nation. It won't be though. The author tells us why we should fight, just as he told us what happened when we didn't but he doesn't really tell us why we didn't fight.

What has happened to the population of this democracy? You can call it apathy but there is something else going on. People came out in droves to support Bernie. They weren't apathetic at all. Others came out for Trump, no comment about why but apathy wasn't the reason. It isn't apathy.

But maybe we didn't fight all those times because it was learned helplessness instead. If you train people to accept losing over and over then they become increasingly willing to accept losing in the future. At a certain point, they are unable to believe that they can win and so they don't try.

That is why the young are the hope for the future. They still believe, they still hope, they will fight.


Katherine Harris, Bill DeBlasio. Bill DeBlasio, Katherine Harris.


Orwellian and Huxleyian tactics are working all too well for the über-elite. Corporate media are their whores, just like most of the establishment politicians who wet themselves when dreaming of administering power ("we came, we saw, he died").


The is THE BEST thing I've read in a long, long time, and the most thorough and relevant piece of truth-telling about this election (and previous ones) that has been put forth. Yes. We must. "How?" is the big question that is not yet answered.


Yes, I agree with the author, and was strengthened in my hope by reading his piece. I remember the disbelief and hurt and anger I felt at Al Gore for caving to the bullies and 1 %, then, and know the author is correct that this led directly to the killing fields of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen...
I also am so proud of the Bernie campaign, and have a 30 something son who is active in it, as I am. This movement is so important, and I believe those energized within it will effect change in a myriad of ways, for our country and the world.


The Clinton campaign's recent complaints that the Sanders campaign is playing nasty and giving the GOP ammo to sink Clinton in November is refuted by the most mainstream of the mainstream media pundits who consider the Sanders campaign to be tame and addressing only a fraction of the Clinton baggage that the GOP will wrap around Clinton's neck if she runs in the November election.

As Edson points out. the Democrats are simply posturing to discourage voters from Sanders in the primary and to make Sanders a scapegoat in the event of nominee Clinton sinking in November.


Grassroots organizing in your own community is how we overcome.

What's the burning issue where you live? Use that issue to form a group, educate your community, and build relationships.

Do an online search for grassroots organizing, grassroots organizations to find out if there are already people organizing around that issue. If democracy is not your number one issue, I suggest you make it your number two issue as so few of our problems can be solved without one.

I've narrowed my scope of advocacy to fighting the corporatocracy that has its tentacles wrapped around everything. MoveToAmend.org provides the tools, resources, and support you need to get started organizing the grassroots in your own community to rid our democracy of the corporatocracy.

We are the ones the world has been waiting for.


Outstanding thoughtful analysis... Although I'm not inclined to participate in voting fraud for many of the reasons elucidated my motivation to uplevel conversation and action is stimulated by such intelligent writing - cudos to the author who I now will explore and follow.


Why yes, the author is right on the mark. I'm sure that Clinton wouldn't hesitate to spin Sanders's willingness to play by the rules as a threat to humanity. The logic would go something like this:

  1. Sanders plays by the rules, I don't.
  2. Thus, I have an unfair advantage to power.
  3. I have power!!! Mwahahahahaha!
  4. My assertions are true because I say so, and I'm clearly justified in saying so because I have the power.
  5. I assert that my power is the embodiment of humanity.
  6. Sanders is a political opponent, and thus a threat to my political power.
  7. Therefore, Sanders is a threat to humanity.

As ridiculous and over-the-top as this may sound, she pulls this sort of nonsense all the time when other countries are in question. So I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for her sense of reason to assert itself. I only have to wonder what degree of merit can get swept under the rug by a candidate who's spin and corruption through and through.


Thank you Mr. Edson. I am so angry this morning after watching the fiasco last night I can hardly speak. So thank you for saying what is in my heart.
If we had prosecuted the illegal acts committed around the Bush election and war we would have healed. But they smoothed it all over and Obama refused any action. We cannot heal until this mess is addressed.
We have to fight like we've never fought before for the soul of this country. That's why Bernie calls this a revolution. We should be in the streets of New York today demanding audits and arrests. Germans lost Germany slowly and quietly, just like it's happening to us. We better wake up to the lies and fight. As Mr. Edson said, they are coming for you.
No vote, no representation, no Democracy.


Actually, Nader destroyed the election for the Democrats.
Rather then sit down and deal with Gore for concessions, he refused to talk to him.
You see the result.


Thank you, Hank! Well written and love your passion.


I'm a Bernie-only Democratic voter. If Bernie had not run as a Democrat for President, I would have gone straight to the Green Party, which I will do if Hillary is the nominee. The difference now is that I will also actively work to defeat her in November, as will millions of other disaffected Sanders supporters. She must lose this election. It is the only way the people can take back one of the two major political parties for us, and away from the oligarchs. We are not in this to "make her a better candidate", or as a sparring partner for her. The Clinton's sense of entitlement to rule makes our blood boil. I call her "Her Arrogance". She is also a pathological liar, who lies as a matter of course, especially about Bernie and his positions. We are not dropping out before the convention. This is a disruptive movement to take over the party. It does not end in Philadelphia. We will not join hands with the hated enemy, after they steal the nomination, and forgive-and-forget. NO, NO, NO. Her ass is grass. #NeverHillary.


I do not see the issue of the primary as being Clinton vs Sanders as potential Presidents. I see the issue as being neoLiberalism vs a return towards the New Deal, the status quo vs reform. The 1% vs the bottom 60%.

How many of HRC's voters see neoLiberalism as being the issue? How many of them if they reflect on it would say that the gender of the President is more important than a serious attempt to reform the system. Personally I am quite happy that HRC is not on the side of reform and the bottom 60% and that she and not Sanders represents neoLiberalism, the elites, and the status quo.


It seems to me that the Democrats destroyed the election for the Greens. Rather than let them get ballot access in all states they prevented that where possible and saddled Nader with lawsuits in an attempt to financially destroy him. Was it Nader who was the cause of Gore losing his home state which had he won would have given him the election?


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Yes, that is the issue, to rid the Clinton/Gore neolib 3rd Way Dems from the Democratic Party, of which they now have complete control. Otherwise, nothing changes.


Try RE-REQ=ADING the article, Shelly. Nader did NOT lost the 2000 election. GORE STOOD BY WHILE IT WAS STOLEN FROM HIM.


Yes it was a superb article. Thank you Mr. Edson. I'm sure we all feltl your frustrations coming through with every paragraph.

My blood boils over as well wicklund. But it's over and we have to let it go. All we can hope for at this point is Hillary's baggage catches up with her before July. Then we'll have a chance. Bernie has bravely fought the good fight but he was up against too much. The fix was in long before he made the commitment to challenge Queen Clinton; SD were in place (SD were cooked up as way for the Kennedy Gang when trying to steal the primary nomination from Carter), surrogates and family trashing Bernie, DWS scheduling debates when no one would be watching, hiding behind Obama, and stealing Bernie's message as if it were there's. Really disgraceful stuff.

Truth is, it's about Bernie's message more than about Bernie. Without the message staying on the front page, plutocracy will rule for a long time.