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When They Had to Kill the King. Learnings for the Post-Trump Age.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/24/when-they-had-kill-king-learnings-post-trump-age


Trump the Example he should be called for generations. No mercy. Just justice. For him, his family, and his enablers. For to do less is an insult to Progress.


Must we wait any longer?


As far as punishment after he’s convicted, how about we let the potential immigrants who were caged, and had their children taken away for the “crime” of trying to better their lives by coming to this country, determine Trumps punishment. If they choose death, I’m ok with that.


Trump, the Bringer of Death.

There, that sounds like a fitting “new” brand name.


this author’s point - that Trump MUST BE prosecuted for the sake of democracy - should be pointed out ad nauseum to all the “Democrats” extolling this (s)election as “proving that the US is a healthy democracy, with inviolable democratic institutions,” but then saying that “we must look forward, not back” in regards to undoing Trump’s damage to, say, environmental regulations.


I am not a constitutional scholar so I don’t know what Trump might actually be guilty of, but I think that if Trump has violated the law that he should be prosecuted. It will bring out the militias, there will be protests and terrorist attacks, there may even be a war of some sort, but it would set a good example.

But I agree on only one condition: That the real instigators be sought out and prosecuted as well. All of those who “advised” Trump (who is sublimely unaware of reality and ignorant of law and government) and who are the real culprits in this attempt to destroy government and Constitutional law, be brought up on charges as well.

No one with a functioning brain thinks Trump planned or directed this last 4 years. He’s just too overtly stupid to be so competent in causing such chaos, all directed at undermining Democracy.

Trump did not invent vote suppression, Trump did not invent the Unitary Executive theory, and had probably never heard the term. Trump did not and still does not have any knowledge of the obscure laws and precedents that have enabled him to function like a quasi-dictator for four years. Trump’s outrageous ego coupled with the lowest IQ in presidential history, allowed him to be manipulated into being the figurehead for this attempted and ongoing fascist takeover, which started long before Trump stopped being a facile pseudo-billionaire/playboy/ business failure to get into politics, and will continue and pick up steam if these enablers are allowed to continue to promote their fascist takeover using his brand…

Trump is a showman, and his rallies were all that he was good at. He appealed to those who, like him, have poor vocabularies and delusions of moral superiority, the epitome of the Dunning-Kruger effect. If this is to be stopped, we need to stop those who have been working on this for decades, not merely take out the clown and call it “problem solved.”


That is a great idea and it’s sorely needed. I’m just worried about the heave of getting Trump to justice. We still have a LOT of work to do to convince his fellow elites to do what they so conspicuously need to do. They are not profiles in courage.


Mr Freeman’s ignorance of English history is astounding. Charles I was not a “hunchback”. There is no evidence that Humpty Dumpty was based upon him. Richard III possibly, but it is not clear. Really poor effort.

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Taking Trump and his handlers to court for their crimes committed would hit Trump where it hurts - they’d disown him and dismantle his empire of luxury hotels and golf resorts where they’ve almost certainly laundered money from the start. Trump’s assets should be seized, de-branded and distributed to pay settlements and court fees. He may not rot in jail, but wherever he goes, he will rot.


The old saying “There be a moat in your eye” is when we find minor faults in others
while ignoring worse faults in ourselves. The history lesson was well worth the read.

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This is easily enough settled. You read my book and I’ll read yours and we’ll see if “Mr. Freeman’s ignorance of English history is astounding,” or if your (unsubstantiated) arrogance is even more astounding.

You can find my book on Amazon: Robert Freeman, The English Civil War. It’s rated by reviewers at 4.3 stars out of 5.

What’s the title of your book?

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I’m not sure you just made an actual argument…


Don’t misunderstand, I would love to have Trump brought down for his tax evasion, illegal dealing, failure to pay for services rendered, money laundering and all, just to see someone with an ego like that destroyed in the most public way possible. That is very petty of me, but boy, would I enjoy it.


I’m uncertain that Charles I is the best analogue.

For public turmoil, yes as Freeman describes it, considering that Trump still has too many days left to wreak havoc, to use those presidential powers he claimed “no one even knows about.”

Trump is a celebrity politician, engineered by and with contemporary media. Charles did not have that power. Lenin was one of the first who saw power in film. And Hitler brought in Leni Riefenstahl. In the 50’s the Perons went international.

Law itself in the social media age could be insufficient to bring Trump to justice. Media and scholarship would have to support his criminality. Just wondering how many tattoos of Trump are inked on peoples’ backs right now.


Just ask " Cui bono?" Who benfited the MOST from the regime of the Orange Cheato??
Answer-- The uber wealthy 1% & Big Corporations (crony capitalists)!!
They are a cancer upon the Body Politic & common good, not just of the USA but the planet!!


Who benefited the most from the 8 years of Obama-Biden?


Yes, but Trump doesn’t care what the public thinks of him.
His fullest humiliation is to lose his name brand and resort empire.
Like I said, he may not rot in jail, but wherever he holes up, he will rot.

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I say, yes prosecute, but then amend The Constitution to do away with the office of the president all together. It is a vestige of the days of monarchies. No single person should have that much power over millions. Specially now, with environmental catastrophies getting worse by the year and the looming end of civilization almost certain unless we get our act together, we cannot afford another Trump. Already we have lost 4 years, not only by inaction, but by going backwards.


Ok . . . He could have left the hunch-back part out (people that develop hunched backs are just people). Don’s a Humpty Dumpty though. He fell off of his wall. And all the kings soldiers and all the kings men, couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.
These age old rhymes and tales are instructive.