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When They Had to Kill the King. Learnings for the Post-Trump Age.

I’m not sure it’s petty crime. We will see though.

It’s interesting to note that previously in the USA a narcissistic murdering criminal wielding power both political and economic escaped legal indictments numerous times until done in by failing to pay income tax. Al Capone committed virtually every wrong known to society…yet was only finally dethroned when his personal finances were revealed to have violated tax law.
I see far more similarity in this notorious case to our current petty dictator than a comparison to the time of Charles I. Once Trump is found guilty of tax evasion------only when, not if------ it could well prove the collapse of his real estate empire and something of his hold on his many minions.
But the millions of his supporters are heavily bent toward authoritarianism: meeting the challenge of dispelling it and its attraction is the real fight if the USA is ever to gain some semblance of a precious sanity it either lost a long time ago, or had only in theory. George Washington, regardless his faults, knew full well that people were easily swayed into endorsing dictatorial rule, the reason he stepped down after 8 years in office: the US population’s tendencies haven’t changed since. Only in a truly democratic society would the people choose wise governance…America is not a democracy.

Brings to mind John W. Dean’s “Conservatives Without Conscience” (2006), delving into authoritarian/follower mindsets and evolution of the GOP.

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Yes. It might stop all sociopaths from behaving like absolute sh*ts

You omitted his Absolute and horrendous Crimes against our Biosphere…

I agree with Chomsky; -he should be (but we know he won’t be) tried at the Hague for Crimes against Humanity.
Any Rehabilitation-program must be directed towards his Extreme & Obvious Narcissism; for I believe that is the cause of all his horror!

Long article. No crimes, just TDS.
Same for the posters.

Typical left wing blog - loud, emotional, facr free.

Who pays you, troll?

Donald Trump is so liked by most Republicans because he embraces and embodies their beliefs almost perfectly, or appears to. This country will have no peace and no resumption of sound government until there are criminal and civil consequences for law makers who break their oath. Trump should be followed in court by the likes of Tom Cotton who brazenly led 50 senators in their open letter to Iran in a way that violates our sedition laws.