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'When They Say We Don't Have the Right to Protest, That's the Moment to Flood the Streets'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/04/when-they-say-we-dont-have-right-protest-thats-moment-flood-streets


Absolutely spot on as usual, Naomi!

There some good signs that the retired generals are speaking out against Trump’s belligerence as they serve as a reflection of what active officers are thinking but are not free to voice. The Secretary of the Army also personally reminded National Guard Troops that they were to follow the Constitution, which of course allows one to peacefully seek redress from the government. Sort of like giving the middle finger to the tyrant wannabe.


More like “afraid” to voice.


I’m surprised CD did not show the live memorial service for mr. Floyd. I’ve been watching it at the Guardian live.
Very moving (and at times humourous) speeches. Music was beautiful.


Week of Action In Defense of Black Lives


The Time for action is now, people are taking to the streets, flooding social media, calling local officials and demanding justice for those who have been killed by the police all over the country and now is the time to join them.

Actions on until June 7.

With all actions, there are a variety of risks and roles. All roles are important, and this moment is no different. In the last three months, 100,000 people in the United States have died of COVID-19, and Black people are dying disproportionately. As we move into collective and community action, we have to learn the risks involved, and how to keep ourselves and our communities safe. There is no one right way to take action. Do what you can from where you can. Power building takes many shapes. Thanks for joining us.


Just read at Guardian senator murkowski says she is struggling whether to support dump for re-election. His popularity sure seems to be waning.


Why does she have to struggle with this–it should be obvious that she should not!


Good point. I suppose she has to make it look as if it’s a dilemma.

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Lisa is my senator and she is not close to struggling! She is just another stooge for big oil. Lisa voted to exonerate Trump from being impeached, WHAT MORE CAN i SAY?


Any GOP operative claiming to be “struggling” really means they are afraid of losing their next election, especially those in the US Senate who have serially renewed Trump’s license to steal and murder and by now have confirmed enough fascist judges to assure that license has no expiration date.


Struggling whether to support- I bet her brow is furrowed also.


The walls of the imperialist empire are shaking and will soon be tumbling down! Keep up the pressure fellow peace warriors…


Yes, @BigB and myself talked about this the other day, big sigh of relief from me, as more and more of them have come out against using the military on US soil, or reminded the troops to uphold the Constitution. It could have gone either way, this is a very good sign for the rule of law, in these crazy times.

For those who want to see a short vid on the topic:

“Lets Talk About The Generals…” - Beau of the Fifth Column Platform


Now that retired Marine Corp General Mattis has voiced those concerns publicly (full text in The Atlantic today), those soldiers are more than likely to find theirs. We can only hope.


Homer, you really need to put down your keyboard and go take a nap. Thanks…



Your repetitious demoralizing is empty and stupid. Gosh you sure have lots and lots of time to post the same thing over and over in multiple threads at Common Dreams. Get off your ass and do something. Something besides work hard to demoralize everyone. And in fact, millions of people are proving you wrong, every hour. You are wrong.

EDIT: Wrote this before i saw Rebel_Farmer’s post.


I strongly told the orphans hanging around here to NOT attend any Chicago protest - because -
well, for one thing. One cop loses patience and all hell breaks loose.

So, of course they went to view the event !!
Ticked me off but I am thankful that they did not get sweept up in any looting / burglary / breaking glass.
Even if just walking around with 36,000 cameras in use here, the cop downtown can whack the freedom of assembly right outa ya.

Thanks for sharing. I have seen some of his past videos, but not today’s installment. I am happy to see that Constitutional forces are seemingly at play, even if in what is coded language to the general public. Good to have my secret decoder ring (although I never served, I worked closely with many military personnel and bases). I still expect many sleepless nights, though.


Seriously Naomi? I’m curious what alternative universe you live in? President Trump has never even implied that Americans don’t have a right to protest. His issue is that Democrat mayors and governors refuse to protect their own citizens against violent chaos that has nothing to do with civil rights or race relations. The people causing yet more mindless suffering to the American people are communists and seek to destroy this country. The President will and must put troops on the streets of american cities to protect American citizen if local politicians continue to refuse to do so. He doesn’t have to protect rural areas because the residents have armed up and can do the job themselves but in Democrat cities the people are often unarmed and reply on local leaders who have failed miserably in their primary job, protect the citizens. President Trump will step in and do their jobs for them if needed as he must.

Just a few sentences down, following reasons not to take rebellion lightly:

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such
Government, and provide new Guards for their future security.”

But be careful: The despots “invariably” say that is exactly what THEY are doing in ousting the old order “for the benefit of all the people” (lie).