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When Tom Friedman Red-Baited Bernie Sanders


When Tom Friedman Red-Baited Bernie Sanders

Peter Dreier

"What if our 2016 election ends up being between a socialist and a borderline fascist—ideas that died in 1989 and 1945 respectively?," New York Times pundit Tom Friedman asks in his latest column.


Does Hillary Clinton? Her attack pups are doing the same thing. At least Friedman's consistently hostile to anything other than oligarchic rule.


Tom Frieman is a reprehensible blowhard who has been singing the same one-note tune since he wrote his pedestrian best seller "The World is Flat." It's frankly amazing how many columns he's managed to crank out on the same basic theme.

Friedman himself, while praising entrepreneurialism, got rich the old-fashioned way: he married into a wealthy family, the Bucksbaums, who have a $2.9 billion real estate empire.

He poses as an average guy, but lives in an 11,400-square-foot mansion in Bethesda, MD, reportedly worth over $10 million, and hangs out at the toniest parties in DC, having not a clue what life is like for the poor of that city (itself effectively a colony since its residents are denied a vote in Congress).

Friedman the rich man naturally views socialism as anathema to his own fortunes and lifestyle.

Why anyone would bother reading his trite crap is beyond me.

Dave Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net


"Pedestrian." LOL.

"...a socialist and a borderline fascist—ideas that died in 1989 and 1945 respectively?," Thom Friedman

Gee, Thom, how do ideas die? Would Thom want to argue that there's no fascism in the world today or no what Senator Sanders calls socialism? Goodness, what a goofball!

The great thing about this election is it's exposing the conservatives who call themselves "liberal" for tor the reactionaries and traitors to the working class that they are. This includes neo-liberal, Paul Krugman. They don't want substantive change. They don't want sea change that improves the lives of the working class in ways that haven't been done since the 1930's - 1970s and have been eroding ever since. They want the same old, same old, half a loaf, watered down, thin as gruel, milquetoast crumbs the working class has been fed for the last 36 years.

Go, Bernie! Go!


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I grew up in Wisconsin where we had a socialist mayor in Milwaukee for over 20 years, Frank Zeidler. Oh, there was that McCarthy interlude, but socialism worked just fine at the local level. Problem is, there is no chance that on the national level anything but corporatism (fascism) will prevail in these times. Vote for third party candidates if you want, but who we will have as president is a supporter of the MIC and power to the big corpse.


The US is a social welfare state with a capitalist economy. I don't think Sanders wants to change that. I think he just wants to bolster the social welfare part to make it more similar to Europe. The Europeans are willing to pay much higher taxes to have these extra social welfare benefits. US voters will have to decide whether they want to go in this direction or not. You can't have it both ways, low taxes and the benefits of social welfare programs. A choice has to made.


So nice to finally see the words "pedestrian" and "reprehensible blowhard" applied to Friedman.


Just requiring corporations and individuals with the highest incomes and most tax dodges to pay their fair share might mean that not everyone would have to pay "much higher taxes."


Just requiring that we stop interventionist foreign policy would also stop breaking the bank. But, we have the backsters to think about... trillions and trillions, maybe this year again.


The idea that communism (and therefor socialism) "died in 1989" is a wet-dream repeated by capitalist mind-slaves to justify their positions as though written in gold.

Since they feel that as "owners of the world economy" they MUST win, they brandish dates or whatever narrative they find, as undeniable Truth. Why not? They can "reinforce their "truths" to millions on TV screens that they, too own or buy.

These absolute Haters of Democracy (and thus actualized terroristic enemies of our Constitution) ARE those who should be fought — to truly preserve freedom ... IF they didn't already also OWN our Security Policies & Forces in the USA.

Friedman is just one more key figures doing the bidding of 0.1%-ers.


Really? And just who gives a flying fuck what Tom Friedman thinks?!! Who even reads his crap? Man that's hard up for any reading material there! I suggest a regular daily dose of a mild laxative as a holistic substitute for that thought-constipated knucklehead. Surely your time is more valuable.


Electing Bernie President of the United States of America would just strengthen the democratic programs we 've had for centuries and the ones puts in place during the last century.

The Robber Barons have decimated these programs and this is not our first rodeo with these greedy bastards. Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt in a greater way took these guys on in the 30's and wrestled back our country with the help of our ancestors who fought and died for many of the freedoms, rights and regulations we had and our being systematically denied to us to further their greed for wealth and power.


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Tom Friedman--High paid obfuscater


Actually, taxes aren't that much different in socialist Europe. I was in Finland last year and compared my total tax bill with some friends of similar family income, and we were amazed to see how similar they were. The difference was their taxes paid for really great schools (in all communities, not just well-off ones), the roads were stellar (dispite the severe winters!), college isn't just free -- the government pays students a $600 monthly stipend to attend. Social Security there ensures that nobody sees their standard of living drop when they retire. Amazing. And they have national healthcare.

What they don't spend their tax dollars on is their military (even though they share a long border with Russia and fought a brutal war against Stalin's Red Army (and largely won).

America is approach third-world status becuase we spent about $1.3 trillion a year on military and intelligence budgets -- about 54% of every tax dollar you pay. That's gotta change!

DAve Lindorff
founding editor of ThisCantBeHappening.net




Tom F. " What if our 2016 election ends up being between a socialist and a borderline fascist?"

Well Tom, that is a no brainor, naturally you would vote for the borderline fascist!


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