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When Trump Guts Two Utah National Monuments Next Week, He'll Trigger a New Conservation War


When Trump Guts Two Utah National Monuments Next Week, He'll Trigger a New Conservation War

Stephen Trimble

President Trump plans to head for Utah on Monday to wreak destruction on public lands he knows nothing about.

The Golden Cathedral  in the Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument, Utah


The fascists won’t be happy until they’ve raped this beautiful Earth beyond what we can even imagine. The profits of coal companies and cancer of housing expansion will continue no matter what protests may arise. “They” do not have ears to hear “We the People”. They only have hands held out for corrupt, buy-off money from the corporate sociopaths.


The author thinks Obama had the right idea proclaiming Bears Ears a national monument out of respect for native tribes? Didn’t he support DAPL? I don’t think that was very respectable to descendants of the first Americans.

And BLM, in fact the entire DoI, has always been about turning a profit from destruction of public lands. I don’t see how sport hunting in the Escalante supports habitat conservation. I saw plenty of cattle when I was there in 2014.

And while there’s still talk about Cliven Bundy refusing to pay for grazing permits on public land, it’s still free for anyone to use a designated wilderness area as open range, where you aren’t allowed to ride a bicycle because the Wilderness Act is supposed to keep the land natural and pristine.


Looks like the Trump wrecking ball is poised to strike Utah. He’s wrecking everything beneficial in sight.


Obama didn’t support DAPL with regard to the controversial river crossing. He ordered the Army Corps of Engineers to do an environmental review to look for alternative sites. It was Trump who gave the go ahead without the environmental review.


Yours is a rather incomplete recounting of events.


An Obama apologist. Apparently the truth about the Oliar presidency and his (subtle) assaults on “We the People”, our nation, and the world are being ignored by this poster. Please explain to me/us how the man entered the presidency with two “wars” ongoing (STILL ARE) and turned them into SEVEN and still, STILL was not forced to return his Nobel for–GAG!–peace.


Here is some additional information on this:


Face it, the Oilagarchy has worked carefully to buy the government. First they were sneaky as they were vulnerable. Over time, as they bought more Congressmen and Senators, they came more into the open.
*Now, when virtually every legislator is beholden to the Oilagarchy for their “campaign” contributions, they are bold and apparently secure enough to routinely piss on us, without even calling it rain.
*It means nothing to them if millions are in the streets, or writing letters, or signing petitions. They just laugh, for no matter what We the People want to protect, whether it is health care, or protection of the environment, their paid for lackeys in government, from legislative down to the agencies supposed to protect the environment will go ahead and do as they are told, or they will not get their money. A senator admitted this in public about voting for the tax cuts for billionaires and the destruction of health care and education for millions of citizens. He was told that if he did not vote for the bill, he would not receive his “campaign” contributions. He said all of them were getting the same call, if they were trying to examine the bill.
*There has to be a way for We the People to correct this and get rid of these parasites. We need a representative government, of We the People, not they the Oilagarchy.


I don’t think Obama should have gotten a Nobel Peace prize. He received it soon after taking office and it was not for anything he did but sort of a reminder for peace. I think that was one of the worst decisions the Nobel Peace price committee has ever made. Made little sense then and still makes little sense.

You should know the answer to how the number of wars increased. The main reason is the Arab spring. The movement resulted in wars in Syria and Libya. The war in Syria then led to the war in Iraq starting up again although with different combatants. The war in Yemen seems hard to understand but I think Saudi Arabia became concerned that the Shiites backed by Iran were taking of Yemen. Then there is the war on terror which Bush started and Obama continued and which is taking place wherever there are jihadists carrying out attacks.

Obama should be credited for using soft power to replace the hard power approach of Bush. He did get a peaceful settlement in Iran by bring in a a number of countries to sign an agreement. He was bit successful in ending the war in Syria through negotiation and in Afghanistan negotiations between the government and Taliban have failed. Negotiations in Libya between the government and militias have also failed. Obama was not successful in negotiating a treaty between Israel and the Palestinians.

To say Obama assaulted "We the People’ is absurd. That is extremist rhetoric that makes no sense. He was elected twice by the People and probably would have won a third if he had been able to run. He left office with a pretty good approval rating. While he disappointing many people following is overblown campaign rhetoric all and all I think he did a fairly good job considering the polarization between the parties which makes passing good legislation nearly impossible.


You mist be living is considerable comfort and privilege if, at this point, you can still be going on about Obama. Are you a Trump troll?


“Are you a Trump troll?”

Stupid comment but typical from a corporate damnocrat apologist resembling the monkeys and the hear no, see no, speak no. Looking at FACTS seems to beyond the realm of your programmed ilk. There is enough evidence all around to prove what a deviously CORRUPT corporate-owned leader your hero was.


Don’t you wish we were arguing over incrementalism vs revolution still? The luxury of the good ‘ole days, when we were ready to burn down the system because Obama didn’t do enough.


He left office under the cover of his CHARMING way. Just like his CHARMING way to kiss the 1%'s asses while screwing over the working class and killing MANY innocents with his beloved drones. Question: Why won’t you Oliar lovers ever look into facts instead of continuing to blather propaganda and B.S.?


Correct me if I slept thru a critical time in the courts, but as I understand our political system, anyone running for public office has to PROVE his or her eligibility for the office. As you can imagine, eligibility for a person with whom we will share our nuclear codes and allow to speak for us internationally is much tighter than for a mere street sweeper. One of those eligibility restrictions is that, BEFORE TAKING OFFICE, the person must divest of his or her business interests. I never saw Trump do that to my satisfaction, SO WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING SIGNING HIS PARTY’S UTTER CORRUPTIONS INTO LAWS THAT WE ALL ARE SUPPOSED TO ABIDE BY?

Until I see him operating according to MY country’s Constitution and laws, he is NOT MY PRESIDENT! I won’t be an accessory to his crimes against our Constitution. How about you?


Hear! Hear!


Trump’s wrecking ball is sitting in the FBI office questioning Flynn and the rest of the tRUMP crime family.


Millions of people will give donations to save these precious national treasures. I have hiked All over Utah and intend to go back to hike our beautiful lands.


Population stabilization is the only way to go- these corrupt types do not want that- just more bebehs to join the theocracy. Call your member of congress as well as supporting planned parenthood and grass roots like population connection that also is a big supporter of the environment.


Yes, I agree, then we need to have a special election!