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When Trump’s “Deportation Force” Comes for Us, History Can Show Us How to Respond


When Trump’s “Deportation Force” Comes for Us, History Can Show Us How to Respond

Carl Lindskoog

The undocumented members of our communities are frightened. And for good reason. In his first day in office, President-elect Trump has vowed to reverse President Obama’s executive orders shielding certain undocumented people from deportation, to cancel federal funding to Sanctuary Cities, and to begin removing millions of “criminal illegal immigrants.” We can and must condemn these actions. But what can we actually do to protect our friends and neighbors?


It is clear to me that freedom from slavery is a universal human right (obviously). I am not quite there on immigration. Philosophical questions to ponder: Is human migration to any place in the world a universal human right? Do nations have a right to restrict immigration? If not, what is a nation? Is protecting jobs and wages in ones nation by restricting immigration a moral or worthwhile goal as Cesar Chavez, Ralph Nader and so many other champions of the working class have believed?


Human history is larger than American history. There are numerous examples from more recent history when jews were protected by ordinary citizens not that long ago, when popular resistance was staged to occupational or native dictatorships in many many countries, and including Palestine today. The question to be posed is how does our current society measure up to these numerous examples. From what I see, I am afraid not much.


Here's some history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dutch_resistance

And if it comes to my part of town (which has a very large Latino and Muslim population), I'll do whatever I can to help them, even if it means breaking the so-called "law."

In the end, they won't care whether immigrants are "documented" or otherwise. They are "brown" and that will be sufficient for the private prisons who will get government kickbacks for the people housed in their prison facilities.

I already helped the friend of a co-worker, here legally from Honduras, who was locked up regardless about three years ago. I helped get him out lending some money for legal fees which they gratefully paid back a year later.


"A more recent example comes from the 1980s, when another entertainer-turned- President was conducting his own assault on immigrants and refugees. "

I thought Reagan legalized all undocumented immigrants that lived in the US at that time.


You do realize you are pondering such philosophical questions as you stand on stolen land, right?


That's great Tom, can we now concentrate finally on the fact that Trump wants to PILE ON TO what Obama has already done?

Get that? To Trump, Obama's actions were weak.

God, can we stop the Trump apologetics already?

Maybe when the ICE expansion, and round ups start happening, you can then focus on the jerk Trump and his racist cohorts, that he is now trying to distance himself from. The ones that he whipped up into a damn frenzy.

And that's just to get things rolling. Then there is that whole faction of his supporters that really DO regard Trump as being a President willing to fight that religious war against Islam that has them so damn excited.


Yes. Your point is well taken. I did not include anything about the US in particular because I sought a broader conversation about the rights of nations and the rights of migrants. Are you saying that some nations have a right to restrict immigration but the US does not because its land was stolen? Is that some other version of American exceptionalism, perhaps? Most nations have this right "except" the US because of our history?


What has been forgotten here is dozens and dozens of holding facilities have been built on abandoned/current military bases to house hundreds of thousands. That has been on-going since Bush 2. The initial plan had been to hold dissidents, activists, radicals when/if marital law was declared. Nothing has changed regarding that goal but the millions he wants to deport have places waiting for occupation. There would be so such thing as sanctuary if Trump (and his radical cabal) install a total Stasi-syle Hitler regime. Controlling the borders (both), people, movement (papers please) would be number one on their bucket list.

None of these people can be trusted. Lying is second nature. Oh,and that applies to both parties. Both have no issues or conscious when it comes to mass incarceration, camps, or gas chambers. It's all about national security. Ask Obama. He made made that very clear recently at the UN.


So in your defense, you say you are clueless.

Sorry, that doesn't cut it.

I mean, WE DO have an idea, and I have in fact predicted the very thing that is happening.

That he was ALWAYS a fake messenger in regard to somehow busting up the corporate rigged system, that even people on the left was just so damn sure he was going to do.

I mean, the guy is a billionaire, exploited workers overseas to make a buck, and busted unions. But TPP, TPP, TPP!!!!!!!!

Well that fantasy will soon dissolve as well, as we have corporate governance, and a "better deal" will be reached, according to the Trump, that will of course keep the ISDS provisions in place. I'm a clucking clairvoyant chicken, ok?

FACT REMAINS, which was my original point on this, and not twisting your words in the least…

That time and time and time again, when the horrors proposed by this fascist jerk were argued on this forum, people on the "left" rushed in to say CLINTON CLINTON CLINTON OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA, and left Trump standing.

Oh no, couldn't emphasize any real arguments against the Trump.

Immigration is just ONE of these instances.

Obama HAS been dismal on immigration, and DID deport more than any other president, and DID privatize the warehousing of these human beings in sickening conditions.

I get that, and I made those points against Obama.

Now here is my point, so see if you can grasp it once again.

To Trump, this wasn't enough? Oh no. He wants to, and has promised on day one, that he will proceed with rounding up even more. HE is the one who proposed a big expansion of ICE agents ON TOP OF what Obama has done.

But you offer me once again, the agnostic defense of Trump. We just can't know.

Okay, remain in the dark.

Me, not so much. Trump WILL consolidate and accelerate even more corporate governance in this country, but is going to be an out and out fascist on top of it all. Danger to world peace, and ESPECIALLY a danger domestically.

But to you and those on the left that time and time again, deflected this rational take on the man's demeanor AND actions, still say, we just can't know anything about the man.

Agnostics for Trump, still.


True! Both parties have no conscience when it comes to mass incarceration, camps.

FDR incarcerated thousands of Japanese American citizens during WWII in the name of national security.