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When Unions and Civil Rights Activists Worked Together


When Unions and Civil Rights Activists Worked Together

Isaiah Poole

Rick Smith hosts a daily radio talk show based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, which bills itself as the place “where working people come to talk.” Smith makes it his business to know the pulse of the labor movement.

But he admits to one area where his knowledge was uncomfortably thin: the ties between the labor and civil rights movements.

“My knowledge of the civil rights era was extremely limited,” he said in a recent interview. “Basically Lincoln freed the slaves, Rosa Parks was tired, and Martin Luther King made it all better.”


Thank you Isaiah Pool and Rick Smith not only for digging in on this, but also for revealing one of the most frequently overlooked treasures in all of our hands - listening to each other and our elders' direct experiences.

If there is one thing that media manipulation does it is to scrub historical horizons and replace them with sound bite narratives. When you dig in into them don't even exist except for the little linguistic flags the media attempts to plant to make you think you're already in the 'promised land', that you are what they say you are, where they say you are and what you have as instruments to measure reality and tools to work with.

real horizons require all of us