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'When We Fight, We Win!': After 11-Day Strike, Chicago Teachers Reach Deal With Mayor

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/31/when-we-fight-we-win-after-11-day-strike-chicago-teachers-reach-deal-mayor

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Pay close attention students, you just got one of your most valuable lessons in life. Pay close attention and do not forget that it was you for whom the struggle was fought.

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GREED CAPITALISM IS A SCOURGE and a poison and must be stamped out!

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The teachers union had their members at / on the last day of health care insurance today!

The regular peoples that the teachers ($78,000) are telling the world they want to uplift are the folkes who will be paying the tab in Chicago. Nobody else.

Not all teachers make 78K. The strike also was for paraprofessionals some of whom earned about 26K. It takes teachers a long time to reach top of the scale plus a lot of education hours. Compare teacher salaries and benefits to those of cops who reach top of the scale much sooner and can retire after 20 years with full benefits. You think teachers are overpaid? Why didn’t you become one, then?


Here in El Paso, city administrators are making $200,000 a year, apparently specifically to prevent things like this from happening. Something is backwards somehow.


Well then it’s time for a change in the tax code. And it’s long past time to claw back the public assets and taxpayer money that predators like Rahm Emmanuel & Company have stolen.

Peoples Tribunal. Put ‘em in the dock. Book ‘em, lock ‘em up pre-trial, and put their theft before the People. If a fair tribunal finds them guilty, take back what they stole and make them live lives of penitence.

Isn’t that the only fair and effective way to handle situations where a criminal element has usurped the law unto themselves? I mean, we can’t rely on existing laws because they’ve all been corrupted. So we have to draft ex-post facto laws that cover atrocities like ecocide and humanocide. We need a new Enlightenment that rises above capitalist culture and stands for timeless truths. Under some of these basic truths, the individuals who deliberately sabotaged humankind and Mother Earth to feed their greedy impulses must be removed from society and punished.


you are getting onto the wrong horse.

My daughter teaches handicapped children and the wage offering was $13,000 per year when she graduated from college, passed her intern (free), took and passed state cert exam.
for 24 years of the first 25 - she completed required certifications in the summers at her own expense. She also used her own money to provide the handicapped students the items they need to succeed. Learn enough to mainstream, work in their future, etc.

She has been chosen as teacher of the year. She has been third in the nation for accomplishing so much more good results while having meager resources.

Heck, she should have chosen rich parents !!

Let us get hard working, educated, well traveled people from many backgrounds into elected offices at every level.

Now, the DC house of representatives has a membership of genuine dummies.

go all workers in this country, no matter your title. if you are not the “boss” you are a worker and time to unite with all your comrades to take back our country from the greedy, depraved bastards like the one in the white house. NOW IS THE TIME. GO BERNIE!

the para professionals are at $18.00 per hour.

Sad for the past three weeks on this myriad of issues brought into the school negotiations. Please notice that student learning, curriculum, test scores, are not mentioned.

Get an agreement settled and union leadership throws another punch. 24 hours ago, it was back pay for while the teachers were not in the classrooms. 20 Hours ago, this was amended to extend the school year so teachers can make up for pay they lost while not in classrooms. 4 hours ago, mayor announced 5 days added to school year. Union members vote within about ten days, yea or nay.

Mayor Lightfoot only took eight months to become an extreme disappointment to the working people of the Windy City.

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