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When We Stand Together: Bernie in Portland Was Especially Thrilling To Those Of Us Who've Been Here A While


When We Stand Together: Bernie in Portland Was Especially Thrilling To Those Of Us Who've Been Here A While

The crowd Bernie Sanders drew here in Portland - 9,000-ish, after initial plans for 300 in a small venue - told different people different things. Yes, there were lots of glad young people. But there were more of the rest of us - no longer young but steadfast, hopeful, dreaming of better things. In a speech that made more sense on more issues in a more substantive fashion than any in a long time, Sanders confirmed our faith in a political revolution that - his campaign has made clear - many yearn for. Howard Zinn: "To live now as we think human beings should live, in defiance of all that is bad around us, is itself a marvelous victory."


As a senior citizen I am behind Bernie. But we won't really know what kind of following he truly has until he goes into the deep south and the urban centers of the big cities. Will African Americans, Hispanics and other ethnicities come forward in the same numbers that the white population is doing now. I would hope yes. Stay tuned.


Is 2004 really "a long time" Abby? Don't you remember Dennis's "Prayer for America" speech?


That's a marvelous connection of Howard Zinn to Bernie Sanders, Abby! Thanks also to Mairead for including Dennis K's Prayer for America in these comments. Best wishes.


It was thrilling to hear him talk in Portland and Madison. What you didn't hear him talk about, though, was the phony War On Terror. That war for $ is killing our country and turning us into a vassal of the MIC, our real government.


This is not to take away from his remarks. If only we could have had a President Kucinich.

However, it is just such a tragedy that even Kucinich's paradigm is trapped within an acceptance of the official mythology of what happened on 9/11.

It is way past time everyone reexamine that day's events. The official story can hardly withstand the slightest scrutiny, but the shock and awe is pervasive and in a myriad of ways that prevent such.


How about the Military Industrial Banking Complex?


And war/the military in general. Until he starts addressing those issues he will have a hard time gaining traction with many on the left. I consider myself a leftist but will give him the benefit of the doubt....for now.


Yes. I can only shrug and accept that even the smartest and best can fail to connect even the most obvious dots.