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When Will Black Lives Finally Matter To Donald Trump?


When Will Black Lives Finally Matter To Donald Trump?

Terrance Heath

For all his bloviating about “law and order,” Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has yet to express any serious outrage over police killings of unarmed African-Americans. Will he now, after two more police-involved shootings of black men in the past week?


The inevitable Trump Pet. You leave his Donald alone!


"Will Donald Trump stop talking about African Americans, or talking past us with faux “outreach” that has more to do with reassuring anxious white voters that he’s not really racist? Will black lives finally matter to Donald Trump?"

What appears to matter to Trump as this point is trying to convince college-educated Republicans that his views are not as awful with regard to race as they think. He is trying to be acceptable to those voters. He doesn't expect him to like him but jsut accept him. He is a scam artist. So another way of putting it is that he is trying to scam them. I would hope they are smart enough not to fall for it.


A little known--because little publicized--fact is that "whites" have been dying at the hands of the police in far larger than "blacks". See https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/national/police-shootings/

Which is not to deny that there can be a racial component as well, but the portrayal of police violence in strictly racial terms by politicians and the media has a definite political purpose.

It's what the ancient Romans used to call divide-and-conquer.

From the World Socialist Website:

"Of the 25 people shot to death by the police in the past week, beginning with Tyre King, at least half were white, according to the grisly tally kept by killedbypolice.net. Of the 702 people shot to death by police this year, according to a database maintained by the Washington Post, 163 were black men, about 23 percent of the total. Whites made up roughly half the victims, while Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, black women and people of mixed race made up the balance."

"What nearly all the victims of police violence have in common is that they are part of the working class, and usually its poorest layers. Their deaths are a consequence of the basic social function of the police, as the armed bodies of men who defend the wealth and privileges of the financial aristocracy against the lower orders."


Ah. A study. Which doesn't quite address the frequency of actual physical evidence of unarmed Black men, and boys, and women, being shot by police, (photos, videos, recordings) and the relative paucity of such evidence in the purportedly greater number of such shootings of Whites. I would certainly like to see additional studies and critiques of this one, but meanwhile lets act on the evidence at hand.


The Wasington Post link I provided isn't a study--it's a presentation of hard, cold facts, accumulated from the best available evidence.

Almost twice the number of "whites" are being killed by police, as compared to "blacks".


While it's true that cops are often a lot meaner and nastier in the poorer neighborhoods, generally, regardless of ethnicity and/or color, the above-quote isn't quite accurate. While many poor whites do get killed or seriously injured by cops, blacks still have that happen at the highest rates.


The fact is that nobody's lives matter to Donald Trump, except for the lives of extremely affluent whites. To be truthful, Trump doesn't give a hoot in helsinki about poorer, less affluent whites either; he's just exploiting them for his own ends.

What it boils down to is that no lives, regardless of color, ethnicity or race, matter to Donald Trump, except for those of the very rich.


What am I going to believe, the Washington Post or my lying eyes?


It's 100% accurate--over the past year, almost twice the number of "whites" have been killed by police.

Yes, the rate at which "blacks" is killed is higher relative to the size of the "black" population, and no doubt racism figures into this to one extent or another. But the fact that almost twice the number of "whites" are being killed is hardly an insignificant statistic, and something you would hardly think would be the case based on media reporting.

Bottom line: ALL impoverished and working-class people are subject to death and injury at the hands of the people, regardless of race, creed, or color.


In this particular instance, trust the Washington Post.

Their statistics are backed up by killedbypolice.net



"Bottom line: ALL impoverished and working-class people are subject to death and injury at the hands of the people, regardless of race, creed, or color."

is exactly the point that I've been trying to drive home here. Thanks, though.