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When will Britain Learn? More War is not the Answer


When will Britain Learn? More War is not the Answer

Lindsey German

“We are going to war.” These are the remarks of a “senior Cabinet minister” following David Cameron’s speech on Tuesday when he declared his intention to put further military intervention — this time the bombing of Syria — to a vote in Parliament.

Last week that vote looked less than likely, especially following the report from the House of Commons foreign affairs select committee, chaired by Tory MP Crispin Blunt, which was extremely critical of a strategy of air strikes in Syria.


I think Britain still remembers Chamberlain's "Peace in our time" speech. That plan didn't really work out.


Question. How does one fight a war with a group of people driven by a very powerful religious ideology?

Total extermination? How does one achieve that? Ghengis Khan was rather good at it. But is that what we want to become?


I do not claim to have an answer to that question. Total annihilation might not be necessary but, as poster Pechorin mentioned on another thread Russia did seem to have achieved fairly good results in Chechenia by not holding back. Was it the right choice? It did get the desired results tho.