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When Will Democrats Start #Resisting GOP Voter Suppression?

When Will Democrats Start #Resisting GOP Voter Suppression?

Richard Eskow

Americans love democracy, at least in principle.

"The latest evidence of the Republican Party’s anti-democratic activities comes from a federal court ruling, issued Tuesday, which found that North Carolina Republicans deliberately drew congressional district boundaries in order to benefit their own party."(Photo: Common Cause NC/Twitter)

Democrats are innocent of gerrymandering?

Yes—when they’re not in power.


The Democrats have put Eric Holder in charge of dealing with gerrymandering. He is now working with Organizing for Action to bring the issue to the community level. And the ACLU has started campaigns in all 50 states to make voting easier. It is going to take time to get these efforts off the ground. So Democrats are certainly not ignoring gerrymandering. Some of the districts that the Republicans have drawn to retain power certainly are a subversion of democracy. But I would say the majority of Republicans support authoritarian government and not democracy. The Republican Party has been captured by people opposed to democracy, Their main goal is to reduce the number of non-whites who vote and amplify the voting power of whites. At least until they can end genuine democratic elections and maintain power without the threat of being voted out of office.


Per Thom Hartmann’s research, the Repugs haven’t legitimately won a presidential election since Eisenhower.

How is that possible? McGovern and Mondale only won one state each.

Good question. Am not versed in the reportage sufficient to answer.

On that last sentence, Mr. Eskow, let me fix it for ya:

“And if party leaders don’t understand what they need to do to win elections, maybe it’s time to choose to form a new party.”


When will the democrats change disenfranchising PRIMARY laws? Bernie Sanders would have won the nomination, and the election, in 2017 if people didn’t have to lie about being democrats.


When will Democratic leaders like Pelosi and Schumer start fighting for Medicare for All? When will Democrats make wealth and income inequality central to their platform and polices? When will Democrats denounce fracking? When will Democrats fight for campaign finance reform? Etc…

The answer is that Democrats focus incessantly on the fictitious, concocted entirely by Democrats, fantasy about Russia hacking our election and handing the presidency to Trump. They also focus on Trump’s tweets. Meanwhile, the GOP decimates the federal government, destroys regulations, ends net neutrality, increases military spending exponentially, and begins their assault on social programs like Medicare, SS and Medicaid.

There is NO political party in the USA with any power that protects our most vulnerable. As the vile Trump himself might say: very sad!


“When Will Democrats Start #Resisting GOP Voter Suppression?”

I don’t know, but my bet would be, when those benefiting from the perks of Congressional office start losing elections to it.

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It is important to have primary challengers to key democrats. Was that staged hour long video of dem and rep meeting at the white house on immigration staged for both dems-like Feinstein and Trump. Feinstein is in a primary fight and most likely will go against a democrat in the final run off.

Democrats can’t figure on some common themes to run on???How about getting big money out of politics???----how about a real conversation about how the supreme court came to the idea that corporations are individuals???(If someone in the corporation breaks the law then maybe everyone belonging to the corporation should go to jail???)–How about wealth inequality??? How about some ideas on real healthcare reform----like having vibrant healthcare centers in all communities . Democrats could win in all 50 states if they ran on these themes. And we need to find and support those who have a voice about out of control military spending------current democrats are caving on this issue.

Calif has set the path for voting-----redistricting is done by a non-partisan panel-----voting is done in local neighborhoods—or by mail.

What has become of my Democratic Party? They have fumbled around with pointing fingers at every theory about the electoral loss to Donald Trump while remaining virtually silent as Americans lose one right after another. Our constitutionally sacred right to vote is being slowly eroded by extreme gerrymandering and repressive voter ID laws. Women are gradually being forced to back to their nineteenth century virtual slavery by the loss of hard-won reproductive rights. Minority groups are vilified and denied civil rights. And our birthright to clean air, water and food is being flushed down the GOP Climate Denier toilet. Who are these people?


Quite a few claims made in these comments, some of which I may even agree with, are assertions with no evidence offered. Eg: chapdrum? did you mean that despite their winning big, for example Nixon’s extreme efforts to affect a coup, despite winning in a landslide.

But I was most curious about the lack of discussion about the reasons the Democrats have been so completely useless in fighting against the gerrymandering and other vote cheating that have kept them out of power for most of the last few decades. I’ve wondered about it for the last 15 years at least, and never heard a remotely satisfying answer. And we don’t get any closer here. The article doesn’t really even try to answer the question the headline implies. Why the hell have they let this happen to themselves?

It certainly seems the 2 parties collaborated to rid the Democrats of Dennis Kucinich (gerrymandered into a runoff with Marcy Kaptur, another progressive, so the right wing and center-right corporate Dems couldn’t lose no matter how it turned out. But that alone couldn’t possibly be a big enough motive for such a decades-long deal. Maybe, as I’ve heard rumors and whispers of, it was cross-party incumbency as a thread holding the conspiracy together rather than partisanity. But we need to know; we can’t tell when the Dems will do anything if we don’t know why they haven’t for all this time.

There are many times, such as divided power, when the duopoly puts protecting their incumbents ahead of voters’ interests.

As an example, in a blue state (MD) that is among the most gerrymandered, Steny Hoyer manages to keep his seat even though his district is majority black.

The old complaint was that redistricting was so important that the legislature would pervert the task.

So the ‘solution’ was to take it away from the legislature and give it to a non-partisan panel.

But redistricting is still so important that we should expect the panel to be perverted, and then produce biased gerrymandered results. This happened in California.

One solution is that we have to make government and its power to compel people less important and smaller.

A few remarks.

I saw an article years ago in the weekly ‘Dallas (TX) Observer’. Following the loss of the Democrats’ ‘Dream Ticket’ that year, they analyzed it, with a focus on certain strong-blue districts, such as the one represented by Edie Bernice Johnson of Dallas. A black woman representing a black majority district. Turnout is historically low in her district. The paper’s hypothesis is that turnout would have been higher if there had been a Republican running against Ms. Johnson. But Republicans have no chance in that district and never put up a candidate. It is effectively a one party district and voters there have low interest.
– There was nothing in the article about Republican efforts to suppress turnout. Seems no such efforts were necessary because the voters weren’t interested.

I’ve noticed that most of the districts with the lowest turnouts are strongly urban majority-black districts represented by Civil Rights heroes. You would think those voters would turn out because of their victory under the Voting Rights Act, but they don’t. Can this really be blamed on Republican voter suppression efforts? Or is it dissatisfaction with the representation they are getting?

On a related point regarding gerrymandering, Democrats self-inflict gerrymandering on themselves, by self-packing themselves into urban areas where they enjoy a supermajority in the district. Republican districts are more balanced and competitive, simply because that’s how they live.

Last, I like to look at Freedom House’s ratings of freedom and democracy. The USA may be politically quite free… may be. But civilly a lot of Americans don’t much respect the rights or opinions of other Americans.