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When Will Exxon Will Be Worthless? Not If


When Will Exxon Will Be Worthless? Not If.

Stephen Kretzmann

These are dizzying days. Our best advice is to stay woke, and pay attention. As we prepare for a day that will revolve around Trump’s Rose Garden speech to Make America Guzzle&Gush Again, it is worth taking a moment to focus on the amazing events in the background over the last few days:


If you stacked all the dead from all the Oil Wars on top of one another they would reach the heavens. What do you think our military is doing in Africa? Trump put a bullet in the back of the head of the Paris Climate Accord. When you put a top on a boiling pot; it gets real quiet for a while, then it erupts and everyone in the room gets burned, a metaphor from Dick Gregory at Kent State after four were executed by the Ohio National Guard. Evolutionary or slow versus revolutionary or quick change. The CIA calls it blowback. There will be consequences for Paris and it will be painful for some but when the skies clear it will be best for humanity and while we stumble as humans I think we’re about to break free from these dark ages unto a more intelligent, humane, tolerant, sustainable world. I believe mankind will eventually choose wisely with or without divine intervention. I think Exxon has been worthless spiritually since its inception. Fight.


That Paris agreement stipulated that both China and India can increase their use of dirty coal in particular as well as other fossil fuels in no small way for the next 30 years. Why is that? That Paris agreement didn’t sound like it was an agreement to save the environment at all. That Oil Change International clearly has been infiltrated by the Neo-Conservative Economists bent on forcing their economics onto the rest of the world no matter what.


In an instant in geologic time, fossil fuel will be all gone, but not to worry, human “civilization” and 7,000,000,000 humans will be gone before then.