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When Will It End? Crude Oil Train Derailment in Ontario Is Fourth in Four Weeks


When Will It End? Crude Oil Train Derailment in Ontario Is Fourth in Four Weeks

Jon Queally, staff writer

A train carrying crude oil that derailed in northern Ontario on Saturday—which resulted in numerous overturned cars catching fire and oil spilling into a local waterway— is the fourth such accident in North America in as many weeks.

The train, owned by the Canadian National Railway Co., was passing over a bridge above the Makami River near the town of Gogama, Ontario when the derailment occurred, sending thirty-five cars off the tracks, at least five of which ended up in the water.


Why would Mollie Matteson say, ‘The Obama Administration needs to put a stop to it!’ … ? Not that I don’t agree something is seriously wrong and in need of immediate attention, I do, but Obama alone can not put a stop to this transportation nightmare in both Canada and the USA. Starting with the current Government in Canada, very pro Oil and a rather tight grip on all matters related to Environmental issues and leading into valid action with teeth here in the US. Certainly seems to me, Citizens in both of our Nations have action to take!


Yes, we citizens have a lot of work to do, because Obama is a follower, not a leader.

Since winning in 2008, he has followed the dictates of the warriors killing nature and specifically, human nature. Why should he change course? The Democrats all love him for being worse than Bush.

We have much to do and time is running short. Big, Inc., especially Big Oil, Inc., and Big Banking & Finance, Inc., has no qualms about burning the whole living planet. They prove that over and over again daily. Neither major US Political Party has any concern either. Obama sets their pace: give fiery speeches and keep passing the pork to the corporate welfare queens, like Big Oil, Inc. and Big Banking & Finance, Inc.


It will end when you and me decide to stop it. Simple.

People can do something to block it and actually it’s easier than you may think. Native people in Canada have been doing railroad blockades for a long time, and in many cases it did have a significant impact in TPTB’s politics.

All you need is some committed friends and neighbors, you make a call out for a blockade through everyone’s social networks (though avoid Facebook at all costs, as it will lead people to being prosecuted and jailed!) without saying where it is, then you do it and send the invitation and location to everybody, while some people post it on blogs and news sites like this one, and a Twitter page should help. Bring a lot of stuff to survive there for a while, food, tea/coffee, tents & warm clothing/sleeping bags, anything and tell people what they could bring as well. Have a few legal contacts who know enough about “activism” cases, and also a few people with street medic training and equipment. It’s gonna be a much greater and lively experience than sitting in a cubicle to watch the horror show happen, I promise.

A railroad blockade done not long ago:


Excuse me,

Excuse me,

This is the fourth derail where no mention of the engineer was made at all. Was he drug and alcohol tested which is the DOT requirement for all US engineers? No Injuries, AGAIN. When trains derail at way over the speed for the turn, usually the engineer is hurt or killed. It’s extremely odd. In another Canadian accident, the company claimed the engineer had stepped off the train to make a phone call and the train took off by itself!

How is that even possible??? It’s never happened with an airplane!

I strongly suspect that these trains are unmanned to duck Union Wages and Benefits.

Before the Oil Mafia started chartering these things, few accidents ever happened; but when they did the media always sought out a statement from both the surviving engineer and his Union. Not anymore.



Would it be just a coincidence - that this might make it seem transporting oil through a pipeline a safer alternative?


“We need a moratorium on oil trains and we need it now”

Think bigger - we need a moratorium on tar sands, period.

No oil trains, no pipelines. Stop the rape of the earth.


sadly, sounds like it’s just a cost of doing business for the extractive corporations. I doubt very seriously if they truly have a concern for the damage done to humans, other beings, and the environment by their extraction and these predictable “accidents”.


As long as train/oil companies arent being held accountable, no they won’t be concerned.


Perhaps when train/oil companies are tired of losing trains and product and the resulting decrease in profitability, they will finally start running their operations more responsibly. Neither the US nor Canadian govs are going to bear down on them to make any improvements. Its not like wealthy people live near train tracks and have to worry about getting blown up…