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When Will It End? US Government Again Uses Militarized Response to Stand of Native Americans to Injustice


When Will It End? US Government Again Uses Militarized Response to Stand of Native Americans to Injustice

Ann Wright

Its like we are back to the 1800s when the U.S. Army rampaged against Native American tribes across the American West. The militarized police and the use of the National Guard this week in responding to the Standing Rock Sioux native American challenge in North Dakota to big oil and their dangerous pipelines reminds one of Custer’s Last Stand against Sitting Bull.


The Guard acted under state (ND) authority, not federal. Your headline is slanderous. The federal Depts of Justice, Interior, and the Army are working to stop the DAPL.


Glad you pointed that out. There should be some standard for accuracy of headlines.


I was just looking over the latest "Smithsonian" magazine - an article in it is yet more revisionist history concerning Sitting Bull and the Sioux - and the apparent complete duplicity of the United States Government, then headed by President Grant (see link below):


I am something of an amateur student of these times, and I would recommend a good look in the mirror by reading the following books:

1) "Life Among the Apaches", ca 1868, by John C. Cremony
2) "Empire of the Summer Moon", by S.C. Gwynne (2010) - (Commanches)
3) "The Apache Wars", by Paul Andrew Hutton (2016)

PS: That's quite the resume for the author of this article - impressed !


Thank you for sharing this information.
I feel sad for mankind that a hundred years later we are still witnessing the white man taking land and brutalizing Native Americans, not to mention putting all our water, air and lives in danger with their lust for profit.
If there is an original sin this has to be it. This insatiable greed will be the death of themselves and us along with it.
These types of humans are self destructive in their blindness to their greed but they inevitably overreach until they self destruct.
The condition of this country is the result of their machinations, so clever are they, to feel superior to the land and the people.
This has to stop. Obama could stop it, Clinton could stop it but they don't.
The US is leaderless. Every Dept. is crumbling, being hollowed out from corruption from within. And then there's climate change.


Really? I'm all over the news and there isn't a shred of evidence for what you say.


Thank you DN for reporting on this--so little coverage by corporate media----great coverage on Clinton's non-position -------maybe someday Chris Hayes or Rachel Maddow will ask why Clinton refuses to stand with the water protectors. The same for Michael Moore???????

I think this story is a hundred times more important than all the e-mail stuff on friday. This is all about the Commons. And Clinton's non-position speaks volumes about what she stands for.


I saw it last night on the regular BBC and NBC news shows. They weren't terribly clear that the Water Protectors have been unarmed, but they certainly showed the militarized police and the overuse of force.


For what that I said? If it's about Executive-branch efforts to stop the construction, try this http://www.kfyrtv.com/content/news/Dept-of-Justice-says-Lake-Oahe-DAPL-permit-on-hold-while-addressing-Standing-Rock-Sioux-Tribe-issues-398395591.html

No, it's not big headlines, but the tide is turning, and the feds are doing what they can.


You have certainly staked your rhetorical ground on the side of the use of brute force to protect corporate profits, considering your posts on this issue.


The feds are allowing the pipeline to move forward and this pleases you does it not?

I mean you have even justified strip searching a 19 year old young woman peaceful protester.

What are your thoughts on the militarized brutality? Justified?


Thank you Ann Wright--you get it. You also get that the struggles of the Palestinians and First Nations are so very similar. Aborigines are under attack the world over and we kill them at our own peril for they show a way to the future. Have you read David Wildcat's Red Alert? Thank you for standing in solidarity.


You have completely misread my comments.


I don't know who you are but you obviously know me since you used my first name in a comment. Look, I used to do a lot of oilfield work here in Texas but I have also done a lot of other work to help environmental causes. My personal belief as far as the use of natural resources in neither preservation nor exploitation which is exactly what the oil industry is doing right now, exploiting fossil fuels in lieu of finding alternative, clean, renewable fuels all because of the huge profits. Morality is irrelevant to them.. I believe in conservation which means that we need to carefully use the resources available to use at present but cautiously until we find a substitute. The use of fossil fuels are killing us as Exxon knew almost a quarter century ago but hid in the name of profits. Unfortunately, because of the greed of the oil companies, they are doing all they can to not only hide other supplies of energy but also hiding or at least attempting to hide the damage they cause as well.

Because there are native American artifacts in the region the pipeline company is currently routing their pipeline they are endangering sacred grounds or at least grounds sacred to the native Americans who have occupied that land far longer than the oil companies have been around. That the pipeline company wishes to proceed through those lands regardless of the artifacts is no different than if they were trying to run their pipeline through a cemetery which no court in the land would allow. Further, water is far more valuable than oil. Pipelines leak (remember the explosion in Brennham, Texas that killed twenty eight people who were soundly sleeping in their homes? It was a LNG pipeline that developed a leak. Overnight the gas, being heavier than air settled into the vally that the pipeline ran above. In the early morning hours an unsuspecting motorist was driving through the area, completely unaware of all of the natural gas they were driving into. The spark from a spark plug set the whole thing off incinerating the family driving the car and resulting in a massive explosion that destroyed several neighborhoods and killed twenty eight people. Even in the little town outside of Austin that I used to live we had a pipeline accident. A Pedernales Electric Cooperative employee mistook a stake that he thought was for the placement of a power pole and drilled into a 950 psi Exxon LNG line. He was instantly incinerated and the resulting explosion threw basketball sized rocks over a mile and a half. I know this because I had friends who had these huge rocks land on their houses.

Now, to what the Lakota Sioux claim to be doing and that is protecting the local groundwater. They are right! If that pipeline leaks, which they all do at some point in time, it WILL contaminate the groundwater. We have already contaminated around 80% of our groundwater supplies through the drilling of oil wells where salt water contaminates entire fresh water aquifers, through fracking, which the oil companies refuse to divulge what chemicals the use for their hydraulic fracturing fluids, and pipeline leaks. We simply don't have adequate fresh water reserves for the growing population to use. Climate change is already affecting rainfall rates all across the country. Look at the west coast and the Los Angelas metropolitan area. They are turning into an expansion of Death Valley. Here in Texas the first Trinity Aquifer is bone dry. That's the aquifer my grandparents used via windmill to pump water to use for their household purposes. It lasted maybe forty years but again, that was just with windmills pumping the water. That well by the way was 780 feet deep. The second Trinity Aquifer has been polluted by drilling for oil and was contaminated by subsurface salt water. The third and last Trinity, which is what our personal water well drew from is almost depleted and our personal well was almost 900 feet deep. Yes, we have reservoirs, both surface and subsurface (the City of San Antonio who is currently reliant on the Edwards Aquifer is running out of water and has resorted to pumping water into dry underground aquifers to store for future use without losing so much to evaporation) but at the same time a major south Texas aquifer has been rendered useless because of fracking.

Private business may have some rights but those rights do not include the destruction of other's drinking water supplies. Sure, they can have a major leak and say they are sorry but no amount of money or good intentions will ever make that water supply again safe for drinking (and they will do everything they can to avoid accountability, believe me.) I stand with the Lakota and people in general. The pipeline company is going to have to find a safe, alternate route if they want their fucking pipeline.


I stand right beside you, Kimbal, and I guess I'm glad to have given you the opportunity to give such a detailed background to the issue.

I know your name, btw, by clicking on your handle at the top of one of your posts. There you can also find my full name. To know me, however, I guess anybody (not saying you didn't) needs to read my comments as carefully as I write them.


Thank you bkswrites. Apparently I misunderstood you and for that I apologize. Peace my friend :slight_smile: I really do believe we need to protect our fresh water supplies. Eventually oil will be obsolete but our need for water never will. I have a friend who is a climbing guide in the Himalayan Mountains and he has told me that even the glaciers way up on Mt. Everest are melting due to global warming. In fact, the traditional route that Sir Edmond Hillary and Sherpa Tensing Norgay originally took is becoming extremely hazardous due to the melting of the Khumbu Icefall. If we aren't very careful our future generations are going to suffer from both a shortage of potable water as well as famine because of crop failure. We need to get these corporations that only care about the next fiscal quarter in check. Take care!


Thanks you so much. This is beautifully written. You gave words to my thoughts that I have been feeling for the last few weeks.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

So, the United States, a nation that destroys other nations (Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya) at will, is unable to step in and stop a small state from committing these human atrocities ... now?

I think the (in)action of the U.S. federal government is speaking much louder than their verbal propaganda they want the citizenry to believe. Yes, the federal government has this and that department "working" on it. However, the federal government (via these departments) hasn't actually done anything measurable.

I think it's plain to see that the federal government doesn't actually have the will to step in.

It's time for the federal government to walk their talk. Otherwise, they're just propagandizing for appeasement purposes only and they will continue to serve their corporate masters.


Thank you too gcozette! I really appreciate your feedback! I just want to see those who I at least believe are in the right win this battle! :slight_smile: And yeah, the efforts by the feds is pretty inadequate to say the least, as is the lame response that Hillary gave. If they had any intention of stopping this they could do so immediately. But remember, this is the same justice department that said Hillary just used bad judgement by using private email servers then refused to prosecute her after Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton had a chance to discuss the situation over a nice airborne lunch together.


It's apparently been good enough for the Native leaders whose own nations are at stake. I think I can be as patient as they are.