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When Will the United States Transcend White Supremacy?


When Will the United States Transcend White Supremacy?

Robert Jensen

Now that the violence in Charlottesville has forced “white supremacy” into our political vocabulary, let's ask an uncomfortable question: “When will the United States transcend white supremacy?”


Good article, but fails to mention the racism of current US foreign policy, i.e., our proclivity toward bombing the sh!t out of nations where non-whites might happen to live, or our hyper-enabling of the Apartheid Israeli State.


The likely answer is, “Now.”

**Resign-Trump **



Robert Jensen speaks truth in its unvarnished form. This is quite rare in even leftist/progressive discourse. I applaud his courage even though I may not always agree with him.



Why not apply the imperial solution (partitioning countries) to the United States itself? Provide a sovereign territory (or two) for the marginalized people(s) where they can build their own future.



This makes sense in alot of ways, but one central problem is that “race” itself is a social notion created by white supremacists to categorize others on a false basis.

Biologically, the vast human beings have multiple genetic origins. For example I am of Swedish and southern-Italian backgrounds. Those Vikings got around back in the day and Swedish empires once went as far South as southern Poland. On the Italian side there are mixes of Greek, Roman, Arabic and Balkan peoples…at least. So there’s all of that. Who’s what for chrissakes?

And then there are Indian “reservations” which are supposed to be autonomous, if not self-governing. In reality, they are dominated by “white” capitalist interests even including global financial interests that take a skim from running/owning/funding “Indian” casinos.

What you suggest, I think, would probably result in a number of “racial” bantustans – nominally independent, but ghettoes in reality. As hard as it is, I think we have to create secular democracies based on one-adult, one-vote and sort out our commonalities and differences there. To get to that point will require a non-violent revolution to overthrow the neoliberal global capitalist system that controls most of the word now.

When Jensen and the others he talks about imply that will never happen, you can’t fault them because that is what it will take.

See you in the streets, workplaces and communities trying to organize enough power to get us out of this thing into a world that’s decent place to live for human beings and other species.


It’s never happened in human history, that I’m aware of

Which is why only active struggle, by any means necessary (and I understand the fearsome implications of that), is the only path to justice.

Transformation, not reformation, is the only route to transcedence of a system based on exploitation.

Easy words to say, I realize, but none the less true for their facileness, are they?

In any event, that’s the conclusion this white boy who grew up in apartheid Miss’ssippi has come to after a half century of keeping his eyes and - I believe - heart, open.


Abby Martin on the other white supremacism. Trump supports this as well as the rest of U.S. politicians.



When Will the United States Transcend White Supremacy?

When it faces its history of slavery, genocide and theft and proceeds to atone for these crimes by dismantling capitalism to create a society of true equality.


When? Never. Asked and answered.


Your points are well taken. Actually, I did not intend my proposal to be a complete solution. Because, as should be obvious, the imperial solution of partition has hardly ever solved the problems; or, while solving one problem, created other problems in its place. Consider, for example, the post WW I partition of the Ottoman empire, the partition of the Indian subcontinent, the cleaving off South Sudan from Sudan, the partition of Palestine to create Israel, …

So I just wanted to consider the thought experiment of providing sovereign territory to the two clearly identifiable historically oppressed groups in the USA. “What is sauce for the gander …”.

Of course, at one level, we are all members of H. sapiens so there is no reason (no law of Physics) why we cannot establish an equitable society in spite of racial diversity.

On the other hand, I see that all large countries today (USA, Russia, China, India, Brazil) suffer from severe democracy deficit and act imperially towards significant segments of their own citizens. The countries that have more democracy are all small, though many (most ?) small countries are also undemocratic. The evidence seems to indicate that large countries have an innate tendency towards imperialism. Smallness may be a necessary condition (though not sufficient) for democracy.



Perfectly and succinctly put. Kudos.


I agree completely.


Nicely said. Never let them close your heart. Hearts are the last refuge of decency and possibility.


One of the best friends (a house mate) I ever had in college was Palestinian, and he blew away every effiing stereotype: caring, loving, hilarious, fun, talk you out of depression and convince you to follow your dreams, and the ladies (all shades) loved him.

Peace/love to you wherever you are Subhi K.


Israel is a win win for white supremacists- Jews left Europe and America for their own land and they set up a western capitalist government in the Arab world.


You Americans gotta get a life. I lived in 3 different countries and this is the only place where you still fret about slavery and things that happened more than 100 years ago. I was born in Europe where we killed each other for centuries, No more than 70 years ago Nazis murdered more than 5 million Jews, communists killed millions more yet we got over it.

Last weekend a couple of hundred “white supremacists” marched in Charlottesville and got their asses kicked by hooded leftist thugs. Now everybody is up in arms that the US is all white supremacists. Please grow up.


So the very least that could happen is take down these statues-----then get rid of columbus day----and in place of columbus day have more than a day–a three day event maybe where everything is shut down----yea a real holiday—a time out----and devote this time to understand our real past----a recognition of Native Americans----a real understanding of slavery(and a real understanding of militarism and the screwed up economic system we live under today capitalism) Then begin to teach the real history of the US. This is a great article but we need to really understand what the US is doing around the world today,and even here in the US-how many died in Chicago this past week?


Won’t do any good. Most racism is institutionalized at the state, county, and local level. Congress and the president just represent all the racism that abounds among far too many white people.
Take for example the despise that republicans and others have for the poor who is thought to be people of color. Those ‘people’ live off the rest of us they think. Which is why policies for the poor are fought against. It doesn’t matter that just as many white people are poor and need help, it is only those ‘others’ who don’t deserve the help.
I had conversations with white people who had public assistance, they will insist that they are hard working people who needed and deserved the help. But those ‘others’ are lazy good for nothings who refuse to work and thus don’t deserve the help. Even people in my personal life believe that and they will tell you they don’t hate at all. Just that those people are below us.
It is called soft racism, not the hate level that the really hateful feel. But just a way of looking at people of color and seeing them as less than they are, not hard working people.
When slavery was brought to this country, a reasoning had to be made that justified slavery. Part of it was the bible, but another part was convincing people that the slaves were inferior to them and just deserved it. And not only that, but slavery was helping these people by providing a good life they never had (Forget the fact that the slavers had no idea of what life was like for these people.).
Which is the argument made by some today, if it wasn’t for slavery, these people wouldn’t have it so good. Just look at africa today. Of course it totally ignores how white culture destroy the african culture and that we have no idea of what africa would look like today w/o slavery destroying them.


One nitpicking, the vikings went further than you think. They went east into Russia to Kiev and south much farther than Poland. They traveled to Jeruselum and Bagdad for trade. And later they joined the crusades when they became christians. The vikings were not only seamen, but travelers across Europe and into the middle east trading their raiding wealth for goods from the middle east, afric, and asia.
As for segregation as the solution, it would never work. Who would give up their land and move elsewhere so that a group of undesired people (because that is the real reason why we would segregate them) could have their land? It didn’t work so well with Israel which was created for the reason to get rid of the jews. But then land had to be taken from someone else and they objected to that. The same would happen here and just create more problems and violence.
And that solution doesn’t do anything for the hatred. How long before those lands were invaded and taken away, just like the land we promised the natives. And once again genocide would be committed again.
Quite frankly the better solution would be to take those who can’t live with the rest of us and give them some land to live on and they could do what they want. I suggest above the arctic circle or antarctica. With global warming they should become somewhat livable. Maybe.