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When Will the White House Tell Us the Whole Truth About Drone Killings?


When Will the White House Tell Us the Whole Truth About Drone Killings?

Naureen Shah

The Situation Room, a commander-in-chief with rapidly graying hair, a cluster of grim-faced men and women debating the ethics and the legality of a killing. This is how the Obama administration has for years sought to portray its notorious global drone killing program: cautious, calculated and as conscientious as possible.


"When Will the White House Tell Us the Whole Truth About Drone Killings?"

In the courtroom, at the war crimes trials, after the collapse of the USA.


The enemy could call the San Bernardino and Orlando casualties "collateral damage" I guess. It's unconscionable how innocent people could be discarded that way


Agreed. Never.


The White House will never tell the truth about drone killings. That would be like Bush telling the truth about the Iraq War.


Such a very sad and disgusting precedent to set. Just one of Obama's very wrong minded acts while in the WH.


They don't think anything when they kill us. Why should we worry about killing civilians. This is not a war. It's terrorism.


simple answer is 'never' the govt is incapable of telling the truth.
to keep life simple I follow the philosophy of 'if the govt says it its a lie, if they interact with anything in any way then that is corrupt


We will probably hear more of the story on House of Cards than through any form of government communication.


The big truth that many people do not understand is that killing people to 'solve' problems does NOT work.

Until the options to killings are accepted as far better, then the killings will continue.

After having killed about 20 million people since WW2 how is that workin' out for ya America??


Imperialist amerika does not tell the truth! Maybe from the ashes of the collapsed empire; the fall is now!


The evil current mass murderer in chief tell the truth? Truth is the total opposite of obomber!


If the truth of drone killings and those maimed were revealed there would be public outrage (maybe) and chaos - government is not instituted to tell the truth, much less the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

The Obama administration especially seems to have taken refusal to tell the truth to another level, passing laws and directing the "Justice" Dept to prosecute and imprison any citizen or reporter that do reveal the truth - WikiLeaks & Assange, Manning and Snowden especially singled out for personal destruction - a modern witch hunt. Of course the DOJ makes sweet-heart deals with corporate criminals concurrently......''Yeah, the "change we can believe-in" Pres who "promised unprecedented “openness in government” and a new era of transparency" did just the opposite and has betrayed many more promises than those.



America's drone murders are indeed terrorism. That is why America is supposed to be going after the terrorists engaged in these American drone murders.


You misread my comment. Once you are attacked by Terrorists, you react the same way.

If you don’t think so, then I believe you should be the first in line to attack them. I’m tired of seeing our young men and women getting slaughtered.

Gail Meintzer

Keep it in the Fairway


Recalls the exchange between the Cruise and Nicholson characters:

"I want the truth!"
"You can't handle the truth!"


How do we go about forcing the WH/Congress to tell the truth? Does anyone know?


I think it is you who have misread. I am very clearly saying that the people who are engaging in the drone warfare that is increasing terrorism around the world and that is getting American soldiers killed around the world are the real terrorists on this planet.


The US & its allies create more terrorists with all their meddling in the Middle East & South Asia.