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When Would an Anti-War Ativist Back Arms Sales? When He's Secretary of State


When Would an Anti-War Ativist Back Arms Sales? When He's Secretary of State

Trevor Timm

ecretary of State John Kerry has to be the worst anti-war activist in recorded history. Is there a military action - save one - that he hasn’t supported since he came to national prominence as an anti-war activist in the early 1970s?


Too often the “Conspiracy Theorist!” ruse is used to close down debate and make sure that inquiring minds only can go so far. Kerry is a card-carrying member of the Illuminati. Call it The Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission, The Project for a New American Century, or The Council on Foreign Relations. What it comes down to is that a relative handful of billionaires–and their high-paid advocates ARE aiming to create a One World Government that this body of elite individuals can and will rule. Since Russia–and currently, its beginning trade alliance with Brazil, China, South Africa, and likely other nations–is posing as a threat to that objective, like Qaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez, Castro and any other national leader who dares to stand up to the NATO-backed consortium, he will be demonized and likely done away with. All this in the NAME of Democracy.

As marketing took over so much of media and through it, mass mind control, BRAND name came to replace whatever was true. I remember watching my favorite ice cream company and toothpaste brand get bought up by one of the mega-industries and while the NAME of the product remained the same, its contents rapidly altered for the worst.

Political figures are marketed as are today’s wars, according to Andrew Card, advisor to Bush, the Lesser.

Kerry is loyal to his blood oath and Skull and Bones training. But of course to speak honestly of unspeakable things is considered taboo. And so the sociopaths who use their financial power to control the political spectrum advance in achieving the objections of their Dark Geo-Political Game.


We must defeat the betrayal of silence and speak with the words in our hearts for our humanity and call for radical departures from the death and destruction of wars upon wars and the cloak of neglect they throw over all of us.


excellent summary Sioux


That is quite well thought through and written. It helps explain why John Kerry is as always, a political featherweight. He blows around with whatever breeze comes along, like a downy feather. Maybe he should be called a political downer featherweight. All his rhetoric is so much feathery down that merely blows about the atmosphere, dumping more Greenhouse Gasses into the air, while creating vast septic stinks around the globe.


Here we see a drug pusher developing new clients or increasing sales to current clients. He works in tandem with a large drug cartel which is seeking to grow larger and more powerful. The money from the drug sales is very lucrative, The drug cartel is only interested in one goal, to expand indefinitely to acquire more wealth, influence and power. The cartel is never satisfied.


Hey kids, just remember back to the country of Georgia in 2008, (yeah, yeah I know, ten times longer than the average amerikans memory) the US as it is doing now was trying to remove Georgia from Russia’s sphere of influence when the US and Israel trained Georgians to take over the country and turn it to the western (US/EU) sphere of influence. Well, as you would expect, the Russians were going to have none of that, and invaded Georgia. It took the Russian army all of about 10 hours to stomp on the US and Israeli trained fighters, so how long do you think seeing that Western and Central Ukraine are about six times larger than Georgia, it would take the Russians what, three, four days to pacify the rest of the Ukraine? Russia doesn’t want anything to do with running a bankrupt country like Ukraine. But neither are they going to allow the US to move NATO troops and missiles onto their border.
Another thing would be all of the billions of dollars the US Government and the billions of dollars spent by multinational corporations in raping the Ukraine of it’s oil pipeline infrastructure would be lost along with the billions loaned to the Ukraine from the IMF and the US and EU! Not very smart huh!